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 Back on January 30, 2012, the inaugural entry of The Star Ocean Universe, I wrote about the reasons of why Fayt Leingod and Maria Traydor's powers manifested in the way that they did and the differences between the two of them.

Here is the original entry.

"As most people who've played Till the End of Time know, the characters of Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor, and Sophia Esteed are the ones chosen by a group of scientists (their parents) to save the universe. They are given the following powers: Destruction - Fayt, Alteration - Maria, and Connection - Sophia. I'm leaving Sophia Esteed out of the equation due to how and when her powers manifested in the game. Unlike the situations for Fayt and Maria, Sophia's situation for manifestation isn't severe. It's more of getting to the right point in the game when her powers trigger. The reasons for her power manifestation are completely different from those surrounding Fayt and Maria.
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Taking a Moment

When I look out the windows of my home, one thing I can't help but notice is the scenery. You see, I currently live in the country, across the road from a farm that grows corn. Some distance behind the house is a tree farm. When I look out my window, I can see the sun shining on a warm, summer or cold, snowy day. I can look out and see when it's snowing or raining. The house I live in is old, bought by my stepdad's parents sometime in the sixties, so when the wind really gets to blowing, I can hear it. On those warm spring and summer days or in the colors of fall, I can head outside whenever I want and just soak it up. I can take a blanket out with me along with some notebooks and pens and write.

The Star Ocean games have really opened my eyes on what it is we truly have to lose, either to a rapidly changing climate or to war. I personally can't imagine what it's like to not be able to go outside when I want to, to feel the sunshine warming me up, to go swimming in one of the local lakes, to walk among the colors of fall, or to feel the clean, crisp air of a wintry day. I don't like being outside during the winter because I'm not overly fond of the cold, but it's still something I can do when the mood strikes me. The human cast members of each Star Ocean game - Edge Maverick, Reimi Saionji, and Crowe F. Almedio (The Last Hope - The Eldarians and Morphus also don't experience the same things due to controlled or harsh environments); Ronyx J. Kenny and Ilia Silvestri (Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure); Claude C. Kenny (Second Story/Second Evolution); and Fayt Leingod, Sophia Esteed, and Maria Traydor (Till the End of Time) - really do not have that kind of a luxury. For those from The Last Hope, Earth's atmosphere is in critical condition. People live in underground cities in order to survive. For those from the first three games, Earth's atmosphere is stabilized but controlled. Animals are vague memories. Trees grow, snow falls, but it isn't the same as what we in real life (and those fictional characters from the underdeveloped planets of Roak, Expel, Vanguard III, and Elicoor II) experience. Please note, also, that what we currently experience in our real lives isn't at all similar to what the fictional characters from Roak, Expel, Vanguard III, and Elicoor II experience. If there are any similarities, it would be to what our ancestors experienced hundreds of years ago when first coming to the Americas or before the discovery of the Americas.

I think the ones who would be the most amazed by natural weather in a natural environment would be from The Last Hope. Edge, Reimi, Crowe, Faize, and Arumat would, when they allowed themselves those brief moments, would truly stop, look around, and stare in wonderment at what they were seeing. Edge, Reimi, and Faize, for sure, would be, at first, afraid to walk on the grass because, to them, it's delicate and should be cherished. Such a fear would be overcome because they have their missions to complete, but it would also be something that they would take the opportunity to lay in and feel it against their skin.

This isn't to say the casts from the other games wouldn't take those moments to lay in the grass and go swimming because it is something I feel all of them would do. Of the human characters, the two I feel that would do it the most are, naturally, Edge and Fayt.This is mostly because I know the planets they're able to visit, and where some of the best places for them to lounge around and have a picnic, as it were, are.

It isn't lost on me that these characters live in the Eternal Sphere, the brain child of Luther Lansfeld of the four-dimensional realm. His world is just about as bleak as the majority of the playable characters for The Last Hope. For him, there is no concept of time. For Luther, he lives in a pristine, white and technologicall advanced world where nothing ever changes and that has left him bored and seeking something different, something flawed that makes it perfect. He and his team of developers create the Eternal Sphere, I think not only for money but because it gives them something to look forward to, to create, and to enjoy themselves. It makes perfect sense for me that he'd do anything to protect it (even if it means destroying or attempting to destroy it in the end).

For my fellow Star Ocean fans (and anyone who comes across this and reads it), take a moment. Take a moment and step outside. Feel the sun on your face, the cool breeze on your skin, and to soak up the colors of fall and spring. Go for a drive and find a nice spot to have a picnic. Be kind to Mother Nature because, as of right now, this is our only home in the universe, and, though the events be fictional, if we do not want them to come to fruition, we must be mindful of how we take care of ourselves, our fellow humans, and our environment. Let's not leave it for future generations to worry about.


Some Things the Developers of Star Ocean Got Wrong

This is a nitpick on my part, and it's aimed at some of the scenery we see in the games. It isn't about the characters or the overuse of "gentically altering an individual for this reason or that". Heck, it isn't even how poor of a villain Luther is compared to the Apostle of Creation or even Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Rather, this nitpick is about some of the environments created for the underdeveloped planets.

The grass is often too short.  The grass in various places on Aeos, Roak, Vanguard III, Elicoor II, and any other underdeveloped planet, even in parts of Lemuris, is too short for the given areas where we see it.

