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Ask the Star Ocean Character - Peppita Rosetti

Hello once again, everyone, to the Ask the Star Ocean Character, where we interview the many people from the games. For today's installation we have Peppita Rosetti.

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Dream Houses - Peppita Rosetti

Peppita's home would be more than just a home. It would be a movable home that suits her nomadic way of life. I can imagine the Rosetti troupe has their own ships, at least for the animals and equipment. In order to save money, they travel with the transport shuttles from location to location. I think when she starts to earn enough money and as she becomes old enough, Peppita would buy herself a ship, and it would reflect her success. It would be large with rooms for guests and friends and the rest of the Rosetti Troupe. The replicators would be filled with plenty of good food to eat, and there would be a room for her to practice her routines and a room filled with all of her accolades.


Character Facts - Peppita Rosetti

In the Japanese version of Till the End of Time, Peppita's name is Souffle.
Her Japanese voice actor is Masayo Kurata, and her English voice actor is Sherry Lynn.
In the Rosetti Troupe, she is referred to as the Fairy of Illusions.
Her father is a famous soldier in the Pangalactic Federation's army and a high-ranking one, though he isn't specifically named. (It's stated on Star Ocean Wikia that it's Commodore Whitcomb with various instances to back up the claim.)

Peppita has two toys for the Till the End of Time and, according to one picture I found googling Star Ocean merchandise, an alarm clock with her on the clock face. Whether that was released in Japan, I don't know. It was on a display someone snapped a picture of at around the time of Star Ocean 3's release.

Item Creation Stats:

Cooking  6
Crafting 40
Smithery 5
Engineering 15
Alchemy 12
Compounding 11
Writing  6
Synthesis 20

Note: When you get Peppita on Moonbase, head immediately to the workshop to create the Potion of Youth (Fake) with Eliza and Mackwell. They are the only three who can create this particular item. I've tried it with Mackwell, Eliza, and Fayt, but I've not been successful. Don't forget!


Character Study - Peppita Rosetti

Name: Peppita Rosetti, Souffle Rosetti
Age: 14
Race: Valbaysian
Hair color: pale blond
Eye color: brown
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 79 lbs
Weapon: bangles/dancing shoes
Profession: dancer

"There's no use thinking about it! Let's just dive right in!"

From the in-game dictionary: Read more... )I've noticed that the in game dictionary for Till the End of Time has a strange tendency to lean towards redundancy.

Peppita is an interesting character for me, but she isn't a favorite female character. She's annoying but she's one that, if she annoys you, you can avoid recruiting her permanently. In that sense, for me, she's like Sophia - pink and fluffy in terms of personality. However, if you're aiming for the "defeat luther at level 1" battle trophy, you need her, Sophia and Fayt for that.

I digress.

Peppita . . . is very much a romantic, a hopeful, and a bit of an adventurer. She also possess a bit of a bossy side and a gullible side. Given from what I've seen with her and dealt with in terms of leveling her up and the cut scenes, she does possess a sweet streak. In the manga, she has an instant crush on Fayt, and that shows her petty side as well. She's a vast mix in a very young character, and it's because she's endured so much - losing her mom, traveling a lot, never knowing who her father really is - in her short life.

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This longing for a life of adventure really isn't apparent in Peppita for me. Yes, when it comes time to leave Moonbase, Peppita wants to leave with Fayt and friends, thinking she doesn't have anyone. However, she also knows it isn't true, but she also wants to do something. Her debut for the Rosetti Troupe has been cancelled twice now, due to attacks on the places where she's been, and it's frustrating for her. Above all, she wants to be a star. She wants to be famous throughout the universe. That's why she's excited to see Fayt and Sophia for the first time and she gives him her autograph, even though she hasn't been on the stage just yet. She definitely wants to vent her frustrations out on the appropriate forces responsible for delaying her debut.

Before this, I used to think that the Peppita/Roger pairing was quite viable - they're close enough to each other in age and have more in common than what she would with Fayt. However, this pairing only works in fanfiction, where all playable characters can be taken to fight Luther in the final battle. Cannonically speaking, the only way it could work is if both are recruited for the final battle over Albel and Nel. Given that Peppita joins the party (temporarily) shortly after obtaining Sophia, this is a trick and a half but can be pulled off, since Peppita starts out as a level one character.

