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 Most people who know me know a thing or two about me when it comes to the female leads of the Star Ocean Universe.

1 - You know I've only played two of the games, Till the End of Time and The Last Hope. I own all but Blue Sphere and the newest game, but getting to play them hasn't been possible at this point.

2 - Of the games I have played, I tend to not like the main female characters for one reason or another. Maria is too extreme in her course of dislike for those who have wronged her, but that can be attributed to the fact that, from age 10, she was raised on a ship, a more nature than nurture environment. Sophia is too naive, but that can be attributed to the fact that her ordeals have not been on a game-changing level. She's been able to maintain her cluelessness, despite learning she'd been genetically altered to fit into a bigger picture. 

And then there's Reimi Saionji in all of this with her apparent jealousy of other women whenever they get too close to Edge and her constant crying of perv whenever Edge freezes up on something or says/does something that the player has ultimately commanded. (Anyone else remember her initial reaction at the Citadel on Lemuris?)

It isn't because I dislike female characters. Far from it, actually. From Till the End of Time, I favor Mirage and Nel of the playable characters and find Tynave, Lady Elena, and Farleen to be fascinating. From The Last Hope, I absolutely adore Sarah, Lymle, and Myria of the playable characters and Lady Elayna (anyone notice what they did there? ^_^). I'm disheartened with the treatment of Meracle. Yes, it's awesome that she's maintained a cheerful and upbeate attitude despite all she's endured, but, to me, that didn't give the writers right-of-way to treat her as nothing more than comedic relief upon introducing Sarah and for antagonizing Cerebrus. Peppita, I'm a bit annoyed with as well, but the reasons for my annoyance with her can also be attributed to having such a hopeful nature and positive attitude about where she's going in her life. I won't touch on other games as of this moment, but others are more than welcome to chime in and point out the pros and cons from the first two games. Let's just leave the newest game off the table until I can get a chance to play it. ^_^

That said, what is it about Reimi that makes her the more susceptible of the female characters I've listed so far? Reimi has discipline. She's mastered two styles of archery (no easy feat, either, I might add, to do one, let alone two). She's studied botany as part of her SRF training. She's the first officer of The Calnus. She has discipline.

Reimi's problem is that she doesn't exert enough of her training in intense situations. She possessed knowledge that her captain did not, knowledge that was beneficial for him to knwo from the beginning. Let me run down the brief list here.

1 - Alternate Earth
Reimi is captured by the U.S. military in basically what is an Area 51 type scenario. Area 51 is one of many favored subjects every science-fiction fan loves to read and talk about. Naturally, the people there are going to jump on the chance to get their hands on a spaceship that has oh so foolishly landed right on top of their base.
Now, it's absolutely no guarantee that Reimi would not have been drugged at Camilla Bachtein's request, and this is a bit more of an indictment against the SRF and its training than it is against Reimi. 
There is one thing that is sticking out with me that Camilla said that must be considered.
She told Edge and the crew she'd drugged Reimi to keep her calm. This, to me, implies that Reimi had gone into fight/hysterics mode in order to get away from them. It's entirely possible that Camilla lied - she wasn't above using Edge's emotions against him in order to obtain the crystal core of the engine drive from him. She wouldn't be above lying about Reimi's behavior in order to justify drugging the poor girl. I personally didn't interpret Camilla's words about Reimi as being completely false. I'll get to that in just a moment.

2 - Roak
Here is where her silence on the Seeds of Hope project could have cost her, not her life, but that of her friends and that of the Roakians. Yes, she has an amazing immune system. Her body will never develop cancer, and her immune system will agressively attack anything that tries to make her sick. 
But, what if in her body's efforts to rid itself of the stone sickness, it mutated the virus and it spread to the others? Bacchus himself would be immune to the disease, but that's because he'd already contracted the disease and it mutated on him. 
This is where Mr. and Mrs. Saionji lose brownie points for bad parenting and Reimi loses respect from me. 
She knew about the genetic experiments done on her due to some stupidity on the parts of her and some friends. They died from radiation poisoning, she lived. Mommy and Daddy told her the truth, not just about her but about Edge and Crowe. This is the same yet completely different scenario that played out between Fayt, Maria, and, eventually, Sophia. Maria learned the truth about herself, much like Reimi did. The knowledge caused her to hate herself, hate her body, much like Reimi hated herself. 
Here's the difference: Maria is not a childhood friend of Fayt's. They don't meet until they're both 19. Sophia doesn't even know a blessed thing about her powers until she's at Moonbase with the rest of them and finding out at the same time as Fayt and Maria. There are no secrets in this particular group. 
Reimi keeps quiet on the whole matter. For herself, I kind of understand. For most people, someone who is genetically different is quite obviously a so-called freak. That's how our society has behaved since the stamping out of the Pagan cultures. Her fear of rejection is quite understandable.
With the person in question was anyone other than Edge. These two, upon his father's death, grew up together. The Saionjis technically adopted him. Why did it take Reimi contracting the stone sickness for that particular truth to come out? And Reimi had plenty of opportunities to tell him the truth, from the time they crashed on Aeos (they had plenty of alone time) until they secure the cure and her body heals itself. 
This isn't just a lack of trust and faith in a trusted, childhood friend. It's a lack of faith and trust in her commanding officer. For this mission, trust is key to survival. 

