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Before I start with my comparison of Item Creation between Till the End of Time and The Last Hope, I want to start out with the following.

1 - The photo shoot with my Fayt Leingod figures is still on . . . I just need to find my cord to upload the pictures from my camera. In the meantime, posting the pictures from it will be postponed. Taking more pictures isn't out of the question. It might become a two-part posting. We'll see.

2 - Regarding the upcoming weekly schedule: I'm not going to keep saying I'll be posting the next chapter for Destinies Intertwined by Fate when I'm still on the first PoV, which is Fayt. Originally, when I started to write the outline in a notebook, I got as far as chapter three with two of the five PoVs - Fayt and Albel. I am working on the story. The next chapter is forthcoming. I just don't feel right saying it's going to be this week or this week when Fayt is dragging his feet on what he wants me to say. Even Albel doesn't give me this much trouble.

3 - I'm still on the look-out for writing conversations. I'd like to know what other people's theories are. For example, missnox replied to something yesterday and told me about her theory regarding Welch Vineyard and why she's in all four games. It's quite an interesting theory, and one that, while I questioned certain aspects of it, I find to be quite plausible. If there's something you think of, feel free to let me know via PM or comment. Please be sure to write Writing Topic so I know what it's for. If I get to everything before I've finished my first cup  of coffee, I might just answer without that reminder.

4 - Arumat's birthday is this coming Tuesday. I have some official artwork of him pilfered from a Google search, a one-shot planned out to honor his day, but if anyone has any artwork, poems, drabbles/one-shots/vignettes they'd like to submit for me to post, I'm still accepting such submissions until Monday, April 23, 2012, at midnight. All submissions should be emailed to me at or linked in either a private message or comment to any entry.

5 - Finally, I'm going to take about a week or two off from the Ask the Star Ocean Character segment, facts about said character, and the character studies. I had a tentative list started in a notebook, and I'm starting to think that maybe I tore it out of said notebook. If that's the case, it's now lost in the ether. I'm not holding out much hope of finding it ever again. Because of that, I'm going to take the time to regroup, reconsider, and plot out which characters will come after Meracle. Be assured, though, it will return, and it will still be as fun as ever (if only for me to write).

Onto the topic at hand.

* * * *

A Comparison Over Item Creation Between Till The End of Time and The Last Hope

I'd include First Departure and Second Story/Second Evolution in this . . . but I know next to nothing about Item Creation in these games, other than the only thing all four games have in common is Welch Vineyard. According to my younger brother, Puffy appears as a compounder in Second Story, but that's about all I know. If Item Creation has gone the way that I think it has in First Departure and Second Story/Second Evolution, there may not be much difference between them and Till The End of Time. The Last Hope seems to have the biggest change. As of right now, though, I'll be relying on what those who've played the first two games say about Item Creation. They know more than I do at this point, and that I respect.

So item creation . . .  it's perhaps one of the most fun and most aggravating things to do in The Last Hope and Till the End of Time. For The Last Hope, the creators simplified the process. All inventors are the playable characters from the questing party, and each has a specific skill that s/he is good at compared to others. Not all items are created through the Invent a Recipe process, either. They're found as memos in treasure chests or for completing side quests. Pairing the right people together is the key to all of this, and it's recommended to pair everyone in a various group of combinations to get the items desired. But pay attention to those overall stats (you can check them when you launch Item Creation on The Calnus and get the numbers by moving the hand over each individual). Some characters are not compatible when it comes to item creation.

For example, Reimi Saionji's item creation skill that can be leveled up with skill points is cooking. Therefore, if one wants to invent a recipe for a food dish, Reimi would be required to create the dish. However, pay attention to the Item Creation Skill stats. They're base stats that don't change, even though the skill level goes as high as ten, and the game creators decided to be cute when it came to Item Creation. Here's what I mean.

Reimi is the resident cook on The Calnus. She's a ten when it comes to cooking, the highest number available for Item Creation. By herself, she can create a certain number of recipes. When she's paired with others, her perfect ten either increases or decreases. This is what I mean.

Reimi (10 cooking, 5 crafting) + Meracle (7 cooking, 10 crafting) to create items equals a 17 for cooking and a 15 for crafting.

