Aug. 3rd, 2016

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 A day late and a dollar short. That's about how it goes anymore.

Anyway, a reminder of the rules for the Ask the Star Ocean Character segments.

1 - No profanity, no lewd comments and no disrespecting the character in question. You may not like the character, but there are others that do. Also, this is a public page, public blog. It means anyone old enough to get onto the internet can find it and read it. I'm not having my blog shut down because some parent threw a hissy fit over the language used. While I can't control what kids find on the internet, I can control whether or not I keep this going. Any questions and comments that break this rule will NOT be used. 

2 - As mentioned above, there is currently a three question limit. Ask what's most pressing to you. If you want to ask more, save them for a later date because I will cycle through the characters and start over again.

3 - Dont' ask me about when your favorite character is going to appear. I know you Albel Nox fans love him. I did one with him already as a birthday gift for a fellow Star Ocean fan, but he's not goin to appear until way later in the series. Fan favorites like him and my personal favorites are reserved for last. 

4 - Questions must be in no later than midnight of the Wednesday night before the Star Ocean Character segment is to appear. Ask the Star Ocean Character is reserved for Fridays, something fun to start your weekend. Questions can be left in comments, or sent to me as Private messages or in emails. You can email the questions to me at

5 - Please let me know what name you want me to use, if any, when I write the segment or if you wish to remain "anonymous". If you don't, I will use the name that appears with the inquiry. 

6 - Most of all, let's just have some fun with this. 

I will be revisiting the original entries for Reimi Saionji, combining it with some previous questions from the first reboot attempt, and will be taking questions. The date will be announced soon. 

I was going to do a conversation topic, but I forgot what I was going to write about yesterday. It was inspired by watching the cutscenes from The Last Hope. I'll definitely be revisiting them.

Happy Wednesday!


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