The dances that Peppita is supposed to be really good at are probably her attacks that she can use after gaining the levels needed.

There is a lot with Peppita that can be explored in terms of fanfiction, and therefore can be developed for characterization.

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Ask the Star Ocean Character - Bacchus D-79

Welcome back, my fellow Star Ocean friends and fans! Today, our guest on the sixth installation of Ask the Star Ocean Character is Bacchus D-79 of the Morphus and crew member on The Calnus. Hello, Bacchus!

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Dream Houses, Part Six - Bacchus D-79

If Bacchus and his wife could settle on an actual planet, instead of living in an apartment complex on En II, I think it's something they both would do and in a heartbeat. It would be a very small house, maybe big enough for them to raise a few children (no more than three), and to grow a variety of plants and raise animals. Not so much as like a farm but more like a retreat. This patch of land would be an observatory for Bacchus, who I can see would love to have such a place just for the sake of science alone. Yes, he does the mining in the game, but that's with his cyborg form and not his . . . squishy form.

The house itself would be a simple affair and follow a rather logical pattern, as it were. Two stories, at the most, with a place for Bacchus to conduct his observations and his research as well as a lab where he could analyze the data he collects. I don't think he'd do anything super ostentatious, like Reimi, Sophia, and Deputy Director Shimada. Rather, I see him more on the same level as Maria and Meracle - something simple and functional and where his wife could feel happy and at home.


Character Facts

Bacchus's last name is actually Dexley.
His date of birth is May 5, and his Earth astrological sign is Taurus.
His wife's name is Freesia.

Japanese Voice Actor: Hiroki Yasumoto
English Voice Actor: Travis Willingham

Item Creation Stats:
Smithery  7
Cooking -8
Alchemy  2
Artistry    -2
Engineering 10
Crafting  3
Sense -8

Considered the galactic champion of runic chess until Edge beats him (and yes, I'm saying runic chess) and likes to ponder about things on the commode.

Bacchus's other areas of specialty include robotics (increased chance of gaining an item from robotic enemies) and mining.

There is no toy for Bacchus.


Character Study - Bacchus D-79

Name: Bacchus D-79
Real Name: Bacchus Dexley
Age: 32
Height: 7'0" (as a cyborg - chances are, he's just as tall as a squishy Morphus)
Weight: 516 lbs
Eye color: blue
Hair color: unknown
Weapon: mounted arm cannon
Field of study: medical science
Favorite food: Unknown

Quote: As a humble scientist, I would like nothing more than to answer your questions.

From the game manual: Read more... )
First of all, I must commend Travis Willingham for sounding so much like Robert Wagner with Bacchus. Until I visited both and the Star Ocean wikia site, I would have sworn up and down that it was Robert Wagner. Kudos to him

Now, for the dissection of Bacchus.

It's quite clear from the moment Bacchus appears to rescue Edge, Reimi, Faize, and Lymle that he is quite the unique Star Ocean character because he is that cyborg. No other character is a complete cyborg like Bacchus (even Precis from Star Ocean 2 isn't a cyborg). He wears this stoic expression on his face and has a no-nonsense attitude about him, which lends a great deal of credibility to his strong sense of justice characterization from the manual, the strategy guide, and in-game dictionary. The only downfall to this is that he looks more like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story than anything original.

The Buzz Lightyear comparison aside, Bacchus is actually a fun character to observe. He's like an older yet more mature and wiser version of Faize, and he can be easily flustered. Speaking with Welch shortly after escaping the Cardianon mothership's suicidal warp into unknown space. As most The Last Hope players know by this point, when you head into item creation with Bacchus for the first time, Welch appears with cardboard costumes of a French maid and a surfer girl/little sister, and it does something to Bacchus. He is rendered shocked and speechless. Someone at the Star Ocean wikia said disturbed by what she was doing, but I don't see it, personally. I think the French maid and surfer girl/little sister outfits were unlike anything he had ever seen before and therefore just couldn't process it properly.

Unfortunately, the optical camouflage isn't something that we get to see right away. We do see it on the alternate Earth but not until Edge is trying to rescue Reimi from the military base. For being a very smart guy, it's actually a dumb maneuver to not pull out the optical camouflage sooner, but it was how the game needed to flow so . . .