The above is an example of a win for Item Creation. A positive increase in the numbers gives way for better chances to create useful items, such as armor and food that cures status ailments.

However, this is one that I feel you don't want to see.

Myuria (10 compounding) + Meracle (-10 compounding) equals zero for compounding. I'm not remembering if I've gotten anything out of this particular combination overall, but, if I did, I'm pretty sure I didn't get anything for compounding. Meracle's compounding abilities negate Myuria's. Even worse for compounding would be Myuria + Meracle + Reimi, for a combination of -2, which might mean the Super Aphrodisiac or something as equally as useless. If I knew Myuria's overall item creation stats, I'd be able to point out where it would be gains for Meracle and Reimi for their respective item creation abilities, but I haven't written them down just yet.

Please note: Using skill points to level up Item Creation skills, such as cooking, crafting, compounding, etc . . . doesn't change the base stats. Any negative numbers in the stats will still be there. Leveling up those areas only increases the chances for creating specific items. The numbers don't have to be as close to 100 as possible for getting the better items, and there are no special items that can increase the chances of creating something if the numbers aren't close to 100. Item creation for The Last Hope has been simplified, and it doesn't use coin. It uses party skill points so building those up is a must.

This is very unlike Till the End of Time, where you're recruiting inventors in addition to using the characters in your party. The recruited inventors have a specific skill set. They will have only one number, and that is for their respective trade, as it were. The playable characters have numbers in each area, and while they can be quite low, there are no negative numbers. There also is no leveling up of skill sets like cooking, compounding or crafting, and one has to guess which money amount is going to get which item when you're creating something. Chances increase for item creation when certain items are found - Cherubic Bust, Enchanted Pen, Keen Kitchen Knife (need 2; one for inventing, one to recruit the Killer Chef), etc . . .- which helps when the inventors don't want money to be recruited. They require items made from item creation or that can be found in locations such as Moonbase, the Kirlsa mines, or Sphere 211. Item creation isn't quite as simple as it's become for The Last Hope, but I personally find it to be more interesting and a little more fun. I never know what I'm going to get when I finally settle on a number for Fol to use when I set up my inventing teams.

There's also a wider variety of items in Till the End of Time, I think, than what there is in The Last Hope, and I think it's because there's the whole recruiting inventors thing going on. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on the strategy guides for both games, you can see how long the list is in Till the End of Time when compared to the list in The Last Hope.

Of course, I'm going to admit right now, I'm biased when it comes to Till the End of Time. It's the first Star Ocean game I've ever played, I love the majority of the characters, and Item Creation for the game simply has a larger variety of people to use. I get that it had to be simplified since they were jumping back in time, and I like the simplicity of it, too. I like the larger variety better, though. That's all.

* * * *

Cosplay by Kojika, Part Four

And here we have it today, kids. The last part of Kojika's cosplay, her Faize Sheifa Beleth outfit (whom I think she might adore more than Albel). The pictures are from two different conventions - YoumaCon and Otakon.

Before I post the pictures, I want to say a great big THANK YOU to Kojika for allowing me to post her photos and for sharing it on her facebook page. It has been so much looking at the photos and sharing them with everyone. Her cosplay photos of Faize are what got us to talking, and, when I've asked questions about creating my own cosplays, she's been more than helpful. It is all very much appreciated, more than what words can truly saw. I feel honored that she's allowed me to share her photos. Thank you again so much, Kojika. May we be able to cosplay together in the near future!

On with the pictures. As mentioned before, this is the fourth and final part of Cosplay by Kojika, Faize Sheifa Beleth

Edge and Faize taking a break. Is that goody baked by Reimi, Faize?

Read more... )

This concludes Cosplay by Kojika . . . for now. As I've expressed an interest to Kojika about creating my own Fayt Leingod cosplay, the idea is that at some point, once I've completed what I need for Fayt, that we get together, either at a convention or some other time (seriously - we live maybe about five to six hours away from each other, eight tops) with her as Albel. So more photos may appear. We'll see what the future holds. :)

* * * *

Character Reinvention

Recently, I thought that, in addition to a regular cosplay for Fayt, I'd like to a reinvention of him. It'd be more in the type of clothes he wears rather than anything physical. Of course, getting the symbols for his powers of Destruction to paint on his arms would be awesome, too, but, aside from perhaps a slight facial scar, that would be the only physical alteration I'd make on Fayt. As for the clothing, I'm not entirely sure just yet as to what I'd do. It'd be bit more rugged - no white; he's endured too much to not finally snap under the pressure of everything he's lost - but as to what the clothes would look like, it's something I'm going to ponder more on.