3 - The Collapsing of Nox Obscuris
This is actually a very pivotal moment right here. Faize, as Sataniel, has been defeated. Nox Obscuris can no longer sustain itself, and the crew needs to get to safety. Reimi is the second in command. It should be obvious by now that Edge is not going to leave a man behind, no matter how severe the betrayal is. Edge has a great capacity for kindness and compassion here. He's being, not just a good leader, but a damned good leader, one who is leading by example and buiding his crew up instead of tearing them down.
Reimi's focus is solely on Edge rather than ensuring the rest of the crew gets to safety. This is gross dereliction of duty here, one that, in our current times, could get her court-martialed. 
To put it bluntly, Reimi has the responsibilities of Maria but the emotional nature of Sophia. She's not fit to be on any type of an expedition, not if she's going to ignore her training to remain calm and collective and to put the lives of the crew before hers, before Edge's. 

To me, this is actually quite sad. Reimi gets a stereotype depiction that's unbefitting of everything she's accomplished. Even Sophia, who is two years younger than her, has enough sense to remain calm in a stressful situation. Sophia has no training whatsoever, and she, too, endured captivity. If the writers had gone in a slightly different direction with Reimi, I might have been able to find her more tolerable as a lead female character. Instead, we get a young, 19-year-old who's infatuated with a guy who is, in a sense, her adopted brother, and allows her emotions to rule her. She is not a strong female character. Meracle, for the poor character treatment she's given, is a far stronger female character than Reimi. 

When it comes right down to it, Reimi (along with Meracle, Maria, and Sophia) gets shafted as a potential strong female lead. Perhaps some character exploration is in order. We'll see what happens.
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 Back on January 30, 2012, the inaugural entry of The Star Ocean Universe, I wrote about the reasons of why Fayt Leingod and Maria Traydor's powers manifested in the way that they did and the differences between the two of them.

Here is the original entry.

"As most people who've played Till the End of Time know, the characters of Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor, and Sophia Esteed are the ones chosen by a group of scientists (their parents) to save the universe. They are given the following powers: Destruction - Fayt, Alteration - Maria, and Connection - Sophia. I'm leaving Sophia Esteed out of the equation due to how and when her powers manifested in the game. Unlike the situations for Fayt and Maria, Sophia's situation for manifestation isn't severe. It's more of getting to the right point in the game when her powers trigger. The reasons for her power manifestation are completely different from those surrounding Fayt and Maria.
Read more... )
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 So far behind on this. I think it's probably time to start this over from scratch.  Time to start the game over, as it were. A reboot, if you will.
When I first started the Star Ocean Universe, I had it set up so that on particular days I wrote about particular things. I think it's time I revisit the old topics, see where I can expand on ideas and what doesn't need expanding upon. Given that I started the Star Ocean Universe back in 2012, it's going to be a long process, but it'll also be one well worth it. 
So what has been happening lately. 
Well, I've been one busy gal. Since October 2014, I've bounced around a bit. Michigan, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and back to Oklahoma (current location). I've published four stories, two of which were inspired by my favorite game in the Star Ocean series, Till the End of Time. I recently attended a local anime convention called Tokyo in Tulsa. I found my leather wrist cuffs for my Fayt cosplay there! That, so sadly, has been stalled since 2013. :(
Beyond that, I've been working as a server, which has made me happy. I've held off on buying anything Star Ocean related due to the fact I've been constantly living with family and not wanting a lot of weight to carry with me when trying to find a place of my own.
Oh, and I need to get my hands on the latest Star Ocean game. I seriously do. That might be one of my next self-indulgence splurges. ^_^
And now that the updates are out of the way . . . ^_^
Today's writing topic is the usage of rape in writing fanfiction. I know sometimes authors use the label of dubious consent, and I know where it comes from - it comes from the fact that the person initiating the sex isn't necessarily asking for permission to engage in sexual activities but the person on the receiving end isn't exactly fighting it. The recipient is in the state of flux. I don't know if I want this, but it isn't scary, either.  There's still a clear display of power and dominance on the part of the seme or the dominant person in the coupling. And that's what I'm going to call it. A coupling. 
In the case of dubious consent, there are no actual displays of violence, at least not in the way I've written dubious consent. It's not something the person would normally have chosen to do, but they're not left psychologically scarred in the process, either. They are actually walking away from the experience just as satisfied by the results as the dominants are. And the scenes are written in such a way that is beautiful, questionable, but safe and leaving the reader not quite so scarred, either.
Rape is different from dubious consent. It's all about violence, dominance, and power. The rapist doesn't care what happens to the victim, doesn't care if the victim even gets off. Rape is not beautiful, not erotic in any sense of the word. The only time rape is "acceptable", in my opinion, is when it's a mutual activity between the two participants and they're actually role-playing something out. (Though, it does cause me to wonder why a person would want his/her partner to act out a rape scene and what it says about that person.)
When it comes to writing out erotic scenes, rape should never, EVER be erotic. Rape has ramifications. Too often anymore, fanfic writers use rape as a means to further their favorite pairing, and it comes across as completely unrealistic. Rape leaves the victim scarred. Behaviors change in an instant. An outgoing person immediately becomes withdrawn, either becomes an overeater or stops eating. Self-worth is destroyed. All too often, the writer fails to address this when writing that a person has been raped. Yes, some victims do become promiscuous as a result, but some also turn to drugs, to alcohol, and other forms of self-harm. 
Rape is not hot. It is not erotic. I say this for all who stumble across this to consider and remember when it comes to writing about rape. Educate yourself. 
This concludes today's entry. 
I'm back!


Jun. 6th, 2015 09:00 am
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To all new followers, welcome! I see you on facebook! I know when you "like" my stuff. Ha ha!


For all of you new peoples, there is something I started upon beginning the Star Ocean Universe. It's called Ask the Star Ocean Character, and I post who I'm going to interview. I will be incorporating the characters from games 1 and 2 upon finally playing them. I haven't done that yet. No PSP.


In addition to the main casts, I've selected a few of the bosses and NPCs to be apart of this. It's been a fun ride.