From in-game dictionary and strategy guide: Read more... )
We learn much about Bacchus almost right from get go with few exceptions. For some things, private actions need to be triggered (like learning about Freesia). Bacchus, for the most part, is a Morphus of very few words. I agree with the straitlaced and doggedly logical parts. Generally unsociable? No. He may not be like Meracle, Lymle, and Reimi when it comes to being bouncy, happy, and running up to someone they're happy to see, but, if he's approached, he socializes. He talks. Playing the game of runic chess with Edge (and then Reimi) proves that to me.

Bacchus is what we would call a nerd. He is a thinker. He likes to pontificate on problems that maybe no one else would ever consider, and he likes to have the answers.

As I said earlier, Bacchus is like a wiser, older, and more mature version of Faize. He's fourteen years older than the young Eldarian and thus has seen much. His experiences make it marginally easier for him to accept tragedy and that some things can happen when logic dictates that it shouldn't happen. Refer back to the game with Tamiel's attempt at resurrecting Asmodeus for this one. Never once did Bacchus agree with Faize on how impossible it was to resurrect a demon or a fiend, and Faize didn't believe it to be possible.

Bacchus isn't exactly closed off to viewing events through the eyes of others. He quite enjoys Edge's enthusiasm for space exploration, even though the Morphus, as he explains it to Edge, have already taken that first monumental step into space, long before he was ever born.

From the in-game dictionary: Read more... )
Yes, Freesia's actions baffle Bacchus, who is a more the kind of guy to use logic to solve his problems rather than listen to his heart at times. He's afraid that, with all of the tinkering and modification that he's done to himself in his pursuit of destroying the Grigori, he's tinkered away his heart and thus is losing pieces of himself, but this little insecurity of his proves that it isn't happening. He's a very smart man. I'm sure that's what drew Freesia to him in the first place.

And the fact that he does suffer bouts of depression over his wife isn't surprising for me. To me, that says he misses her, that he thinks about her as much as he tries to unravel complex and simple problems, and he wants nothing more than to return home and be with her. In this, I liken him to any military service member who spends the holidays on tours in other countries, walking the walls and taking the risks so that their fellow countrymen and the citizens of the country they're in can sleep better at night and just be safe. Of course, when it comes to his wife throughout the game, he's a bit of a coward and doesn't reach out to her at all. That I can chalk up to as insecurity. He's afraid that he's losing her yet she baffles him with her stubbornness to stay in their marriage.

I actually believe that Bacchus and Freesia balance each other out quite nicely. Of course, we only see Freesia for a few moments so it's really hard to say what kind of a woman she really is, but we know that she loves Bacchus and she truly does miss him. (Gain Bacchus's ending for that.)

There is actually a lot of wiggle room when it comes to exploring Bacchus's character. What led him to become a medical scientist in the first place? What was it about Roak and the stone sickness that drew him there in the first place (and thus ended up turning him into a cyborg)? What does he actually look like? Why did he accept the mission to eliminate the Grigori? Was it because logic dictated that he do so? Was he told by EX that it was his duty? The reasons, the possibilities are endless.

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Ask the Star Ocean Character - Deputy Director Shimada

Hello everyone, and welcome to the fifth installation of Ask the Star Ocean Character. After much trials and tribulations, I am pleased to announce today's guest, Deputy Director Shimada!

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Dream Houses, Part Five - Deputy Director Shimada

Deputy Director Shimada is the kind of person who wouldn't be satisfied with the kind of mansion or estates the rich and pompous have come to enjoy. I'm sure that's the kind of home he has for the events of The Last Hope, a very grand and ostentatious home that displays the kind of opulence he enjoys.

However, I don't think he's satisfied with what he has for a home - multiple bedrooms, a full kitchen, and rooms for recreation, entertain, and political bantering and boosting complete with a staff that he abuses as much as he does his subordinates in the USTA and SRF. Shimada wants the highest symbol of power. He wants the White House equivalent. He wants that status of  power and the ultimate symbol to show that would be to live in a house people associate with power. Where that particular home is located, I don't know, but it's an agreed upon location that would offer up some form of neutrality for the world's population.

After that, his home of opulence is where he would be once he served his terms of "service".