I bring this up because I've expressed an interest, in conversations with a few fellow Star Ocean fans and in this blog, for sequels to Till the End of Time and The Last Hope. It isn't necessarily in the nature of Square Enix and Tri-Ace to release sequels, but it's been done before with games in the Final Fantasy series. I'm sure if enough interest is expressed, it could happen again for the Star Ocean fandom. The thing is, the outfits for the characters in question wouldn't be able to remain the same. That would be boring and signify that not much has changed when the world is constantly changing. We don't always see it, but it's there. And I think Square was onto something when they decided to do a sequel for Final Fantasy XIII. In the sequel, Lightning isn't wearing the same outfit as before. She's a bit more warrior than before, a warrior to a Goddess, and it shows.

So if you were to reinvent one of the Star Ocean characters, which character would you choose and how would you go about it? I ask, not for ideas on how to reinvent Fayt - that's something I'm going to determine on my own by searching for sewing patterns and retro fashion websites - but because I'm curious as to what others would do for their favorite characters. So which character would you choose (why isn't necessarily relevant, but if you want to say why, I won't mind) and what would you do for the reinvention?

* * * *

And thus concludes today's entry. The original Item Creation - Showdown Between Reimi Saionji and Sophia Esteed short story/one-shot has been renamed to The Great Star Ocean Cookout. Yes. It's going to be a cooking competition of perhaps the silliest proportions. Everyone, please have a good weekend. Tomorrow, for sure, is the upcoming weekly schedule.
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Today's a bit of a happy day. :) Today, I feature a select number of Kojika's Albel cosplay from Ohayocon 2008, NMACon 2010 (same con as Claude's but different days), and one from ShutoCon 2012. Thus, they will be in no particular order. :)

Never thought I'd ever see Albel play mini golf. I wonder what Fayt's reaction would be to this? :)

Taken in Chicago for a Square Enix photo shoot. Kojika as Albel, Urd-chan as Ashton.

I always knew there was an artistic side to Albel . . .

Signing autographs for the fangirls, Albel? Or is that you're more ready to strike? ;)

Like with the Claude photos from NMACon, I feel that these are some of the best settings for Albel. I'm very glad Kojika did this. I can see the setting around Great Wolf Lodge being both Expel (wherever Claude landed there) and Duggus Forest, to the west of Peterny. Going after the bandits, Albel? They're such cowards anyway! (** Correction - Not Great Wolf Lodge but the NMC campus on Front Street. Still perfect, though. :))

Hiding from Fayt? I think he'd recognize your hand, Albel. :)

Poised for attack!

Beware when the Wicked One smiles! :)

Albel is one that Kojika has many, many pictures of, both with her dressed up as him and a couple of others dressed as him as well at the conventions she's attended. This is just a small sampling because Albel is one she keeps in rotation. He is quite the popular SO3 character, even to this day. :) (And I did have more photos to post, but LJ is being a pain about it so I'm not going to worry abou it . . . Kojika has websites with her photos so it isn't like finding the pictures in question will be too extremely difficult.)

On Saturday, due to my having to tweak the Cosplay sections some - okay, okay, I thought it would be cool and weird for me to go in game order - Faize will appear. And Faize will be the conclusion to Cosplay by Kojika. As I've mentioned before, you can see more of Kojika's cosplays at her website, and her deviantArt account,

* * * *

The Vendeeni: Why Were They Truly After Fayt Leingod and his family?

This is a fairly recent idea to me . . . try like Tuesday night as I'm trying to sleep and then again Wednesday as I'm trying to sleep. I feel like I'm running out of writing/conversation topics so I'm very glad this came to me. :) It helps with today's entry.