Now, you might be thinking that I'm being a bit ridiculous about this, but think about it: In the summer, when there's the right combination of water and sunshine, grass grows. And it grows. It will continue to grow as long as someone isn't mowing the lawn either on a frequent or infrequent basis. If the seaons don't consist of constant weather change or only experience mild winters with little snow, grass can grow to be as tall as wheat without someone tending to it. There are places on Aeos where the grass should be taller than Edge, on Elicoor II that reach Fayt's waist, and so on. Everything is neatly trimmed despite not having enough human or humanoid traffic to warrant it being so, especially on Aeos and in the fields between Arias and Peterny and Peterny and the Sacred City of Aquios. (There are no signs of any kind of livestock in Till the End of Time to warrant the grass being short, either.)

If anyone knows anything about a wild, untamed wilderness is that the grass is at least half the height of an adult human. In ancient forests and in rainforests, this doesn't hold true, not when the trees are tall and their branches thick and filled with fat leaves. This makes some parts of Aeos and Elicoor II very accurate, but there are many patches of land that just look like perfectly manicured lawns. Aeos was likened, by Reimi no less, to Earth's Jurassic era. There should have been many areas with grass reaching the tallest character's chin.

Also, there's the lack of huge piles of snow in places like Airyglyph and Lemuris. Now snow is something that can fall in a somewhat neat way. It can also form a crust, so to speak, so people can walk along the surface without sinking with every step. For these places, the snow should be piled higher than what it truly is. I've only been through mountainous areas a few times in my life, in the spring and in the summer, but, in the distance, when I've looked upon those mountains, I've been able to see the snow. Wind Swallow Valley is the only place that has the right amount of snow for a cold planet. Airyglyph, between the castle city and Kirlsa, not so much.

This leads me up to another thing I feel they did wrong, something I'm sure I've mentioned before - the lack of farms. It's definitely implied that farming takes place. If it didn't, players shouldn't be able to buy things like steamed buns, apple pies, or any other restorative item and, for The Last Hope players, item creation ingredients available. Now, I know that, when one steps into the village of Triom The Last Hope, there are visible gardens. That explains how one can buy (for the short time) certain things at the shops there. It doesn't explain how the shops in Woodley come by their items for sale or in the shops on Roak or En II (or the shops in the other games, for that matter - Whipple on Vanguard III, I believe, has an area for farming, but that's it for Till the End of Time). Where are the farms? Where is the wildlife that often makes up forests and fields and deserts? Yes, we have the monsters to fight? On Aeos, where are the mammals? I've seen snakes and bugs and have heard birds on Aeos and Roak - one can even see water spouting up in the oceans in the distance on Roak - but there are many things these areas simply lack that, while minor in terms of details, could enhance the game so much more.

Please do not get me wrong on this. I realize that a lot of what's been left out has been done intentionally due to different factors - money, storage space, and the like. It's especially true for the older games where everything is saved to a memory card, but the platforms are changing. Information earned throughout the gaming is stored into the consoles themselves, but the graphics are all on a disk. I rather like seeing how realistic a different planet could be. Every time I play, no matter how many times I play, I see those wonderful graphics for these inhabitable planets, and every single time I think . . . I want to go there. I want to see those strange yet similar oceans for myself. I want to go swimming in them. I want to stand in the shade of those tall, ancient trees, to smell the strange scents of flowers not found on Earth, and to simply experience as much of everything about that planet as I can. Imagine how intense it would be if those little things - tall, untamed grass; wild herbivorous animals roaming in the meadows; huge piles of snow that are a work out to walk across; farms growing unique grains, fruits and vegetables with similar yet different kinds of livestock - were there to add to that experience?

It's only my opinion, of course.


Ask the Star Ocean Character For January - Adray Lasbard

There is a slight change for Ask the Star Ocean Character segments. Instead of weekly, the segments will appear once a month on the final day of the month. This will give people time to submit their questions, either here or at

The next character in the que is Adray Lasbard from Till the End of Time.

As per usual, the rules are as follows:

Limit three questions per person
No profanity.
Keep it clean (no sex talk)
Be nice
Have fun

Questions need to be submitted by midnight, January 28, 2013, and they can be submitted via comments, private message, or email ( or

One final thing - please let me know if you wish to remain anonymous or have a specific user handle you'd like for me to use. I will gladly keep the question asker anonymous or use the handle s/he has specified. Otherwise, I will use the name I know you by. This is something that I will be very flexible with because this is based on fan interaction as much as it is what I come up with for it.

For those of you wondering about the Roger segment, I have a few things I want to tweak on it, add to it, and I will post it as soon as possible.


Birthday Reminders

Birthday List - covering January to June

January 1 (Late; assigned by me) - Crowe F. Almedio
January 23 (official) - Claude C. Kenny
January 25 (assigned by me) - Ilia Silvestri
January 31 (assigned by me) - Ryoko Leingod
February 3 (official) - Faize Sheifa Beleth
February 15 (assigned by me) - Peppita Rosetti
February 16 (official) - Noel Chandler
February 29 (official - can swing to either February 28 or March 1) - Precis F. Neumann
March 2 (assigned by me) - Roger S. Huxley
March 16 (official) - Meracle Chamlotte
March 28 (official) - Reimi Saionji
April 10 (assigned by me) - Adray Lasbard
April 24 (official) - Arumat P. Thanatos
May 5 (official) - Bacchus D-79
May 7 (assigned by me) - Blair Lansfeld
May 13 (official) - Rena Lanford
June 1 (assigned by me) - Cliff Fittir
June 29 (assigned by me) - Maria Traydor
June 30 (official) - Lymle Lemuri Phi

More birthdays will be added in, and reminders will be posted.