Character Facts about Shimada

Furin Cha is his Japanese voice actor

I couldn't find on who voiced him.


Character Study - Deputy Director Shimada

From the in-game dictionary: Read more... )
Shimada is probably one of the most despicable characters in The Last Hope. I find the bosses fought along the way to be more  palpable than Shimada. At least most of the bosses fought along the way, they have a reason or driving force behind their actions. They're not always right, but there is a sense that they could be redeemed, if they were given the chance.

The Deputy Director is not one such person. He's the kind of guy the player wants to see die an agonizing death or receive some kind of comeuppance. According to one fan on the Star Ocean wikia, he's quite abusive towards his subordinates, and I definitely agree with that assessment. Some might feel he got it when half of the Moonbase was wiped out in the attack from Nox Obscuris. I personally wanted to something different for him at the end of the game. I wanted him to live so he could feel that resounding defeat of Kenny winning the election. I like it when I can see characters sulk . . .

Anyway, to Shimada's personality . . . he's quite the self-absorbed character. He doesn't want anything to make him look bad, never mind he's got a gut that makes him look he's pregnant. I'm not against fat people, but his gut gives me the impression he eats as much food as he can, not because he thinks he's going to starve (something that would stem in many thanks to WWIII), but more because he doesn't want anyone else to have his food. He's selfish, arrogant, and more than a little stupid.

But why is Shimada so self-serving? What is it that we're not seeing about him that maybe we should?

In essence, nothing, really. Some people, no matter how nice you are to them, no matter how well they're raised by their parents, they're just creeps all around and not very nice people.

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Halloween Costumes, ,Part Three - Claude C. Kenny and Bowman Jeane

Okay, I admit. I only know about Bowman because of Star Ocean wikia. Still, he's human, and he's part of the Star Ocean 2 cast. I'd like to include him.

First up is Bowman. From what I've learned of him on the Star Ocean wikia, he's generally a nice guy, and he's intelligent. He runs the pharmacy that Claude and company can use so that gives me a fair idea of what, as a child, he'd dress up as for Halloween. I personally believe that most children, if they, at an early enough of age, show an interest in certain fields, it is what they grow up to be as adults. I can see Bowman trick-or-treating as a doctor or many variations of a doctor, i.e. vampire doctor, zombie doctor, dead doctor, etc . . . He's relatively easy for me since I'm running with what I've learned from one website and not from playing the game (yet).

Second is Claude. As the son of a well respected, heroic captain, Claude would either want to emulate that for trick-or-treating . . . or he' d want to steer clear of such an image entirely. Vampires, zombies, ninjas, samurai, cowboys . . . those are the kinds of costumes I can see Claude wanting to be for Halloween.

By the time Claude and Bowman are born, I can see candy companies making a return. Theoretically, as was mentioned in The Last Hope segment, we might not see a return to the Nestle, Hershey's, M&Ms/Mars, Brach's, Reese's, Russel Stover, and whatever major candy companies exist in Asia and Europe. However, I believe we definitely would see the return of manufactured candies and chocolates for mass consumption. I believe the characters would even see candies that don't even exist right now. (Chocolate covered mixed berry cremes? Citrus delights? Mocha chocolate mints? Sounds delicious to me! Yes. I invented those right off the top of my head.)

Tomorrow, when it comes to Halloween, I'll be discussing the kinds of treat bags people could be using in the Star Ocean universe as well as the conditions our chibi heroes and heroines would encounter in their neighborhoods. For the next Halloween Costumes segment, I'll break it into smaller sections and focus more on the individual characters.

Thus concludes today's entry on Halloween costumes.


Dream Houses, Part 4 - Meracle Chamlotte

Here is the final, solo installation of Dream Houses. The next three segments will coincide with the Ask the Star Ocean Character, Facts about the Character, and Character Study segments scheduled for Fridays.

Meracle is actually fairly easy for me to figure out when it comes to what she'd want in her own home. It wouldn't be an overly elaborate place to live, but it wouldn't be overly small, either. Meracle's home would be quite simple in design, perhaps in homage to her time living with Eleyna Farrence.