Anyway, today's topic is about the Vendeeni and why they were after the Leingods and Esteeds in the first place. One thing that's established is that the Vendeeni are after the Leingods and the Esteeds. There are no questions about that whatsoever. And I include the Esteeds in this because why else would they capture Sophia? The first-time player has no knowledge that she has the power of Connection. She's written as a potential love interest for Fayt (along with Cliff, Mirage, Maria, Nel, Albel, Peppita (gross), and Roger (triple gross) . . . Thank goodness Adray is more interested in trying to get Fayt to marry Claire!), but, beyond that, the first-time player has no inkling of what's about to happen. The first indication we even have that something's amiss is that the Vendeeni keep appearing and causing trouble - with the exception of Vanguard III, but even there, we know something else is going to happen. A person's forehead doesn't glow for no reason. And then the headache before reaching Kirlsa . . . All of these little indications tease us along the way until they reach a boiling point and Fayt unleashes his devastating powers of Destruction. Now we have an idea as to why they're chasing Fayt from Hyda IV all the way to Elicoor II. They're chasing after him because of his powers of Destruction.

But why are they really chasing him? The manga glances on the notion that, because it's forbidden research, Robert Leingod has become a threat to the universe. In fact, the Vendeeni in the game mention as much as well, calling the professor the enemy to the universe. While there are no doubts that the research done on Styx and with the Time Gate led Luther/the Creator to decree death upon the inhabitants of the universe - it's proven to us - what isn't quite clear, to me, are why the Vendeeni want the Leingods and Esteeds.

You see, in the game, it's alluded to the notion that Vendeeni want Fayt for themselves to fight the Creator's Executioners. Given Biwig's unwillingness to allow Fayt to live after his plans to keep Dr. Leingod, Sophia, and take Fayt for himself, it gives credit to the notion. However, if one reads the in-game dictionary . . . you know the one . . . that big list of names for places, people, races, and technology . . . the Vendeeni are actually trying to keep out of sight of the Creator's ever watchful eye, and they want Fayt to take him to Styx and execute him in front of the Time Gate in an effort to appease the Creator and spare at least their race. They are a race technologically superior to anything the Pangalactic Federation, Quark, and the only-ever mentioned Aldian forces. They have every reason to want to avoid bringing the Creator's wrath upon them. To take Fayt and use him against the Creator would go against the very survival of their race as a whole.

So which do you think is true? The Vendeeni wanting Fayt for his powers? Or the Vendeeni wanting Fayt, his family, and the Esteeds to execute them in order to ensure their survival?

No fanfic for today, either. Though I didn't post every picture of Kojika as Albel that I could find on her website, I still feel that there's plenty to keep people scrolling through plus the writing topic . . . I don't want to overload anyone too much so . . . This is it for today!

Tomorrow: Ask the Star Ocean Character - Meracle Chamlotte; Facts about Meracle, Character Study - Meracle Chamlotte
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Continuing on with more Star Ocean cosplays by Kojika. Today, we'll see Kojika dressed as both Rena and Claude from Second Story/Second Evolution from various photo shoots and conventions. I also have a photo of Kojika's Star Ocean 2 cosplay group, which was taken at Anime Expo 2003.

Right left to right - Kojika, himeko, Sakura85, and Urd-Chan. (User IDs for dA . . . that's all anyone's getting out of me. :))

Taken just the other night - Kojika decided to try on her Rena costume after many years and says the outfit fits her better now than it did in previous years. :) How about that?

There are more photos of Kojika as Rena. She's working on adding back a lot of the convention photos from before. So please bear with her on that. She's a busy gal in real life and one of the sweetest people I've ever met. :)

The following pictures are from NMACon (short for Northern Michigan Anime Convention) 2010.

Outdoor photos were taken outside near Great Wolf Lodge.

Did Claude do all of that? O_O ;)

I love the rock in the second photo. As I haven't had a chance to completely explore the grounds for Great Wolf Lodge, I don't know where it is . . . it's still very neat. :) And why does it look like Claude has an iPod? 0.o?

Sacred rock? Forest of Expel? Who can really say? :)

I've seen some of Kojika's cosplays as Faize (which appear over the weekend), and . . . I think Claude's taking after Faize . . . :) Are they somehow related?

