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 To start, for my fellow Star Ocean fans, if you're in the Tulsa area or are going to be in the Tulsa area October 21-23 for Comic Con, I will be in attendance there, for sure, Friday and Saturday. Sunday is the iffy day. I will be working all weekend, and Sunday's attendance will be determined by how tired I am by the time I leave work. I will be in cosplay as Fayt Leingod, Captain of the Dragon Brigage, a costume variant based on a fanfiction idea I'm currently hammering out (along with my original fiction and the 31 Days of Halloween Celebration). If you're in Star Ocean cosplay, too, look me up and you will get a free signed copy of any of my publications I have on hand. Promise!

Now, for the conversation topic, inspired by Charry. (<3 to you, Charry! Thank you so very much for the idea! <3)

When I started to play Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, I had no idea that Victor Oakville was voiced by none other, Crispin Freeman. Didn't know but was more than pleased to find out. In fact, I think they got the same VA for Welch from SO4 to give her life in SO5.

Of course, I have noted similarities between SO5 and SO3 as well as SO5 and SO4. Mainly, it's the movements and the attacks of certain characters. Fidel moves like Fayt, has two of his attacks (Air Raid and Abyssmal Gate, which is the equivalent to Fayt's Dimension Door) and possesses some of Edge's attacks (Cyclone Blade, Double Slash). Get into Rush Mode with Fidel, and he unleashes Ethereal Blast. 

Victor is no different in this respect. He moves across the battlefield very much like Albel in that zigzagging motion. He also has Dragon Roar for an attack, along with Nether Strike and Diabolical Edge (which were attacks for Arumat - both Arumat and Albel have Dragon Roar). So, in this respect, Victor and Albel (and Arumat, sans the voice actor - Kyle Herbert voices our tank of an Eldarian) are very much the same. Tonal qualities in voice are what actually separate them. (Victor lacks that distinctive growl we all love about Albel.)

There is also one other difference between Albel and Victor, that I've noted. Well, a couple of things, actually. Victor doesn't get a magic, talking sword to save the universe whereas Albel gets the Crimson Scourge, but that's just story twist. Both are actually very straightforward and honest in how they view their worlds, how they feel, and in how loyal they are to their causes.

Rather, here is the huge difference I've noted between Albel and Victor.

Albel is not superstitious. He doesn't give a rat's behind about black cats crossing his path, which foot he set down upon getting out of bed, nor does he suspect old men are after him. Of course, we don't necessarily get a lot of Private Actions with Albel to find out exactly where he falls in this particular spectrum. My personal interpretation on Albel is he doesn't necessarily believe in ghosts, and, if he did, they're just a nuisance in his way. It's quite the contrast to Victor, who doesn't have a problem singing the praises of his subordinates. 

To put it this way, if Sophia (or even Victor) were to say she just got a lucky rabbit's foot, Albel would be the one to say it wasn't that lucky for the rabbit obviously.

Victor is what Albel could have been if Aquaria had been the aggressor over Airyglyph instead of vice versa. 

And Albel will always, always, ALWAYS have one leg up on Victor when it comes to character. Albel is far more fascinating and complex due to his past than what Victor will ever be. 

Those are my thoughts and plans for the upcoming few weeks. The 31 Days of Halloween are still on! (And I'm desperately playing catch-up!)
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