I also think Meracle would like for her home to either be a boat on the ocean with glass plating at the bottom of one section of the ship . . . or able to be under water. Meracle likes fish. I think she'd have fun just sitting there, watching the fish as they swam by her. If not on the water, then she'd definitely have several chicken coops in the yard. She likes chicken as much as she does fish. Her home would reflect her ability to fish/be a chicken farmer in that respect.

Meracle's home would also be rather standard . . . a few bedrooms, a kitchen, a place for her to groom herself like a shower or something with a sink, and a room for her to play around in with her guests and her family. The walls would have paintings of fish and chickens . . . and Lady Eleyna and Edge, whom Meracle just absolutely adores.

Yes. Meracle is quite the simple Fellpool when it comes to what kind of dream home she'd want . . .


Fanfic: Destinies Intertwined by Fate
Chapter Three of Twenty, Part 1
Chapter Title: Bittersweet Reunions
Pairings: Luther Lansfeld x Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor x Lieber, Albel Nox x Mirage Kaos, Cliff Fittir x Nel Zelpher, one-sided Fayt Leingod x Maria Traydor
Summary: For Fayt Leingod and Luther Lansfeld, the end of the final battle is only the beginning. Worlds collide as the rebuilding begins.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Ocean 3 or the characters from the game. They belong to Square Enix and Tri-Ace. I do not profit from the writing of this story. All OCs presented within belong to me, and I will protect them zealously from any and all unauthorized use. Please ask me first before writing them into your stories. Thank you.

Warnings: Some chapters will contain adult content and adult themes. Other warnings include yaoi, or, for the anime-lacking in their lives, at least one male/male relationship, some language (Fayt is no saint), implied torture and hints of sexual assault, science fiction and fantasy elements, momentary scenes of intense and graphic violence, and potential character deaths, be they of the original character or main game character variety. Also, Albel and Luther can both be dickheads when the mood strikes them.
Author's Note: I'm going to treat this like I'm at . . . there will be implied adult content as opposed to actual adult content. Not that there isn't any adult content in the story itself . . . I'm just covering my behind when it comes to potential minors finding this journal and reading something that perhaps their parents don't want them to read. :) That's all.


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Birthday Wishes - Robert Leingod

Happy birthday to Robert Leingod!

I know, I know. I assigned today to him for the celebration. It could very well be wrong but I'll take my chances. Here are some ficlets for everyone's reading pleasure.

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The Life of a Famous Symbological Geneticist

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Personal Update:

I believe I did very well in yesterday's interview. I was very excited for it, and it was obvious to the lady who interviewed me. However, there is one more hurdle, if you will, before I will know whether or not I have the job. It's a second interview, and I've not received any calls about it just yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I will post on it when it happens. However, if I don't get the job, I won't be too terribly disappointed. Because I felt I did very well yesterday, it's given me the courage to continue seeking work and the confidence to know I won't blunder terribly in any future interviews.


Star Ocean - Universal Economics

I can't help myself on this one. Well, I'm sure I could . . . I just really want to refrain from talking about economics . . . but the idea behind universal economics is a very interesting one to me. (It's also taking Star Ocean for me to get on the subject, as opposed to Star Trek, which also follows a post World War III universe. Then again, economics doesn't really come into play much in Star Trek so . . .)

Anyway, with the current political focus on economics and how uncertain things still are, it sparked a notion into my head. What would the impact of exchanging, not only ideas and cultures with alien races be like, but economic trade as well? Earth would definitely have food stuffs, like blueberries* and blackberries, and cultural ideas that would be foreign to someone not from this planet.

For example, how easy would it be to get an alien from Eldar or Morphus addicted to cheesecake? Or chocolate? Coffee? A chai latte? Then there's social media. Would the Eldarians and Morphus have such a thing? Could you imagine how popular Eldarian and Morphus music and food would be on Earth and vice versa?

All of this, of course, would boost Earth's economy and the economies for the alien races. There would be a period of great economic prosperity, and it would continue so long as more planets and alien races that are on par with Earth's technology level are discovered.

Let's not be fooled that the prosperity could last long. If the new planets aren't discovered, if new alien races don't establish trade with us, the prosperity will dip, and the planets involved would see recessions and depressions. Let's not forget what could happen if war breaks out between planets. Everything that affects our local economies would affect a universal economy.

This is a very exciting thought line for me. It makes me wish I could live long enough to see planetary exploration, colonization, and alien trade economies put into place.