This photo wasn't taken at NMACon . . . I don't remember where Kojika said, but it's still a nice shot. :)

I'm pretty sure Kojika has more Claude pictures. I'm actually glad I chose the ones from NMACon 2010 simply because of the scenery alone. While it's held in Traverse City, Michigan, there are still plenty of forest-like areas near the city so it makes for a very realistic-looking setting. :) I haven't played Second Story/Second Evolution just yet, but I know it's on an underdeveloped planet. The scenery works out beautifully.

No chapter to add to Destinies Intertwined by Fate just yet. Perhaps over the weekend. When I first started to write the outline for the story, I got as far as Chapter Three (the current chapter in progress) and with two PoVs - Fayt and then Albel. I'm still working with Fayt because of the internal struggles he's been facing thus far in the story.

Hope everyone's enjoying the Cosplay by Kojika! Albel will appear on Thursday. :) 

Edit 04/19/2012:
This is actually a post-dated entry . . . was waiting on the use of a certain computer after getting the Rena picture since Claude was not on the computer I was using when Kojika posted it to dA . . . Anyway, I have been informed by Kojika that the photos for both the Albel and Claude shoots were actually done at the Northwestern Michigan College campus and not Great Wolf Lodge (where last year's NMACon was held). The last photo of Claude was taken at Kolliscon at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL.

I feel so silly . . . I used to attend that college . . . :) But it's been so many years so . . . Still doesn't stop me from feeling so silly, though.
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This is the final call for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Meracle Chamlotte. You have until midnight Wednesday, April 18, 2012, to submit your inquiries. There's a limit of THREE questions per person. You can submit questions via reply or PM. As I've said before, if you wish to remain "anonymous" or have a specific name you'd like for me to use, please let me know, and I will accommodate you.

Again, final call for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Meracle Chamlotte. After this, Ask the Star Ocean Character is postponed so I can sort out the order and get a few more games played. I'd like to be able to cover all of the games, saving my favorite characters for the absolute last.

* * * *

Cosplay by Kojika, Part One

If you've ever attended a convention, one of the things you'll see is people dressing up as favorite, beloved characters. The less specific the convention is - like Otakon or Comic-Con - the larger in variety of cosplay (short for costume play) will be. For example, you will see the Joker, Inuyasha, Cloud Strife, and a Storm Trooper in the same room or at least in a 12-hour span, depending on the convention. (Last year, for Otakon, two of my friends dressed up as Dark Helmet and Col. Sanders from Spaceballs.) The more specific the convention, such as BotCon, the more you'll see people dressed as characters from that particular show. (One of the Cybercon and BotCon shows I attended, two people were dressed up as Optimus Prime and Megatron - full metal costumes!)

The Star Ocean fandom is no stranger to seeing cosplay. Just typing "Star Ocean" into deviantArt's search engine will bring up many different pictures of people in their cosplay. Some are good. Some are not so good. A lot of that, as my friend Kojika would tell anyone interested in cosplaying, is dependent upon the materials used. The right kind of wig can make all of the difference for a handmade costume.

Kojika and I haven't known each other for very long. In fact, we started talking last summer after I found some of her Faize cosplays on dA, browsed through her gallery, and saw that she'd been to a previous NMACon, which is a local anime convention for people in Northern Michigan (where I live).

I believe Kojika is a very amazing, talented woman. She draws, she writes, and she can sew her own cosplay together (with the exception of wigs). She's also graciously (and excitedly) given me permission to display her Star Ocean cosplay for this journal. If you wish to see more of her cosplays you can find her at and

And if you have a question about creating cosplay, she is one person I recommend asking. She's been at this for five years at least, perhaps even longer.

Here is a sampling of pictures of her Star Ocean cosplay. Today, it's Ilia of First Departure. I was only going to do this in three parts, but there are many pictures of her dressed as Claude, Albel, and Faize, and my intention is to give of her costumes its own display. So tomorrow, instead of it being Albel, it will be Claude and (hopefully) Rena.

Ilia at this year's ShutoCon. Debut for Ilia. Kojika plans for her to appear at ACen as well.

More Ilia.

I don't know if there are pictures of Kojika creating her Ilia costume. I know from browsing her dA cosplay gallery, she takes pictures of the accessories she makes but the actual sewing, if applicable (because, let's face it, sometimes cosplay is as easy as shopping for the right shirt) is one thing as of this moment I'm unsure of if she snags pictures.