Upcoming Holidays:

Valentine's Day - February 14
St. Patrick's Day - March 17
Easter - March 31
Earth Day - April 22
Mother's Day - May 12
Father's Day - June 16

I've added in Earth Day to the list of holidays because of the message that lies behind The Last Hope. I think it's the kind of holiday that Star Ocean fans could have a field day with so I've included it for that purpose alone.

When it comes to the holidays and the birthdays, I am looking for the following: art, stories (one-shots), and poetry. The highest rating I will accept for stories and artwork is R. No explicit material please, and proofread your work. All submissions can be emailed to me at or and must be submitted no later than midnight the previous day. All genres except for smut accepted.
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Fanfic Writing Tip #9 - Leaving Reviews and Letting Your Work Stand on Its Own

At some point, fanfiction writers read fanfiction. In fact, reading fanfiction inspires other fanfiction writers to actually write instead of dream/daydream the scenarios in our heads. I know that's how I finally got my start as a fanfiction author.

Now, there are many things I see when browsing sites like, things I don't necessarily like or think an author should be doing when writing summaries and author's notes. Things in summaries like "plz read and review" are not appealing to me, and they don't draw me in to read the story. Reading in an author's note "I'll update after I receive X number of reviews for this chapter" or "What's your excuse for not reviewing?! Review, gosh darn it!" are the kinds of things that inspire me to either not pick the story up again or leave a very harsh criticism of the work and the writer's attitude. (What one may think of as being cute and funny doesn't necessarily come across that way in black and white.)

Yes. I will admit right here, right now that reviews are gravy. They're awesome, and they go a long way in boosting a writer's confidence and inspiration. Those seeking professional publication will ask established author's for a quote to garner more sales. Book reviews either boost sales or decimate them. However, in the online world of fanfiction publishing, writers aren't paid, except in reviews, and the only things reviews are good for are pointing out where we've made mistakes and ego-boosting. To me, it's in bad form to require a reader to review your work and to require reviews in order to update. That says, in my mind, "I'm a review whore. That's the only thing I care about so that's why I'm writing this story", when that may not even be true. (These are also the kinds of writers who annoy me because I will leave a review and it isn't what they want in a review. They're also the ones that tell me "it's just for fun. Don't like it, don't read it." To that, I say, "Don't want people leaving you their honest thoughts, don't ask for reviews". Yes. I have a slight mean streak.) Readers are in no way obligated to read a person's works. They're in no way obligated to leave a review.

Let your work stand on its own. Write the story. Let your skills at summarizing and writing a compelling tale lure the reader in. Pack it with emotion. Give the reader a reason to write that review to you based on the emotions you've drawn out of that person, not because you need your ego-stoked.

Addendum to last week's writing tip.

Last week I wrote about writing in a logical order and using logic to write your story. That is something that will only go so far, and I was reminded of that when I read last week's Daily Kick by David Farland. There are times when logic will need to be thrown out the window, and it's often based on the kinds of situations the protagonists and antagonists find themselves facing . . . Unexpected reactions to conflict are good. Writing a single parent leaving his two-year-old child sleeping at home alone is still bad, though, because then the reader is expecting something bad to happen while he's gone and then nothing happens and there's a feeling of being cheated out of something really good.

Also, please note, I'm coming across as harsh, and my intentions are to actually help people with their fanfiction writing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds the behavior I've encountered in the last decade of fanfiction writing and reading to be annoying . . . I just happen to be quite outspoken on a lot of issues. So while I may sound harsh (it's the disadvantages of text-based forums and formats), it isn't my intention. Writing fanfiction may be for fun . . . but the reasons for reading don't ever change.

Next week's writing tip . . . Writing Songfic


Halloween In the Four-Dimensional Realm

Given that the world of Star Ocean is nothing more than a fabrication, a multi-player game, the brilliant child of the brain trust at Sphere 211, it isn't too far of a stretch to think that Halloween exists in the four-dimensional realm. It isn't too hard to believe that the creators of the game implemented many holidays and traditions into the game they themselves celebrate. To do so gives the game a sense of familiarity for the players.

How do I see Halloween in the four-dimensional realm? Well, I don't see the likeliness of a real pumpkin being carved into a jack-o-lantern. Maybe there would be what we see in stores like Wal-Mart and KMart . . . ceramic, glass, plastic, plastic covered in glitter . . . If it's a "real" pumpkin, chances are it was fabricated from a replicator.

Ghosts would probably be no different than what we see . . . white sheets or ephemeral wisps depicted in paint . . . something fleeting.

Zombies, ghouls, and demons wouldn't change from what the players see in their gaming experiences. Witches would have gone from ugly old crone to cute and sexy little caster.

All of this would translate into what the worlds and cultures in the Eternal Sphere would see for their Halloween traditions.

Now, if you ask me who would celebrate Halloween out of the four-dimensional beings we encounter in Till the End of Time, I'll address that in the Halloween costumes sections.


Halloween Costumes, Part Four, Segment One

By now, we're seven hundred plus years into the future of the Star Ocean series. Customs have been traded and upgraded, new holidays added into schedules, and more than one culture celebrates All Hallow's Eve. For this part of the Halloween Costumes segment, I'll be focusing on the following characters: Maria Traydor, Peppita Rosetti, Sophia Esteed, Lieber, and Marietta. I'm also going to toss in Belzeber and Flad, from the 4-D realm.

