Jul. 18th, 2016

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 So far behind on this. I think it's probably time to start this over from scratch.  Time to start the game over, as it were. A reboot, if you will.
When I first started the Star Ocean Universe, I had it set up so that on particular days I wrote about particular things. I think it's time I revisit the old topics, see where I can expand on ideas and what doesn't need expanding upon. Given that I started the Star Ocean Universe back in 2012, it's going to be a long process, but it'll also be one well worth it. 
So what has been happening lately. 
Well, I've been one busy gal. Since October 2014, I've bounced around a bit. Michigan, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and back to Oklahoma (current location). I've published four stories, two of which were inspired by my favorite game in the Star Ocean series, Till the End of Time. I recently attended a local anime convention called Tokyo in Tulsa. I found my leather wrist cuffs for my Fayt cosplay there! That, so sadly, has been stalled since 2013. :(
Beyond that, I've been working as a server, which has made me happy. I've held off on buying anything Star Ocean related due to the fact I've been constantly living with family and not wanting a lot of weight to carry with me when trying to find a place of my own.
Oh, and I need to get my hands on the latest Star Ocean game. I seriously do. That might be one of my next self-indulgence splurges. ^_^
And now that the updates are out of the way . . . ^_^
Today's writing topic is the usage of rape in writing fanfiction. I know sometimes authors use the label of dubious consent, and I know where it comes from - it comes from the fact that the person initiating the sex isn't necessarily asking for permission to engage in sexual activities but the person on the receiving end isn't exactly fighting it. The recipient is in the state of flux. I don't know if I want this, but it isn't scary, either.  There's still a clear display of power and dominance on the part of the seme or the dominant person in the coupling. And that's what I'm going to call it. A coupling. 
In the case of dubious consent, there are no actual displays of violence, at least not in the way I've written dubious consent. It's not something the person would normally have chosen to do, but they're not left psychologically scarred in the process, either. They are actually walking away from the experience just as satisfied by the results as the dominants are. And the scenes are written in such a way that is beautiful, questionable, but safe and leaving the reader not quite so scarred, either.
Rape is different from dubious consent. It's all about violence, dominance, and power. The rapist doesn't care what happens to the victim, doesn't care if the victim even gets off. Rape is not beautiful, not erotic in any sense of the word. The only time rape is "acceptable", in my opinion, is when it's a mutual activity between the two participants and they're actually role-playing something out. (Though, it does cause me to wonder why a person would want his/her partner to act out a rape scene and what it says about that person.)
When it comes to writing out erotic scenes, rape should never, EVER be erotic. Rape has ramifications. Too often anymore, fanfic writers use rape as a means to further their favorite pairing, and it comes across as completely unrealistic. Rape leaves the victim scarred. Behaviors change in an instant. An outgoing person immediately becomes withdrawn, either becomes an overeater or stops eating. Self-worth is destroyed. All too often, the writer fails to address this when writing that a person has been raped. Yes, some victims do become promiscuous as a result, but some also turn to drugs, to alcohol, and other forms of self-harm. 
Rape is not hot. It is not erotic. I say this for all who stumble across this to consider and remember when it comes to writing about rape. Educate yourself. 
This concludes today's entry. 
I'm back!


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