This is an interactive thing, Ask the Star Ocean Character. Fellow fans are invited to submit up to three questions per character that they want to ask. The questions can be fun, thought-provoking . . . almost anything goes, and I do my best to interpret how that character will react to those questions.


There are some rules to this. Old time peeps who've followed this blog from the get-go know them.


1 - No profanity, no lewd comments and no disrespecting the character in question. You may not like the character, but there are others that do. Also, this is a public page, public blog. It means anyone old enough to get onto the internet can find it and read it. I'm not having my blog shut down because some parent threw a hissy fit over the language used. While I can't control what kids find on the internet, I can control whether or not I keep this going. Any questions and comments that break this rule will NOT be used.


2 - As mentioned above, there is currently a three question limit. Ask what's most pressing to you. If you want to ask more, save them for a later date because I will cycle through the characters and start over again.


3 - Dont' ask me about when your favorite character is going to appear. I know you Albel Nox fans love him. I did one with him already as a birthday gift for a fellow Star Ocean fan, but he's not goin to appear until way later in the series. Fan favorites like him and my personal favorites are reserved for last.


4 - Questions must be in no later than midnight of the Wednesday night before the Star Ocean Character segment is to appear. Ask the Star Ocean Character is reserved for Fridays, something fun to start your weekend. Questions can be left in comments, or sent to me as Private messages or in emails. You can email the questions to me at


5 - Please let me know what name you want me to use, if any, when I write the segment or if you wish to remain "anonymous". If you don't, I will use the name that appears with the inquiry.


6 - Most of all, let's just have some fun with this.


As this is going to reboot the entire series, the first character in the line up is Reimi Saionji from the Last Hope. Her segment will appear on Friday, June 19, 2015. All questions must be submitted no later midnight on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.


Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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I'm back, my fellow Star Ocean peeps. I apologize for the somewhat lengthy absence. I had a few things come up that demanded my attention. It's probably going to continue, but I've got the strength, love, and perseverence to carry through, carry on.


Last entry was about books that I would love to discuss with the likes of Edge Maverick and Fayt Leingod. This time, it's about movies.


Oh, man, the horror that would cross Edge's face over the Austin Powers movies. I love Austin. He's so wack-a-doodle British, and it's just hilarious to me. Of course, I do have a bit of a sick and dirty sense of humor. Of course, with Reimi and Myuria there, it'd be even more hilarious.


I'd warn them off some of the movies based off of books. Why? Because not all book-based movies are true to the books. I've been hooked on the Percy Jackson series for some time now, so much so, I've been reading them over again, and I watched the two Percy Jackson movies. They've mucked up so much of the storyline, it isn't funny, and they're not even worth watching or owning. And, yes, I understand and accept that, when it comes to books and movies, there are time constraints. You can't put everything into the movie that's in the book. (Anyone remember the fuss over The Lord of the Rings and the fact they left out Tom Bombadil?) And some changes to a storyline are good. To me, they add to the spirit the author intended to create when writing the story.


Not so much with the Percy Jackson movies. Too many changes were made, and, once I'd read the books, the first movie lost its charm. I do thank it for being the reason why I've read the books and enjoyed them so much.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are also so some fun ones along with the Batman movies done by Tim Burton. Yeah, I like them! So sue me! LOL And the natural disaster movies! They may not think such movies are so much fun, might actually believed such things happened, but they'd be fun for me. I especially love nitpicking at some of the SyFy original natural disaster movies, they're so corny.


One thing I would need to remember, though, especially with the likes of Edge and Reimi, is the need to explain to them that this all just entertainment. Even true story movies have had some liberties applied during the filmmaking process. Not very many, but enough for some people who know to realize the difference.


Anything I would preserve I would make sure there's a note saying as much. And I would take pictures, of family, of friends, of the people I will be eventually leaving behind, and of this good, green Earth.


Of course, there are other things I would love to do if fictional people were real and from a future depicted in the Star Ocean games. Most of this - the music, the books, the movies - we can download onto disks and tablets, and I can send those back into the future. What's really appealing to me would be to take them to the lakes here in Michigan, to go to the Sleeping Bear Dunes and walk back to Lake Michigan on a nice, hot summer day. Maybe run outside when it's raining.


So now that this is done, this is written and posted for everyone to enjoy, I pose these questions to you: What music, what books, and what movies would you share with your favorite Star Ocean characters?

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Does anyone remember the scene with Edge and Welch? The one that plays in Item Creation after Bacchus is recruited and Welch is being an utter goofball about some literature she'd read? Anyone?


The first thing Welch had in front of her was a cardboard standee cutout of a French maid's outfit. She called Edge "Master", claiming she'd read it in some ancient literature. Of course, Edge was incredulous. Why would anyone want to be called "Master" and what were the previous generations thinking in leaving behind literature like that?


Good times in our Star Ocean lives, right?


Of course, we the players know that literature wasn't written for people living one hundred years later. It's written for the people who live in the times the stories are created and published. We don't necessarily think of the people who may survive something catastrophic, say, like nuclear World War III, and may not understand fiction is just entertainment for us and a way to live out certain fantasies and adventures. Could you imagine Edge's reaction if Welch had read romantic erotica and used that instead of the French maid outfit? Oh boy!!


Naturally, in writing about the types of music I'd play for Edge and Fayt yesterday, I wanted to also talk about movies and books. What novels would we, could we read together and discuss? What would I want to specifically send back with them to the future in the event it's something that doesn't survive? What else can I fill this space with until I get my gaming consoles and play more? LOL


In all seriousness, I do wonder what books would survive so that would definitely be one thing I'd ask them. What has survived? What don't you know about when it comes to fiction?