First up is Maria.

Of this particular group for today, I actually find her the hardest to determine the kinds of costumes she'd wear to go trick-or-treating. Her personality is far different when we first encounter her than what it was as a child. Was she the princess/ballerina type? Personally, I think her parents might have raised to be a little of both the girly type and the boyish type. Her mother is a scientist, her father a soldier . . . heck, she could have dressed up as a soldier-scientist hybrid as an homage to her parents. I do think princess and ballerina, too . . . maybe even a Featherfolk or Lesser Fellpool, too. This would, of course, continue until the destruction of her home and the deaths of her parents. I do feel that Cliff and Mirage would try their best to get Maria to go trick-or-treating once she's in their care, because it would offer up a sense of normalcy after everything she's endured. I'm just not sure Maria would go for it because of everything she's endure. Losing your parents at a young age and in a violent manner like that tends to force a child to mature emotionally in many ways than it would others who haven't lived through such trauma.

Peppita is a little easier for me to decipher. She wants to be famous, and she's learned to dance. Princess or ballerina or even dressing up as a famous dancer/singer/actress would be her style.

Sophia is also very easy for me, and I can see her insisting upon themed costumes with Fayt, much in the same way Reimi would with Edge and Crowe. Fayt would have an easier time drawing the line on what he wouldn't want to hear for costumes with Sophia. It would simply depend on what she'd want to dress up as for Halloween, and I can see her wanting to be a princess. Almost every single year. It is a fascination with her, princesses. (This is based on the kinds of responses Fayt can give her when she's joined the party and in places like Aquios and Airyglyph.) And the dress would be pink or maybe pale blue or lavender . . . but mostly pink. I'm pretty sure that's her favorite color. (She wears a lot of it.)

Lieber . . . Oh, Lieber . . . yes . . . I believe Klausians, after years of dealing with Earthlings, would celebrate Halloween. Lieber, before meeting Cliff and Mirage and falling in love with Maria, would want to be something . . . dynamic . . . heroic . . . noteworthy. He's very  much a romantic at heart. Knights, poets . . . elves . . . those would be what he'd want to dress up as for Halloween.

Marietta is another one I'm finding a little difficulty in determining. In truth, interactions with her (and Lieber) are on the limited side. Still, I think Marietta is tough, despite some of her cringing in a crisis (but then who doesn't?) . . . a pixie or a fairy from Klausian folklore would be cool. She has the features for something so delicate (at least in modern day Disney portrayals) . . . I could also see her (or even Sophia) wanting to dress up as Raggedy Ann, if that somehow is revived after World War III . . . and I think a fighter pilot. She becomes a member of Quark and is the communications officer on The Diplo. A fighter pilot isn't too far-fetched.

Flad is still a kid so I'm sure he'd head out trick-or-treating to his neighbors' homes. He'd be dressed as either his character persona from the Eternal Sphere or some other kind of character, i.e. elf, menodix, etc . . .

Finally, the second add-in for this, Belzeber.

Out of the enemies I've encountered in Till the End of Time, Belzeber has to be one of two of the power-hungriest characters (the other being Duke Vox). I don't lump Luther, Azazer, or Berial in that category for other reasons, which will be discussed at a later date. As the child of a powerful information technology magnate, Belzeber would be the child of entitlement, and his costumes for Halloween would reflect that - corporate businessman every year. He might switch it up every now and then, depending on who his friends are (which I do see him having Blair, Luther, Azazer, and Berial for a group of friends . . . for a while) . . . he might dress up as the hero to Luther's villain . . . but I don't see him deviating away too much from what he truly wants to be in his life - a powerful businessman controlling the 4-D realm.

And thus concludes today's segment of Halloween Costumes, Part 4. Tomorrow will see Cliff, Mirage, Robert Leingod, Ryoko Leingod, Blair, Azazer, Nel Zelpher, Roger S. Huxley, Adray Lasbard, and Clair Lasbard.


Halloween Fanfic Entries

This was written as a surprise giftfic for missnox!

Title: Halloween Culture Shock
Characters: Albel Nox, Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor, Sophia Esteed
Pairing: Albel Nox x Fayt Leingod
World: Till the End of Time
Rating: PG13
Warnings: male/male relationship, language, violent urges (It has Albel in it!)
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean - Till the End of Time. The game and the characters from the game belong to tri-Ace and Square Enix respectively. I don't profit financially from writing this.
Summary: Albel receives a culture shock when Fayt invites him to celebrate Halloween on Earth.

Read more... )


This was written as a surprise giftfic for Rachel Snowden on deviantart.

Title: A Trick For a Treat
World: Till the End of Time
Characters: Albel Nox, Fayt Leingod, Sophia Esteed, Maria Traydor, Lieber, Luther Lansfeld
Pairing: Albel Nox x Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor x Lieber
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Language, male/male relationship, violent tendencies
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean - Till the End of Time. The game and the characters from the game belong to tri-Ace and Square Enix respectively. I don't profit financially from writing this.
Summary:  Albel decides what he wants the most for the Hallowed Night’s festivities.
Author’s Note: The Hallowed Night is what I’m calling Elicoor II’s Halloween-type holiday.