* - Blueberries are native to the North American continent. My theory on how the Eldarians and Morphus could start replicating them is that they discovered the fruits when talking with humans, liked them enough to find out how to reproduce them and voila! Blueberries on Aeos and En II. As for Roak, they could be native to certain areas on the Astralian continent and are blueberry-like enough for offworlders to call them blueberries. I think it's strange and cool that the Japanese chose blueberries as a restorative item


Gonna try something for Election Year . . . I need to work it out, though, and get some information established about the two candidates. Yes, this is a fictional election that happens to coincide with an actual election year. I think everyone will know who the candidates running will be. If you'd like to venture a guess, please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear what other people think I'm going to do.

Second Call for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosettii

This is the second call for Ask the Star Ocean Character. I'm taking questions for three characters, to get myself back on track. Once again, here are the rules:

Rules for Ask the Star Ocean character:

1 - Questions must be submitted no later than the date posted at the end of each chapter. Questions can be submitted via comment, private message, or email (

2 - Limit three questions per person.

3 - Keep the language clean of profanities and from a bunch of dirty talk. While it's fun to mention the things that happen in the games, it's something else entirely to be vulgar and obscene.

4 - Let me know if you want me to use your current user ID, a different user ID, or if you wish to remain anonymous entirely. If you don't let me know, I'll use whatever name you've used to review, PM, or email me with.

5 - Have fun! The questions can be as silly or as serious as you'd like.

Again, the questions are for Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and  Peppita Rosetti. Questions will be taken until midnight October 31, 2012.


Dream Houses, Part Three - Sophia Esteed

I think this will be the second to last time I write Dream Houses as a separate entry.  I'm beginning to feel that is something that would go well with the character studies and Ask the Star Ocean Characters. I say second to last because I've written four Ask the Star Ocean Character segments and four character studies. 

Anyway, onward with this week's Dream Houses segment. This week, I'm taking a look at what heroine Sophia Esteed from Till the End of Time would want in her dream house.

It would be a grand two story home, almost like a sprawling mansion. Sophia dreams of being treated like a princess by the one she sees as her knight, who is Fayt. In my mind, it stands to reason she'd want a house to reflect with that innocent grandeur. It wouldn't be too big of a a mansion, but it'd be large enough for about three or four children, the husband she dreams about, and to house their respective parents and grandparents. There would also be plenty of guest rooms and the like for friends who come to visit. There would also be an attic, a basement and a separate storage cellar on the grounds for her to store things like holiday decorations.

The upper floor of her home would be where the bedrooms are. Some two story homes have bedrooms on both floors. Sophia would keep them separate. I don't know why. I just think it's something she'd do. Most of  the bedrooms would be around the same size with a couple of bathrooms for people to use, except for the master bedroom. The master bedroom would border on ostentatious. The adjoining master bathroom would make any peasant or noble woman on Elicoor II jealous. The tub would be heart or seashell shaped . . . something that would make a girl with a "pink" personality feel pretty.

As for the main level, it would definitely be grand on the inside. I think Sophia and Reimi would be very much on par with what the lower floor would contain: a large and spacious kitchen for cooking, a food pantry, and an adjoining bathroom; parlor to entertain guests, a dining room with a large table and tables fit for a king, a recreational room (because if she's married to Fayt, she's going to want to keep him happy some of the time by having his favorite video games on hand), and a family room. Each would be large enough to hold twenty people, or more, in the case of the parlor and dining rooms. The walls would be filled with family portraits and classic paintings.

And it would be painted in various shades of pink and white, with the exception of the recreational room and the bedrooms. Yes. I can even see the exterior painted pink. Not an obnoxious shade of pink but pink all the same. The grounds would be sprawling, filled with flowers and cat statues.

This concludes Sophia's Dream House. segment Since she's very similar to Reimi, it wasn't too terribly hard to come up with how things would look in her home. I hope you enjoyed.

Next Dream House segment will feature Meracle and what she would want if she wasn't living with Lady Eleyna at the end.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!
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Yes, yes. I'm talking politics in my Star Ocean blog. I know. How dare I!