There is a great chance a lot of the classics don't necessarily survive something like WWIII. If the bombs don't destroy nearly everything, the radiation levels will. I'd be very sad to learn if stories like The Lord of the Rings and The Three Musketeers aren't somehow preserved. (Can anyone else imagine Fayt reading The Three Musketeers and acting out the swordfights? Or even getting wound up in Frodo and Sam's journey into Morder? I can!)


Even more fun for me would be to introduce them to what we consider to be Middle-grade/Young Adult fiction like the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. Would Edge and Fayt be fascinated by the fact that many of us, in the 20th and 21st centuries, believe in magic and in Gods? Or would they call us silly and shake their heads?


All the things to imagine and consider with these fictional boys.


Tomorrow, movies!


May. 27th, 2015 09:00 am
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Welcome to Wednesday, my fellow Star Ocean peeps. Today, I want to discuss music. Not necessarily what music might sound like for our intrepid heroes in each Star Ocean game but rather the type of music I'd like to play for them should the likes of Fayt Leingod or Edge Maverick or even both appear in front of me.


There is a great diversity of music nowadays, from classical to rock, hip hop to rap, folk to country, and Christian rock to . . . whatever His Infernal Majesty happens to represent. Some of it is quite the same in terms of sound - electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboards - and lyrically - rap has a bit of a consistent theme anymore.


In addition to the mainstream stuff I grew up with in the 1980s, I would present to Edge and Fayt some of the more obscure music I found in the early days of my internet browsing, bands like the Continental Drifters with their line-up of Peter Holsaple, Robert Mache, Susan Cowsill, Russ Broussard, Vicki Peterson, and Mark Walton (I think that's his last name) or the duet of Debbi Peterson and Siobhan Maher in the form of Kindred Spirit. Of course, I would also play Gackt and the Beatles and Elvis and my favorite band of all time, the Bangles. There's some of the classics from the 1950s and 1960s, Bach and Beethoven, and German bands like Rammstein I'd love to play. To wind everything down, I'd play Enya, Annie Lennox, and Loreena McKennitt.


I could spend an entire week introducing them to the kinds of music that gets lost to the ravages of World War III, even longer trying to get everything downloaded and preserved so people in the aftermath of World War III have something to lift their spirits. To me, it wouldn't matter if I didn't like the type of music, I'd still have them listen to it and find a way to preserve it. As a writer and in light of current events, I truly understand just how difficult preserving things like music, movies, and books can be and how they can be easily taken for granted. There is nothing more heart-wrenching to realize that one's hard work can be destroyed in an instant. While I can't preserve music that hasn't been released yet, I can certainly try with what's already accessible.


And this is inspired by me finding an untitled Star Ocean 3 story on my flash drive where I'd typed in some of the lyrics for a song called "You Were on My Mind". I've heard the song performed live before by the Bangles, and I just . . . want to share such moments, such memories with those who may end up robbed of such things.


Tomorrow, it's books I'd share and the conversations about those books!

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Ola, my Star Ocean compatriots! It's been a very long time since I've posted much of anything. My last entry consisted of a little bragging rights, if I recall correctly. I published, under the pen name Elise K. Ra'sha, two stories, The King and Queen of Wands and Portal to Gaming, Book 1 to my Arc of Fantasy series. I believe I also mentioned that the Arc of Fantasy series is Star Ocean-inspired. If not, well, there you have it! I started an original story based on my love for Star Ocean, specifically Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. It is my goal to get myself back on track with the Star Ocean blogs. I'll be copying and pasting entries to my flash drive at some point so I don't repeat myself on topics.


Here is a topic that recently came to me as I played over the events of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. For all of you Faize lovers, this entry is for you!


I don't know how other people have played the game, which answers they chose when they were on Lemuris or if they even did this before setting out to Triom and obtaining Lymle. I've created a few different play-throughs, and, on one, I had Faize tell Edge something personal about himself.. Spoiler alert here: Eldarians are pretty much test-tube babies. Faize in no exception.


However, test tube babies need genetic donors. While we don't necessarily see too many female Eldarians as major players or even NPCs, we can presume that Faize does have a female genetic donor somewhere out there. As for his male genetic donor or "father", I have a theory I know who this might be.


Now mind you, before I continue any further, a lot of this speculation is based on memory. I've not played the games in several months, almost a year this summer, and I have no PS3 or XBox 360 for game play. This is driving me a little crazy because I really miss playing these particular games.


Continuing on - I believe Faize's father is the Eldarian commander, Gaghan. For some reason, out of all the Eldarians under his command (this includes Arumat), Gaghan has a specific interest in Faize. It could be due to Faize's intelligence, his ability to use a rapier, and his affinity for Earth-based symbology. It could truly be due to Faize's inexperience and nothing more. The thing is, I'm sure there are others under Gaghan's command who could have benefitted from traveling with Edge, those who might not have flipped and go psycho after dealing with some particular difficult situations. Heck, there's the issue with Arumat slowly dying because of genetic modifications done to his body to improve his fighting abilities, but evertying leads back to Faize. Gaghan takes a very keen interest in Faize Sheifa Beleth over everyone else. He asks Edge about Faize in communications before The Calnus crashes on Nox Obscuris and before Crowe joins the fight. Some could argue that, if Gaghan was Faize's father, Faize would have the last name of Gaghan, not Beleth. I could point out that it would only be so if the Eldarian family structure is anything like traditional European and American families - the last name is handed down through the father.


Of course, this is only a thought. :)


Until tomorrow, my friends!!


deviantArt peeps, if you don't see the entries appearing there, please refer to, and . I've decided to utilize a very handy feature for scheduling entries.


Thanks for following!

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Hello, my fellow Star Ocean fans! Greetings from (currently) snowy, slushy, sloppy Philadelphia!! I have a few updates for everyone.