Read more... )



This was written as a surprise giftfic for Charryblossom over at

Title: Lonely Hallow’s Night
World: Till the End of Time
Characters: Albel Nox, Nel Zelpher, Clair Lasbard, Adray Lasbard, Tynave, Farleen, Fayt Leingod
Pairing: Albel Nox x Nel Zelpher
Warnings: mild language, implied sexual situations
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: I don’t own Till the End of Time or the characters of Fayt Leingod, Tynave, Farleen, Nel Zelpher, Clair Lasbard, Adray Lasbard, or Albel Nox. They belong to tri-Ace and Square Enix. I don’t profit financially from writing this story. I do profit from surprising people with these stories. XD
Author’s Note: Canon pairing. Not much else to say about it except I could have used Charry’s character, Charry, but I never asked her for permission to do so . . . plus I know from her cosplay photos, she’s an Albel x Nel fan.
Summary:  Nel and Albel stare at the moon on the Hallowed Night.


Read more... )


This was written as a surprise giftfic for Kojika on deviantart.


Title: Carving the Pumpkin (Part Two)
World: The Last Hope
Characters: Edge Maverick, Faize Sheifa Beleth
Pairing: Edge Maverick x Faize Sheifa Beleth
Warnings: Male/male relationship, implied sexual situations

Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Edge Maverick and Faize Sheifa Beleth or Star Ocean: The Last Hope. They belong to tri-Ace and Square Enix respectively. I don’t profit financially from writing this story.
Summary: Faize and Edge share some time alone on The Calnus and discuss the ways to carve a pumpkin.
Author’s Notes: Yes, I know I have a story up called Carving the Pumpkin, featuring Luther Lansfeld and Fayt Leingod from Till the End of Time. The idea of carving a pumpkin with Faize was just as appealing to me, and I’m not above rehashing story titles where appropriate.

Read more... )



(more fanfic in another entry)


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Yes, yes. I'm talking politics in my Star Ocean blog. I know. How dare I!

Actually, I'm not going to be promoting any real candidate in this. I'm more or less interested in discussing the mechanics of Star Ocean's politics, and, yes, Star Ocean has politics. The Last Hope brings it to light.

Here's what I understand about politics in the Star Ocean universe:

For those on Earth, there are still elections. That much is evident towards the end of the game and at the end of the game. When the Eldarians lose their home and the remaining survivors show up to Earth, rather than try to prove the innocence of the SRF and launching an investigation into the matter, the U.S.T.A. denounces that such an organization exists on the planet. In Kenny's flashback scene over the disintegration of the S.R.F., Deputy Director Shimada explains that, because an election year is coming up, he's doing what needs to be done for the short term vs. the long term, so he ultimately doesn't look bad in the eyes of the general populace. (It's something I've noted all politicians do, regardless of political associations.) Never mind that, at the time the elections are coming around, the world is still in a state of turmoil. Also, if we think elections are nasty now, could you imagine what they'd be like in a post-apocalyptic world like the setting for The Last Hope?

Knowing that there is an electoral system in place on Earth, it makes me wonder what kind of political parties have arisen out of the ashes of World War III? I won't say the Republican and Democrat parties we in the U.S. currently know would even be around by the time a third World War has ended. (Just because the parties wouldn't exist doesn't mean the U.S. would automatically become a dictatorship or monarchy. It simply suggests that ideologies and political priorities have shifted into something different. Case in point: back in the 1930s, there was the Federalist party. It no longer exists yet we still have a democratic system of voting for government offices.)

Of course, to me, it's very interesting to think about how politics can change when they never seem to in real life. :)


Dream Houses, Part Two - Maria Traydor

I thought I'd written this before . . . went looking for it to be sure . . . and I didn't find it. It's weird to me because I know I wrote it.

Anyway, in regards to what kind of a home I think Maria Traydor would want for herself, I don't feel it would be something very . . . elaborate. Despite how I feel about her character, she, in my opinion, would be the kind of person who would want something not necessarily simple but it wouldn't be overly grand, either. In fact, I don't even think Maria would own a house but rather an apartment.

It would be a very large apartment as well, white and zen in appearance. (This would come from training with Mirage and  Cliff.) She'd be the kind of person to have bonsai plants in her home as well as a few bookshelves filled with books. Everything would have a place in her apartment, which would have a single bedroom and a single bathroom, both not too terribly large but not too terribly small, either. After living on a ship for a long time, Maria would want something that would remind her of what she considered home but a little more spacious than her private quarters on The Diplo.

I realize that this is short, but Maria does strike me as someone who'd like to keep things simple and very zen. Her apartment would have possessions - photos of the members of Quark (especially Mirage and Cliff), the books by her favorite authors on her favorite subjects, the plants that would indicate she's a somewhat patient person, and furniture - and it would be her escape from a very hectic and emotionally turbulent world.

I don't think Maria would be very big on entertaining and partying the way most people in their late teens, early twenties would be. Her home would certainly reflect that.

What do fellow fans think?

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I apologize for not posting in advance that I planned on giving Maria a June birthday. I wasn't sure of the date I wanted to give her, and decided today that today would be her birthday. That would make her a few days older than Fayt in my universe so . . .

Please note that any birthdays I declare for any character outside the list of The Last Hope cast of playable characters is subject to change.

Title: Her One Wish
World: Till the End of Time
Characters: Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor, Lieber
Pairing: one-sided Fayt x Maria, one-sided Lieber x Maria
Rating: PG13-ish
Warnings: implied character death
Disclaimer: I do not own Till the End of Time or the characters of Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor, and Lieber. They rightfully belong to Tri-Ace and Square Enix. I do not profit financially from writing this story.
Summary: Every year, she wished for the same thing, knowing it would never be hers.

