Aug. 1st, 2016

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 Ooooh, so quiet here. So very, very quiet.

The reboot is still underway. I do need to revisit the older entries, and one of them is whether or not Luther is the reason behind the Grigori. When I get to a certain point in the game again, I'm going to pay very close attention to what EX says about the Grigori's origins. Or at least pay attention on the youtube videos I've discovered with all of The Last Hope's cutscenes. I've not even made it through the first video yet!

Anyway, there is something of interest to note here, and it's about Commander Kenny. I don't know if it's something that doesn't quite trigger in the brain when it's first viewed. This is during the launch of the five SRF ships. He's just taken over command from Shimada, and he tells Heinz in very specific wording (an obvious form of forshadowing) about them. He doesn't say any names, just the Seeds of Hope. 

Now, if you've got the subtitles on at this point, you know the phrase "Seeds of Hope" is written exactly like that. Due emphasis, right? As the clueless beginner, you're probably wondering who the Seeds of Hope are or you're just expecting it to be the crew of each ship being sent out. Of course, you learn later the truth of it all.

The Seeds of Hope are Crowe, Reimi, and Edge, each attributed with a specific genome in order to survive super intense situations.

In watching the sequence again, I know Commander Kenny knows about the project. A high-ranking officer doesn't make that type of remark without some type of previous knowledge. What I wonder is whether or not he's actually met Edge and Reimi, but they were just too young to remember it. Was he there, overseeing the procedures with Arnold Maverick and the Saionjis? Or did he just read the reports but still know who they were due to their names and attached pictures?

That would be a fun story to read. I plan on tackling a one-shot for this in the near future.

Anyone else up for that challenge?

And it's coming back! Ask the Star Ocean Character! First character up will be Reimi! Rules will be reposted tomorrow.


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