One - I have moved a few times now. I've landed in the city I've dreaming of living in since 2002: Philadelphia, PA. It's here I hope to start a different life for myself and to breathe new life in the Star Ocean Universe.

Also, I've taken some major steps in publishing. Original material, inspired by one of the very games I love so much. The story is called Portal to Gaming, and it's available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble NOOK for $3.99. It's the first in a six-book series called Arc of Fantasy.

Portal to Gaming starts out with Fen Willows, the nineteen-year-old and only son of two universally renowned alien archaeologists, Farold and Victorie Amie Willows, and who lives in a peaceful, idyllic future.

The idyllic life is not for Fen. He longs for travel and excitement, anything to break up the dullness of his life and to ease his broken heart after finding out his boyfriend cheated on him. Unfortunately, war with an alien race known as the Salmorians keeps him Earth-bound while his parents continue to explore dig sites with the military backing them. With his best friends Daniel and Wolfgang Evans, he takes to the gaming simulators of Portal to Gaming, a giant in the entertainment and information industry.

It's in the simulators that his life is turned upside down. A stranger approaches him and utters three words.

"Draw your sword."

After that incident, strange phenomena follow Fen around wherever he goes. Convinced he isn't crazy, he finds himself in a position where he can't prove it and where no one believes him. He vows to find the stranger and confront him one more time in a fair fight.

Unbeknownst to Fen, his parents are hiding secrets from him, secrets that will change the course of the war and his life. Forever.

I hope my fellow Star Ocean fans check out the story, read the sample on both sites, and join Fen and his friends on their crazy journey.

And that's it! The craziness has begun!
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And I don't like that I am. However, there's good reason for this continuing.

I am moving to Seattle. Today. I'll be getting onto a bus with a few bags and heading to the West Coast. I will be seeking work, a place to live, and a computer.

On the bright side to this, I will be taking my SO figures and my camera with me. Pictures will be forthcoming and in better light!!

I hope everyone's had a wonderful summer and has a wonderful weekend! Halloween's around the corner, too, so any and all Halloween-related stories, artwork, and cosplay welcome!

Until the next time!
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I am going to be taking a couple month hiatus from the Star Ocean Universe page and blogs. I need to figure out what I really want to do with this page beyond sharing pictures of merchandise and cosplays, which are a bit lacking in my department due to finances.

This isn't a permanent hiatus. It's just me taking the time, reorganizing for the page and the blogs, and balancing what I want to do with what I can do.

Know that I still love Star Ocean. That will never change. I just want to run the best page and blogs possible.


RE: Ask the Star Ocean Character - Sophia Esteed

As I never got around to posting it, I'm still accepting questions. I will aim for a fall segment. Thank you for your patience on this.

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This is all I have for today.

Reminder: You have one week to submit questions for Sophia Esteed! Three questions per person, be nice, and have them submitted by midnight of Wednesday, May 21, 2014.

Summer's going to be winding up soon!
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It's finally here!! Not on Friday, like I wanted, nor over the weekend but who cares! It's still in time for Noxie's birthday!! w00t w00t!!

Before I get to the segment itself, a couple of things.

1 - If anyone has any thoughts to share on any aspect of the game and you want them posted to the blog, please let me know! Seriously! I will share almost anything and everything Star Ocean related in this blog. And you will be credited!!! (dA users, feel free to submit essays to the group with a tagline saying whether or not I can repost elsewhere.)

2 - I'm going to do ONE more Ask the Star Ocean Character segment then I will be tentatively taking the summer off from the series. My little sister graduates high school this year, and I'm going to once again attempt relocating myself in a different city. This is subject to change based on time and whether or not I finally get my own computer. I'll still post as often as I can, be it in revisiting old conversation topics or fanfiction.

Want to share your favorite Till the End of Time or The Last Hope moment? I'd love to hear from you!

And now for the Ask the Star Ocean Character announcement. Since I've rebooted the entire series, up next in the queue is Sophia Esteed for Friday, May 23, 2014. Remember to limit yourselves to three questions, keep it clean, and have all inquiries in to me (comment, PM, or email - or )by midnight of Wednesday, May 21, 2014!

Onwards with Albel! And happy birthday, Noxie!!


Happy birthday, Noxie!



“Hello everyone! Welcome to a special edition of Ask the Star Ocean Character! I’m your host, Dragonfly Moonlight.


“Now, everyone at home might be asking why is today’s edition of Ask the Star Ocean Character special? Don’t we do this often enough?


“The answer, my friends, is yes. What makes today’s edition special is not that we’re still coming to you. It’s who our guest for today is and that we’re coming to you live from Elicoor II, from the top of the Kirlsa Training Facility. Please give a warm welcome to . . . Albel Nox!”


The moment his name passes my lips, loud and joyous screaming echoes up from the audience surrounding the facility. Albel walks over, a swagger in his hips and a smirk on his lips.


“Welcome, Albel,” Dragonfly says, extending a hand. “We’re glad to have you with us today.”


“So I hear,” he says. The screams have not died down.


“Yeah. We couldn’t avoid the fangirl crowd.”


“It’s quite all right,” he replies. “It’s nice to know I’m more popular than that maggot Cliff.”




“Oh yes. That buffoon thinks because he’s strong like an ox – and he smells like one, too, by the way – that the girls love him more than they would me. This . . .” He grins wickedly. “Is vindication.”


“I see . . . Does this mean you and Cliff are competitive?”


“Only when it comes to women. Since our team has a good portion of females . . .” Albel shrugs. “It was inevitable.”


“So who gets the most attention from the girls?”




“Fayt? But if you and Cliff . . .”