Some days were never easy.


It was such little truths that Maria often consoled herself with when things weren’t the way they were supposed to be – computers malfunctioned, supplies ran short, and the arguing amongst her crew when they’d been away from home too long . . .  not to mention the seemingly endless bickering of diplomats who wanted everything their way or no way at all. No matter how hard she tried to keep supplies in her ship and her crew happy, something was bound to go wrong at some point. It was simply how life worked, and, as the leader of Quark, Maria learned to accept such days.


However, there were some days when such incidents were more than what she could bear. Sometimes, she couldn’t always pinpoint what was wrong when a particular day arrived or why it bothered her . . . she simply awoke irritated and ready fight whoever was of the mind to argue against what she wanted. On the anniversaries of her parents’ deaths . . . and Fayt’s . . . those were her worst days, and sometimes . . . so was her birthday.


There was so much that she’d wanted to tell him in the aftermath of the Creator’s defeat, thoughts and emotions she couldn’t tell him before. They weren’t related to each other so she’d felt safe in nurturing her feelings towards him even as she envied him for the life he had at the same time. All they needed to do was survive.


And survive Maria had. She’d led the charge against the Creator, even as Fayt hesitated and ultimately stayed out of the fray. She had delivered the killing blow to Luther, showing him no mercy as he’d done the same for countless of innocent people across the universe. In her mind, someone who tried to control her very thoughts and emotions didn’t deserve to live or forgiveness. If she allowed Luther to live, he could continue to harm and threaten her and the people of her universe. For that, she delivered justice.


In rendering her justice upon Luther, however, Maria failed to notice that Fayt, too, was dying, sustaining the same injuries as the Creator. Only at the last moment, Albel had noticed, had made the connection to Fayt’s pain and Maria’s actions, and he’d tried to stop her. Too little, too late, he reached her. Luther fell dead at her feet, and, behind her, so did Fayt.


Maria stared forlornly at the cake in front of her. Sophia had sent it to her for her birthday, had done so for the last five years. Every year it said “Happy Birthday”. In the holo-card the younger girl sent, it said “I hope all of your wishes come true”. Lieber tried his best to cheer her, always attempting to say more to her but always losing the courage. She thought he might have a crush on her, but they were feelings and thoughts she couldn’t return. Her heart had always been with Fayt and, upon his death, it, too, had died in a sense.


With Fayt gone, she knew wishes were never granted. Not the ones that mattered, anyway. If they were, he’d still be alive, and she could celebrate to a life of happily ever after.

When she was alone, she danced.


It was a little secret of hers, something she did for herself when she needed moments to herself. Something about the way her body stretched as she moved relaxed Maria and helped her to reestablish her focus.


Dancing also helped to sharpen her mind and her skills with her gun. Maria wasn’t one for close combat. Combined with the martial arts skills she learned from Cliff and Mirage, performing difficult pirouettes enabled Maria to dodge an enemy.


There was one final reason why Maria danced when no one else was around to watch her. When she was by herself, she pretended her mother was there, observing her and smiling. Jessie had danced, had taught Maria what she knew.


With the stars under her feet, Maria felt at peace, if only for a short while.

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Attention conventioneers!

Kyle Herbert, voice actor for Dias from Second Evolution and Arumat P. Thanatos and Crowe F. Almedio, will be appearing at AnimeWorld Indianapolis, which will be July 5-8, 2012. From his website, here is his complete convention schedule:

PORTCONMAINE   June 21-24, Portland, Maine

ANIME EXPO   June 29-July 2, Los Angeles, CA

ANIMEWORLD EXPO   July 6-8, Indianapolis, Indiana

ANIME FESTIVAL ORLANDO   August 3-5, Orlando, FL

MOTAKU   August 17-19, Kansas City, Missouri

ALCON    September 6-9, Leicester, UK

RURONIKON   September 14-15, Edinburg, Texas

ANIME BLAST CHATTANOOGA   November 9-11, Chattanooga, Tennessee

* * * *

Agriculture on Underdeveloped Planets, Part 5 - Elicoor II

I now come (finally) to the last planet on the list of underdeveloped planets that I'm familiar with in the Star Ocean series - Elicoor II. This is only for the interim, until I've had the chance to play Second Story/Second Evolution and to get to know the underdeveloped planet/s in the game. I'm looking forward to exploring Expel and learning more about the Twelve Wise Men.

Back to Elicoor II . . . as with Vanguard III, we know that there is farming taking place. In the peace talks between the queen of Aquaria and the king of Airyglyph, the Holy Mother remarks that the war has taken a toll on the Glyphians and that their harvests were meager. Farming, specifically the lack thereof, is why Arzei has waged this war in the first place.

While, as is usual in the Star Ocean games I've played, we don't see the farm lands and livestock, the fact that this tactic is employed in Till the End of Time as one of many reasons to wage a war gives the game a sense of realism I find a bit lacking in The Last Hope, though not too severely. The mention of agriculture, of farming and providing food for a person, a family, a country, is something that dates back to the dawn of man. The ability to farm, to provide, no matter the country, no matter the planet, is something that can unite people or send them to war.

