Aug. 8th, 2016

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 I've remembered what I wanted to discuss last week when I posted the rules for the Ask the Star Ocean Character. I'm going to hold off a little while longer for that as I want to play Games 1, 2, and 5 first. So please be patient a little while longer on that. ^_^

And I am so looking forward to getting my paws on Star Ocean 5. New conversation topics! New characters to analyze! And it'll be yet another game where there was a character with the last name of Kenny playing a significant role in the game's outcome. ^_^ I love it!!

Also, I want to remind everyone that these are called conversation topics for a reason. You are more than welcome to add to these thoughts at any time or even disagree with them. I created the Star Ocean Universe and the Star Ocean Project for the following reasons.

1 - To allow Star Ocean fans to interact with each other and to connect, to build a community
2 - To promote Star Ocean conversation. 
3 - To compile a list of Star Ocean memorabilia
4 - To encourage fans to display their custom-made creations

Anyway, today's topic is about The Last Hope and one of the promises it failed to deliver upon in the course of the game play. Let me start somewhere near the beginning.

As we players all know, upon landing on Roak and meeting Sarah for the first time, we hear the word "Muah" once more. The Cardianon leader referred to Edge and Reimi (and Crowe) as descendants of the Muah, but they are from Earth. On Roak, no one has forgotten about the Muah, but the origins are still shrouded in some kind of mystery.

Exactly who are the Muah here?

Unfortunately, we don't learn the answer to this question. We know that Earth and Roak are now connected to each other by way of the Muah, that the Muah are ancient. Beyond that, though, well, we get nothing. We don't even get the chance to explore that.

It's what's called a tease. We get hints of one thing but nothing further. And it isn't that the story of The Last Hope gets waylaid. Far from it because the story progressed as it needed to - remember, these are games about saving planets and then, eventually, the entire universe.  It's just the formula the game writers use for each game. It might be a different "villain" each time, but it also makes no less for interesting game play.

Still, I'm disappointed that the origins concept ended up ignored after Edge and company discover the destruction of the exploration base on Aeos. There definitely needs to be a second part to The Last Hope with a return to Roak for this AND with Crowe as the main playable character. I love Edge, but I want to know more about Crowe and his powers as a descendant of the Muah. (This is where I wish I could write fanfiction and publish it for pay. How many would love to read this, I wonder!)

With the release of Star Ocean 5, what do you think the chances are we could ask for more games with Edge and company, and Fayt and company, and actually receive them?


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