“He and I are not competitive for the women who travel with us. Except perhaps that fool’s female counterpart. She’s a worthy adversary. So is that Aquarian slut. Otherwise, the rest of them are too busy competing with each other for Fayt’s affections. It’s most nauseating.” He makes a face.


“Do you say this out of jealousy?”


“What?” he snarls.


“Are you jealous?”


“Of whom? Fayt? Hardly?”


“What of the women, though? Are you jealous of Fayt’s attentions on them or not?”


“No. Why would you even ask that?”


“Well, because, in part, it’s a fandom thing. Many of the girls love to see you dominating Fayt.”


“Oh really?”


“Yes, which brings me to a fan question from Dark Signer Yusei – What do you think of the yaoi fan made stuff that’s out there?”


“As long as I’m not paired with that buffoon or that rodent child,” Albel shudders, “it isn’t so bad. Fayt isn’t exactly hideous to look at.”


“This is true . . .” Dragonfly’s expression goes dreamy for one moment. Then she blinks. “Still, it has to be tiresome to see yourself paired with guys an awful lot. I’m sure you do prefer women.”


“I prefer someone strong and intelligent, which most of the women I deal with are not. The only two who even come close to my criteria are Fayt and that Mirage woman.”


“I do like Mirage. She’s awesome. She looks like she could take you in a sparring match.”


“If she and I were to spar, she would prove a challenge, I’m sure. She’s even a decent field cook.”


“Really? Who is the best cook overall out of the group?”


Albel growls a little.


“As much as I loathe to admit as much, the Aquarian scum and the Esteed wench are the best cooks. Fayt isn’t bad, either. Do not let Cliff anywhere near a stove. Everything he tries to cook comes out as blackened wood.”


“That doesn’t sound promising.”


“It isn’t. When it comes to inventing, he’s better suited for blacksmithing and what you offworlders call engineering. He can’t even compound medicines properly.”


“Speaking of inventing, what’s your favorite invention overall?”


“The ducky bomb,” he replies with a wickeder grin than before.


“And what’s your favorite moment from your travels with Fayt and the rest of the group?”


“I honestly can’t decide between kicking Luther’s ass or Crosell’s,” he replies with a casual shrug. “Both were such great challenges.”


“And your least favorite?”


“Again, I cannot decide between meeting that Traydor wench or the Esteed one.”


“Why meeting them?”


“The first wench, while I don’t exactly oppose a woman in command – Aquaria proved their women are more than capable of leading – assumed herself to be a group leader when I first joined them. The buffoon listened only half the time, and only if it didn’t contradict what Fayt said to do.”


“But Fayt doesn’t have as much leadership experience as either you, Nel, Cliff, or Maria. Why him as the leader?”


“I don’t know.” Albel shrugs. “He’s certainly likeable, easy to approach with concerns. He has all the qualities of a leader.”


“So you’re just deferring to him so he can gain experience.”


“Something like that, I suppose.”


“So why was meeting Sophia one of your least favorite moments?”


Albel growls low in his throat.


“For someone who grew up with him and defended him against the Traydor wench’s words, she insisted it was not like him to be so gloomy. How else is one supposed to act when his father dies?”


“I think I can understand why that is.” Dragonfly gives him a moment to compose himself. “We’re almost out of time so we’ll get to the rest of the fan questions. Dark Signer Yusei also asks what do you dream about when you have nightmares?”


“I don’t remember.”


“And the last question from Yusei, what does the Ascension of the Flame ceremony entail?”


Albel chuckles.


“Lots of drinking then wrestling a dragon.”


“No grand words?”


“Mine was too chaotic for me to truly remember. I’ve avoided other ceremonies since.”


“That makes sense. Finally, we come to Mrs. Nox, who is celebrating her birthday to her.”


“Happy birthday, wenchlet.”


“You’re so sweet, Albel. Her first question is about your hair. How is it two-toned? Do you dye it that way?”


“If she’d really like to know, she’s more than welcome to come and visit me. I’d be,” he grins as he speaks, “glad to show her.”


“That’s very . . . salacious of you. Second question. Do you prefer the use of your claw or your katana?”




“You’re sadistic.”


“Of course.”


“And finally, who is the best training partner in the group?”


“Oh, that’s easy,” he says. “Fayt. He’s one of the only other swordsmen in our happy little group. He’s young, he’s spirited, and he proves to be the best challenge. The worm Adray isn’t bad, either, but I prefer to train with Fayt.”


“And there we have it! Thank you so much for joining us today. I have one final thing to say to you, Albel.”


“And what’s that?”


“Run. The fangirls are scaling the walls.”


Speaking up

May. 2nd, 2014 09:04 am
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I apologize for not having the Ask the Star Ocean Character segment ready. I know I said today, but I read an article that has derailed me a little. I am working on the segment, it will appear either tomorrow or Sunday, and I do apologize again for this delay. However, I would be remiss if I didn't share this with my fellow Star Ocean fans.

Please follow the link and read what this man has to say.

I want to add this as well. I will not tolerate threats of any kind towards another human being. You may be sitting at a computer, faceless and anonymous, but that doesn't mean you aren't traceable. You're not being cute, you're not being funny, and you're not even acting like a decent human being if you think it's okay to threaten someone over the internet with rape or death.  If I've offended you because I think you're a coward for hiding behind a screen and threatening someone, great. I'm with Brian on this. I don't want you following my blog and inflicting your poison on others.

And I write this as someone who received a death threat a little over three years ago for not following what someone wanted me to do for my fanfiction. From a so-called fellow Star Ocean fan.

He claimed himself to be nobility, that he could strangle me with one hand, AND that he could get away with it by claiming diplomatic immunity. All because I didn't want to use his story ideas and characters for some of my Star Ocean fanfiction, because, as an aspiring writer, I saw flaws with his OCs and told him no one would want to read about them.