Actually, I'm not going to be promoting any real candidate in this. I'm more or less interested in discussing the mechanics of Star Ocean's politics, and, yes, Star Ocean has politics. The Last Hope brings it to light.

Here's what I understand about politics in the Star Ocean universe:

For those on Earth, there are still elections. That much is evident towards the end of the game and at the end of the game. When the Eldarians lose their home and the remaining survivors show up to Earth, rather than try to prove the innocence of the SRF and launching an investigation into the matter, the U.S.T.A. denounces that such an organization exists on the planet. In Kenny's flashback scene over the disintegration of the S.R.F., Deputy Director Shimada explains that, because an election year is coming up, he's doing what needs to be done for the short term vs. the long term, so he ultimately doesn't look bad in the eyes of the general populace. (It's something I've noted all politicians do, regardless of political associations.) Never mind that, at the time the elections are coming around, the world is still in a state of turmoil. Also, if we think elections are nasty now, could you imagine what they'd be like in a post-apocalyptic world like the setting for The Last Hope?

Knowing that there is an electoral system in place on Earth, it makes me wonder what kind of political parties have arisen out of the ashes of World War III? I won't say the Republican and Democrat parties we in the U.S. currently know would even be around by the time a third World War has ended. (Just because the parties wouldn't exist doesn't mean the U.S. would automatically become a dictatorship or monarchy. It simply suggests that ideologies and political priorities have shifted into something different. Case in point: back in the 1930s, there was the Federalist party. It no longer exists yet we still have a democratic system of voting for government offices.)

Of course, to me, it's very interesting to think about how politics can change when they never seem to in real life. :)


Dream Houses, Part Two - Maria Traydor

I thought I'd written this before . . . went looking for it to be sure . . . and I didn't find it. It's weird to me because I know I wrote it.

Anyway, in regards to what kind of a home I think Maria Traydor would want for herself, I don't feel it would be something very . . . elaborate. Despite how I feel about her character, she, in my opinion, would be the kind of person who would want something not necessarily simple but it wouldn't be overly grand, either. In fact, I don't even think Maria would own a house but rather an apartment.

It would be a very large apartment as well, white and zen in appearance. (This would come from training with Mirage and  Cliff.) She'd be the kind of person to have bonsai plants in her home as well as a few bookshelves filled with books. Everything would have a place in her apartment, which would have a single bedroom and a single bathroom, both not too terribly large but not too terribly small, either. After living on a ship for a long time, Maria would want something that would remind her of what she considered home but a little more spacious than her private quarters on The Diplo.

I realize that this is short, but Maria does strike me as someone who'd like to keep things simple and very zen. Her apartment would have possessions - photos of the members of Quark (especially Mirage and Cliff), the books by her favorite authors on her favorite subjects, the plants that would indicate she's a somewhat patient person, and furniture - and it would be her escape from a very hectic and emotionally turbulent world.

I don't think Maria would be very big on entertaining and partying the way most people in their late teens, early twenties would be. Her home would certainly reflect that.

What do fellow fans think?

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Ask the Star Ocean Character - Deputy Director Shimada

Starting this entry with yet another call out for Ask the Star Ocean Character. The character up for fan questioning is Deputy Director Shimada. Limit three questions per person, and all questions must be submitted by midnight, Wednesday, May 16, 2012.

If you wish to remain anonymous or want a specific name to go with your questions, please let me know, and I will accommodate you. Questions can be submitted via PM or comment system.
* * * *

Dream Houses, Part One - Reimi Saionji

I finally get to start this! Yay!!! I'm going to go outside and do a little dance of happiness . . . hopefully I can also bring in a really good thunderstorm as well but not one that will knock the power out. I'm in the process of working on fanfiction and original material.

First up for Dream Houses is Reimi Saionji. I've chosen her as the first one not only because she's one of the characters that annoys me the most severely, but also because she strikes me as someone who would love to play Susie Homemaker.

So what do I think Reimi's dream home would look like, aside from clean? Well, since she's admitted in the game (in my very first play-through, at least) that she's always dreamt of marrying someone and having a family, I do believe her home would be quite on the large side. By large side, at least a two-story, maybe three, home with an attic and a basement. I don't know how many children she wants to have. I just know that she wants to have them (and preferably have Edge as her baby-daddy) so a home with two levels for family would definitely be in order.