Since the land and atmospheric composition is always similar to that of Earth on the underdeveloped planets (it's the only way carbon-based life forms such as ourselves are able to exist), it stands to reason that the food stuffs grown there will be similar in taste, texture, and smell as they would on Earth. As with the other planets, I believe that, if they'd place such things to at least walk by in the games, we'd see fields with grains similar to wheat, rye, and rice as well as vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, gourds like pumpkins and squash, and fruits like tomatoes, cucumbers, apples (we can buy apple pies on Elicoor II), blueberries, and blackberries. For livestock, we'd definitely see animals similar to sheep and cows. They just wouldn't be similar in appearance as to what we have on Earth.

And I bring up livestock because there's a slight inconsistency between the game of Till the End of Time and the seven volume manga as written/drawn by Akira Kanda. In the game, there are horse-like animals called lums. They're treated like horses, used for riding into battle, and they're as tall as horses . . . but they have horns like rams. In the manga, they're drawn as horses. I don't know how much was tweaked between the initial release of Till the End of Time in Japan and the director's cut of the game, but I'm quite certain the tweaks were more to do with the programming than with the game's animation. Why Kanda left the horns off of the lums, I'm not sure . . . perhaps to make the animals more believable to the readers buying the manga who probably hadn't played the game just yet.

For some people, it might seem strange and more than a little silly to nitpick about such details in a video game. After all, depending on the animation style (Till the End of Time is CGI compared to games like Dragon Quest, which can add things like cows and sheep), details like grain fields, animals in the wild, etc . . ., can add to the loading time of the game. (We've been there before . . . the frustration of waiting for a scene to load . . .) It's these little details, though, that can make or break a game.

Of course, it isn't just up to the game's designers to add these details. We, the players, hold some accountability in that, to use our imaginations on what it is that we can truly find in the games. Also, if we choose to write fanfiction, we add to our accountability on what we can find if we're exploring the pre-created planets of the Star Ocean universe or the planets that we create for ourselves.

* * * *

Finding Forgiveness - Maria Traydor

This is just a brief look at why she aggravates me as much as she does.

A lot of my aggravation with Maria stems from the lack of character growth and development. She enters the picture partway in the game, already at a certain level, and as the Captain of The Diplo and leader of Quark. We learn a bit of her background after saving the Sacred Orb of Aquios from the Vendeeni, but we still don't get to see much in the way of development with Maria.

One thing that does bother me is how Maria seems to be so anti-forgiveness. At first, she doesn't want to forgive the Leingods and their research team for the experiments. She's harbored the anger and resentment in her for years (which, it shouldn't have taken her "hours" to get over, as it were), but that part is understandable. That was something that's impacted her life, skewed her perceptions of herself, and has her doubting why she's in this world in the first place. As someone who's had that happen in her life, I can relate to how she feels about that, and it's hard to let go.

The one thing, though, that has me bothered about Maria and her anti-forgiveness . . . campaign, as it's striking me, is that she's adamant about it. After the events of the 4D realm and Styx and the return to Elicoor II, if you head to Kirlsa and to the inn, you can find Maria there and talk to her.

I bring up the events because she doesn't always say the same thing, depending on what has or hasn't passed. For this particular conversation (which isn't an actual event, just dialogue between her and Fayt), returning to Elicoor II after returning to The Calnus on Styx is necessary. Upon initiating the conversation, Maria mentions how they shouldn't forgive the 4D beings/Luther for trying to manipulate their minds, their actions, and their world.
Now, originally, initiating this conversation never bothered me on my first play-through. I loved the game, but the love wasn't to the point where it is today (the writing of fanfiction in the form of poems, one-shots, and mult-chaptered stories, choosing pairings that I absolutely adore, collecting merchandise, wanting to create my own merchandise, and cosplaying). So I never paid too much to the emotions driving Maria. However, now that I've delved into fanfiction writing, choosing the pairings that make me happy for when I write, and trying to figure out the intricacies of personalities, I find her unwillingness to forgive people at this point a turn-off. I understand her hatred towards the Leingods, but she's taken the leap from hating them to understanding and "slowly" accepting what they did in a very short amount of time. There is a very fine difference between what the Leingods did and what Luther is trying to do with something he created.

And what Luther tried to do isn't all that different in how people operate today. We do try to influence the behaviors and thoughts of others, be it religiously, politically, or financially, to get that which we desire. If we were to be unforgiving of every person who tried to manipulate us into thinking or behaving a certain way, we'd be very lonely.

I will chalk Maria's mannerisms up a lot to the way she was raised after the death of her parents. It isn't for any child to live on a ship with no true parental figure. That kind of thing can have an impact on a person. I liken it to that of living in foster care, only she didn't have to move from home to home to home.

Maybe, if there's a sequel to Till the End of Time, we can see some more emotional growth and character development with Maria. Aside from seeing some qualities in her that I see in me, I don't find much to like about Maria.

That's just me.

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As we come close to celebrating Mother's Day in the U.S.A., I thought I'd spend the weekend commemorating the day by taking a look at the women from The Last Hope and Till the End of Time and trying to determine who would embrace motherhood, who would be wary of it, and who would overall make the best mother. I'll start with Reimi Saionji but will follow in no particular order.

Reimi is definitely one who would embrace motherhood after getting over her dislike over her own body and with the skewed vision that raising children will be easy. She likes to play at mother, but she's not completely mentally prepared for the changes motherhood would bring her. I feel she'd have a fear of passing on her ability of resisting diseases and other physical ailments to her children. I don't know if she'd ever see it as a good thing right away, but eventually she might. Children do get sick a lot, which helps to bolster their immune systems.