I was at least able to laugh this off because of where I live. Even if he was a noble of some kind, no one would believe he would have diplomatic relations for a woman who lives in a farming community of Michigan. And this was also under the apparent assumption that I would be defenseless somehow and unable, unwilling to fight back. I live with family, my stepdad, brother, and uncle love to hunt, and, while the county doesn't patrol the roads, that doesn't mean anyone can come to this little neck of the woods to cause trouble and expect to get away with it.

So I laughed about it. I also took no chances. My best friend requested and received screen caps of the conversation to give to the FBI because she knew who to send them to. Just to be on the safe side.

Not everyone can shrug off such a threat, and not everyone should dare shrug off such a threat. I know there are people out there that can trace an IP address, even if it's "anonymous". For those people, I will gladly forgo an entry about Star Ocean and say, "No more. It will not be tolerated anymore". I ask my fellow Star Ocean fans to speak up as well and join me.

Have a safe and fun weekend, everyone! Sometime this weekend, I'll post the latest installment of Ask the Star Ocean Character and announce the next character.

"We're not gonna take it! No! We ain't gonna take it! We're not gonna take it anymore!"
- Twisted Sister
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How time has flown since your release! Thanks to Charry for posting about it in her club about that. I have the dates written down somewhere.

Yes, it's been ten years since one of the most awesome, in my not-so-humble-opinion, RPGs was released. Till the End of Time seems to be the glue that holds the fandom together. It may be an older game, but I love the graphics to this very day.

I know. Not all of us have known about the game for that long. That's still quite all right.

So, with that in mind, The Star Ocean Universe asks: Who is your favorite Till the End of Time character? This is not restricted to the playable party. Bosses and NPCs are welcome!


Final Reminder for Ask the Star Ocean Character!

You have until midnight this Wednesday to submit questions for Albel Nox! Limit yourselves to three questions! This is for missnox's birthday, which is in a few days!

Thursday, I will get back into the original groove with the next character.

Until then!


I know. Not much for a Monday. I'm still trying to get back into the groove of blogging. I may just scour Till the End of Time and The Last Hope for more conversation topics.
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Don't forget to submit your questions for Ask the Star Ocean Character. Up next is Albel Nox for missnox's birthday. Questions must be submitted via comment, PM, or email ( or no later than midnight of Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now that the reminder is out of the way, it is now time to announce I will no longer be updating my account. I tried to repost Ask the Star Ocean Character in a story format with no hints I was accepting questions from readers, and I was contacted by a member of a group called Eliminator about my submission almost within twenty-four hours of a potential ToS violation. Not an outright one. Potential. Not even a single review asking anything or commenting on anything. Yet this person still felt the need to PM me with the threat of elimination and a list of four possible solutions to keep it from being a violation.

This upsets me on so many levels. I'm one of those people who tries to obey the rules set forth by sites likes FFN when it comes to posting. I deleted a Transformers fanfiction piece due to the number of song lyrics woven throughout it so it wouldn't be reported and deleted and my account either suspended or deleted.  And then I go through the fandoms I enjoy, only to find reader inserts, interactive stories, songfics, stuff with bad grammar, and in the wrong categories. Oh, and let's not forget the mature content that gets rated as "M" but very dangerously borders NC17. That no amount of reporting can get rid of. And I'm receiving a private message insinuating that I'm breaking the rules when I'm not.

I'm normally an easy-going person when it comes to people contacting me about my work. I really am. I want to be approachable, but this was stupid with a dose of idiocy.

Now, to be fair to this person, I did double-check myself. The series itself is interactive. My fellow Star Ocean fans submit the questions, and I use them in the series itself. But I refrained from writing in my author's notes, "If you have a question you want to see answered" . . . I gave no hints that I'm accepting questions to the potential readers at FFN. At this point, I don't feel the need to post it to the Star Ocean fans at FFN. Nothing against the FFN readers, but they're not strictly frequented that site. In fact, most of the Star Ocean fans I know are through livejournal and deviantArt. So, for FFN, I decided to leave that option out. If someone asked me if I was accepting questions in a review, I'd have said "yes" and instructed them on how to do so.

I probably wasn't very nice to this person when I did reply back. Call me confused in the first reply. The first time Ask the Star Ocean Character was removed from FFN was shocking, but, when I received the notification, I understood why it was gone. Stupid me, I forgot what I agreed to in the ToS so I wanted to be sure if I reposted the story to FFN, that I wasn't in violation. My next few replies were not so nice. I admit it. And, in hindsight, with the "suggestions" for author's notes from this person, I don't think it would have mattered. Telling people in a note that I'm accepting requests through livejournal, here, wordpress, facebook, and deviantArt via comments, PMs, and email would have still made it interactive somehow, and someone would have reported it anyway.

I'm not happy overall with FFN anyway. There have been some site changes that I don't feel were for the better - I disabled anonymous reviewing for a reason - and they did away with that. (Um, hello? I don't like people swearing at me in reviews!) It's now set up so you can allow them, or screen them before they're posted. Just if you don't have a computer for a week, they get posted anyway. Because we have to let the trolls get their say in and all that.

I'll still visit FFN. I have authors there that I like, that I want to see how their stories continue to play out. I do hate how crabby and whiny I sound about this. But truth be told, I just want to have fun with the writing. I really do want to be approachable to my fellow Star Ocean fans and for them to have fun with the Ask the Star Ocean Character series. It isn't about role-playing the characters to gauge their reactions to something. It's about delving into their inner most thoughts and reach my own understanding of them. My insights are not the only ones, and that's something I really do respect. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter!
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Welcome back to Ask the Star Ocean Character, everyone! I'm your host, Dragonfly Moonlight.


Read more... )


Yay!! The reboot is done!!

