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Birthdate:Oct 1
I am but a simple Star Ocean fan living in the U.S. My favorite Star Ocean characters of all time are Fayt Leingod and Luther Lansfeld. I am a writer of both original and fanfiction. I love attending conventions, and I'm looking forward to starting my own cosplays and creating my own plushies and other Star Ocean crafts.

On the personal note, I'm in my mid-thirties.

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adray lasbard, albel nox, albel x fayt, albel x mirage, anime, annie, arumat p. thanatos, ashton anchors, azazer, bacchus d-79, belzeber, berial, blackmore's night, blair lansfeld, claire lasbard, claude c. kenny, cliff fittir, cliff x nel, comics, crowe x edge, cyndi lauper, edge maverick, edge x faize, edge x myuria, enya, faize sheifa beleth, farleen, fayt leingod, fayt x nel, gackt, jpop, jrock, l'arc~en~ciel, luther lansfeld, luther x fayt, lymle lemuri phi, manga, maria traydor, maria x lieber, meracle chamlotte, mirage koas, music, myuria tionysus, nel zelpher, peppita rossetti, reading, reimi saoinji, roger s. huxley, sarah jerand, sophia esteed, star ocean, tynave, video games, writing
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