On the first floor, like in many houses I've had the pleasure of visiting and living in, wouldn't be too different from the first levels of other homes: kitchen with a walk-in pantry, bathroom, hallway, living room/parlor, dining room, and perhaps a recreation room. Depending on the size of the house itself, I believe the two largest rooms on the main floor would be the kitchen and the dining rooms. Reimi loves to cook, and I can see her kitchen possessing all of the latest in kitchen appliances. The dining room would be large, too, because I can see her trying to host dinner parties of all kinds and going out of her way to be the perfect hostess. As for the size of the other rooms, the bathroom would at least have the basics - toilet and sink - and perhaps not be so large. The living room would be the third largest, depending on whether or not that's where she and her husband spend time with their children. As I'm not sure how much of a gamer she is, the gaming room would be the second smallest, depending on what interests her children take up.

The second floor would definitely have a lot of bedrooms and at least two bathrooms with a linens closet thrown in there. Again, this is depending on the overall square feet of the house and the property Reimi decides is perfect for her. Naturally, there will be a master bedroom with a master bathroom complete with a large, oval tub perfect for soaking and taking bubblebaths. A shower would also be installed because, well face it, baths on work days are simply too tempting for wanting to skip work. The rest of the bedrooms would be about the same size . . . When children are involved, they will fight over almost everything, including who has the biggest bedroom and the most stuff. Since it's vaguely hinted that Reimi does have at least a brother and Edge living with her from a certain age, this is something I'm sure she knows quite well.

About the only things I'm not sure would be in her home would be a library/study and a laundry room. I've known people to place their washing machines and dryers in the basement so it's possible the machines could be in the basement for her. It would depend on how big washing machines and dryers are in the future . . . not very big, if you investigate the men's room in The Calnus . . . It could be she won't need an overly huge space for laundering clothes. Anything is possible, though, especially where her children would be concerned. I've also included the library/study in this section because, while she is an intelligent young woman (at times), she doesn't strike me as someone who's out to constantly improve herself and expand her knowledge. If it's there, it's because her husband (whoever it might be) wants it and is an intellectual, much like her parents.

Now for the yard. Reimi's home wouldn't be complete with a large yard for the children to play in and an area for her to have a garden. Her strongest skills in the game are harvesting, botany, and cooking. Be able to grow her own fruits and vegetables, maybe even having livestock, would be very important to Reimi. I could see her wanting about a fifteen-acre lot of land to build her house and anything else she needed in order to provide good food for her family.

How do you see Reimi's Dream Home?

* * * *

The End of World War III - What Has Survived And What Hasn't

A few years ago, I read an interesting Albel/Fayt story written by a former friend of mine. In it, Fayt and Albel were watching a variety of different scenarios playing out in various incarnations of their universe. In one of these scenes, both Albel and Fayt were women and concubines to Luther. They were also in a lesbian love affair, which was forbidden by Luther.

While Fayt and Albel watched their feminine counterparts talk with each other, they noticed that the female versions of themselves were eating Hershey's Kisses. The author wrote it so that Fayt (as we know him from the game) doesn't know what a Hershey Kiss tastes like. After World War III played out, many things were lost, including the factories and recipe for Hershey Kisses, or so is my guess. (Not sure I'd even be able to find the story anymore as the author's waffled about fandoms for the time I knew her and has added and removed stories from places like livejournal and like you wouldn't believe. She's still an excellent writer, though.)

After knowing for sure that World War III has taken place in the Star Ocean universe, it makes me wonder out of what we have know that could survive catastrophic, apocalyptic circumstances. I know that there is a facility in our world that is a doomsday facility. In this building are stored the seeds for fruits and vegetables, perhaps even for herbs, trees, shrubs, and grass, humanity will need to survive after the worst case scenario has played out so our natural food supply won't be extinct. However, what does that mean for companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Lays, Doritos, Hershey's, M&Ms Mars, Coffeemate, Hagen Daas, Blue Bunny, Nestle, Kelloggs, General Mills, and Post? If their facilities are destroyed along with anything that carries their recipes, would they be able to resume their businesses? Would they still even be in business in the years leading up to the war?

It's one of many things I find intriguing about the Star Ocean universe, and I'd love to hear what other fans think. Let the discussions begin!


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