Reminder: Taking questions for Albel Nox for Mrs. Nox's birthday next month!
Tomorrow: Birthday reminders.
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I know I haven't posted any reminders, but, as I really want to get back on track with the series, I won't be extending the deadlines for more questions. I will do this, though.

For any Star Ocean fan who stumbles upon this and wants to ask a character, who has already been featured, a question, I will still accept them. They just won't appear until the next time that character comes into play.

So tomorrow! Reimi Saionji makes her second appearance on Ask the Star Ocean Character! Today, for missnox and her upcoming birthday, I am announcing the next character for the next segment.

Albel Nox

Yes. I am announcing that the next character to be featured in Ask the Star Ocean Character is to be Albel Nox. I'm making an exception for him because missnox has done a few extraordinary things over the past year. She may not feel they're extraordinary, but, to me, they are, and this is for her.

A reminder of the rules.

1 - No profanity please and thank you! The blogs are open for fans of all ages. I know there is some swearing in the games, but I'm running clean sites. So please. No profanity. Thank you for that courtesy.

2 - Limit yourselves to three questions. If you have more, please let me know. I want everyone who wants to ask a question to have the chance.

3 - Please be respectful to the character in question. Your least liked character is someone else's favorite.

4 - Deadline: All questions for Albel Nox must be in by midnight on Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Albel's segment will appear on Friday, May 2, 2014, in time for
missnox's birthday.

5 - Pick your user name! If you wish to be "anonymous" or have a certain I.D. designation, please let me know, or I will use what I know you by.

6 - Let's just have some fun. Don't care how silly you think your questions may be. Everything helps me to get a handle on the character. So ask away!

Questions can be submitted to me via comments, private message, or email ( or

See you tomorrow when I grill Reimi once more!
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 Yeah, I'm not dead. Not yet. I've just been lacking motivation big time. There's so much I want to do with this blog that I still can't just yet, including more conversation topics spanning every game in the series.

So first up - what's going on if I have all of this time since I'm not working? Well, I've obviously been goofing off on the internet. deviantArt, facebook, and Scribophile have been my favorite places so far. I've also been consumed with story-telling and working on an original story. The original story process is important. I really want to not worry so much when I have no work about money coming in and trying to survive. I've always wanted to be a writer anyway, and fanfiction was my first step. And I do admit. I've been avoiding eBay. Doesn't do me any good to look at Star Ocean merchandise when I have no money. Having cash would be good for buying the official merchandise, creation of my own, and helping with the cosplay.

I know. Economics for a lot of people suck right now, and I really do appreciate that. That's why I'm just keeping my fingers crossed my temp agency will place me soon so I can do some of this stuff while I write.

So let me do my best to get back on track.

For Star Ocean birthdays, we have the following for next month:
April 10 (assigned by me) - Adray Lasbard
April 24 (official) - Arumat P. Thanatos

For holidays:
April Fool's Day (April 1)
Palm Sunday (April 13)
Passover (April 15)
Good Friday (April 18)
Easter (April 20)
Earth Day (April 22)

If you have a piece of fanfiction, fan art, or even a cosplay for these to characters in celebration of their birthdays or these holidays, I am accepting submissions. For the deviantArt people, just submit to the gallery and write in the description if your works can be cross-posted to livejournal and dreamwidth. I will not cross-post unless I have permission. For livejournal and dreamwidth (and soon to be wordpress) people, please keep your stories to one-shots. I do have limited space in these journals. I don't mind posting multiple entries, but I do want to keep the number of posts to a minimum. If you've found me through twitter - yes, there is now a twitter account for this journal, link will be forthcoming for those of you already on twitter - you can still submit something to me.

Story and art submissions can be sent to or


I do have an interesting question to pose to everyone who has played Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Why do you think Fayt goes on a family vacation with his parents when he's a college student and doesn't spend much time with them anyway?


Re: Ask the Star Ocean Character.
Because I've taken way too long to post Roger and Adray's parts, they will not appear right away. Now don't freak out if you've submitted your questions. They will be answered. I promise you that. I'm rebooting the whole thing. I want to post it back to and that means a whole new way of writing the series.

With that in mind for Ask the Star Ocean Character, I am taking questions for Reimi Saionji of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Limit three questions per person. (That means, one person can ask three questions.) Keep the vulgarity down. I don't care if you don't like the character. There are people who do, and, out of respect for them, keep the vulgarity down. You wouldn't want anyone disrespecting your favorite character.

So three questions. Questions MUST be submitted by Wednesday, April 9, 2014, by midnight. The Ask the Star Ocean Character reboot will take place on Friday, April 11, 2014. On April 10, I will announce the next character. You can leave me a comment with your questions or send them in a PM. Email works, too.


Character Studies:

The Star Ocean Universe wants to know what you think! Send me your character study! It can be in the form of a fanfiction one-shot, essay, or just general analysis.

Character study postings will coincide with the Ask the Star Ocean Character segments. I'll accept anyone at any given time, though, and post them when that person appears in Ask the Star Ocean Character.

Just keep it clean!


Follow me on Twitter:


One other update before I forget, and this is in regards to conventions.

As of right now, due to lack of work and income, I will not be going on a huge convention circuit ride. It's going to be pushing it for me to even try to get to the three I really want to attend this year. In fact, I'm not even going to announce which conventions I am making (tentative) plans for attendance. When I have something confirmed, I will announce. Even then, my huge convention hopping is going to wait until next year.

However, if you're cosplaying as a Star Ocean character for any convention or just for fun, share your photos with me! I would love to display them, and any instances where you've met a Star Ocean voice actor.

This is your Star Ocean fandom. These are your Star Ocean experiences! I'd love to hear from you and share your wonderful stories as well.


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