And thus is the end for Ilia . . . at least for display purposes. :) If you wish to see more of Ilia, please head to Kojika's website, find the convention photos button, click on it, and then click on ShutoCon 2012.

Photos belong to Kojika. Used with permission.

* * * *

Merchandise Update

A big thank you to [info]missnox who's PMed her list of Official Merchandise for all four Star Ocean games. I do have an older picture of hers that shows everything she owns, including doujinshi, but I'm quite sure she's added onto this list since she took the photo. :) I know I PMed her back, thanking her, but I wanted to take this moment (as it just hit me) to thank her again, this time publicly.

Your efforts, [info]missnox, are apprciated. :)

* * * *

A Thought

A few years ago, I posted to a community, the [info]lutherxfayt community, a few things that I'd like to do with Till the End of Time. (In fact, as I work on this, I'm at the community right now to find the entire list of everything I wanted to do that's Till the End of Time related.) I do remember that I wanted to create an Elicoorian calendar. Here's the original post:

What is this something new and unusual, you might ask?  It's simple, really.

The community, as a whole, is going to create a calendar for Elicoor II.  More specifically, the Aquarian/Glyphian calendar.  I'm figuring since they're such close neighbours, they will ultimately have similar, if not the same, days of the week and months.

This is what the calendar project needs to determine:

the number of months in one year and the names of those months
number of hours in a day
number of days in a week and the names of the days
number of moons that surround Elicoor II, the names of those moons, and how many phases are there*

While Elicoor II is close to that of medieval Earth, we must remember it is NOT Earth.  I'd have to get the information off of one of my games I have going for SO3, but Elicoor II has a different axis and rotation as compared to Earth.  The number of hours in a day may be more, it may be less.  Please do not worry about holidays as of this moment.  Those will come once we have established a calendar everyone is satisfied with.

So?  Who's game for this?

Only one person bit on that particular subject but then the [info]lutherxfayt community is relatively small and quiet. The pairing itself is rather obscure (almost like the Luther x Maria and Luther x Sophia stories . . . I've seen at least one LuRia . . . /shudders/) so creating something like an Elicoorian calendar would actually require a much larger group.

If anyone is game on this, please let me know. I'd be interested in thinking outside of what our current calendar is.

* * * *

What the Future Might Hold

In the years that I've been writing Star Ocean fanfiction, specifically for the unusual Luther x Fayt pairing, I've taken to writing holiday-themed stories as well as alternate universe, general continuity, and some crossovers between Till the End of Time. I've written a couple of one-shots for Valentine's Day, Christmas (which will be posted in December of this year), and for Halloween (also will be posted in October of this year) with plans to write chaptered pieces for the holidays in the future. It isn't unusual for a fanfic writer such as myself to do that, but I'd also not be surprised if no one considered such a thing, either.
Read more... )
What do my fellow Star Ocean fans think? Again, I will reiterate that this is a FICTIONAL scenario. While the possibility of a World War III exists and it potentially possessing severe, holocaustic capabilities, the chances of the outbreak are slim. Too many people do fear that possibility, and I believe that our current governments want to avoid it as well. I will also ask that, while you don't have to like what I'm saying about a fictional futuristic life, you at least keep an open mind about the possibilities for the truth is: we don't know what the future will hold.

* * * *

Fanfic: A Blessing of Spring
World: Till the End of Time
Characters: Albel Nox, Luther Lansfeld with mentions of Fayt Leingod, Ryoko Leingod, Nel Zelpher, and Sophia Esteed
Rating: PG13-ish
Warnings: Well, it is from Albel's point of view . . . everyone seems to be in agreement he doesn't like Sophia . . . so be warned. Albel doesn't like Sophia.
Disclaimer: I do not own Till the End of Time or the characters of Luther Lansfeld, Fayt Leingod, Ryoko Leingod, Albel Nox, Sophia Esteed, and Nel Zelpher. Those rights belong to Square Enix and Tri-Ace respectively. This was written for fun. I do not profit financially from writing this story.
Summary: It's almost time for her arrival yet again, and Albel is not happy. Until a brief encounter changes his mind otherwise.


Read more... )


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