At some point, though, Reimi will question her desires about having children. Children are messy, and if the mess is something she can't get a handle on, it shortens her temper. She can't stand Lymle drawing symbols on the floor of The Calnus, and complains that, with the addition of Meracle, it's becoming harder and harder to keep The Calnus clean. But then, after a couple of "short-circuiting", she'd get a handle on what she'd deem a rampant mess.

I won't say she'd be a bad parent. I do think that she'd rule her household with iron fist and have expectations for her children. The thought of how she'd raise her children is something akin to a militaristic view.

Next on my list is Lymle. Given that she's so young in appearance in the game makes it difficult to gauge whether or not she'd embrace motherhood in the same way as Reimi. I do think that Lymle would embrace motherhood, partly because it would be expected of her. There would be some amount of pressure on her to marry and bear children due to her strength as a symbologist, one adept at fire spells. That's something her society wouldn't overlook.

Between Reimi and Lymle, I'd say Lymle would be the one more mentally prepared for children. She's held onto that particular area of her youth for a number of years. She'd know what to expect and how to treat them. Given the kind of lifestyle she lives, it wouldn't be too difficult for her to adjust to motherhood and to be able to teach. (She's shown teaching some local children how to call forth blooming wildflowers in her ending.) Her expectations of her children  . . . I teeter on whether they'd be or low. I don't know if there's testing among her people to find out who can or can't be a symbologist. But I do feel that, if any of her children didn't inherit her symbological abilities, she wouldn't be disappointed in them. It would be something that's, "Okay, so you can't do that. We'll find something that you can, and I'll love you anyway".

Third is Sarah. Oh, wow. Yeah. Sarah. I don't know how it works with Featherfolk, if the men take on the last names of the women they marry or if the women take the last names of their husbands.

I think Sarah would be in about the same position as Lymle when it comes to children. She'd embrace it, but in part because it's expected of her to do so. Like Lymle, she possesses strong symbological skills, and it'd be something her clan would want to see passed on for generations to come. Also, the same as Lymle, while there'd be disappointment if any of her children didn't inherit her abilities, it would be, "Okay, so you didn't inherit that ability. What else are you good at?" and the children would find a different purpose.

Between Reimi and Sarah, I think Sarah would be a better parent. Sarah has this personality that just allows for her to accept the strangest of nuances. I've heard that becoming a mother changes a woman, but I don't feel it's that severe of a change, where the woman goes from sweet, slightly clueless, and accepting to a 180 of mean, spiteful hag.

I now come to Meracle, who I think would be the surprisingly good mother. While I do believe that every woman I'm profiling for this would be loving and fiercely protective, I think it would be amplified in Meracle. I say that because of her feline nature. Not all queens (what female cats are called, in case you didn't know) are capable of being good momma kitties, but I feel that Meracle would be among those that would. Her instincts as a feline wouldn't allow for her to be otherwise. While it may not be something she'd consider, she'd embrace it with her entire being and woe to anyone who messes with her babies.

Eleyna Farrence is one who would be a reluctant mother. Knowing that she'll become one doesn't necessarily mean she'd embrace the concept the way that Reimi (or anyone else like Reimi) would embrace it nor would it mean she's mentally prepared for the changes it'll bring her. In talking with my own mother, my aunts, cousins, and friends who've become mothers, one thing they agree on is this: Just because you know what you're getting into and you're prepared for the changes that are about to come doesn't mean you truly know or that you're truly prepared until the big event has happened.

Eleyna would be an interesting mother. Her brusqueness wouldn't vanish completely. I believe it'd be softened some, but she'd still be the strong, independent, and slightly rude woman that she is.

Myuria would just be a mom. Plain and simple. I think she'd want to become one after she found someone who could make her happy the same way her deceased husband made her happy, and, for some people, having a child or children with the one that s/he loves is an extension of that happiness. Myuria wouldn't be one to fantasize about becoming a mother, like how I think Reimi would fantasize about it, but it's something she'd consider and discuss at length with her partner. She'd do her research, too, and at least find a way to mentally prepare herself as much as possible for the changes that will come to her life as a result of having a child.

Sophia Esteed would be like Reimi Saionji when it comes to embracing motherhood. She'd not be completely mentally prepared for the changes in her life a child will bring, but she'd be a little more prepared for the clean-up that comes with very young children.

I don't know if she'd be as strict with her children as what Reimi would be. And, yes, I can see Reimi as a loving but very strict mother. Sophia would be a bit more relaxed. Her kids would be able to be kids, but they'd still have certain expectations on them.

Maria is the only one who I don't see as embracing motherhood. At all, or at least not with anyone other than Fayt, and even then I'm not sure she'd want to be a mother. The first child would be one of those "I didn't want you so I wasn't planning for you in my life" kind of pregnancies.

Maria is quite the hard one to gauge. She isn't as hard as Eleyna, but at least Eleyna has the gift of foresight and so she'd know what she'd need to do and when. The problem with Maria is she's emotionally stunted and socially inept. I feel that motherhood would be something Maria would avoid because she does, on some level, know her limitations when it comes to socializing and emotional attachments. I believe she's smart enough to realize that, while it might be expected for her to become a mother, it wouldn't be the smartest thing in the world for her to become. For anyone to say otherwise, that it would be "good" for her, would be not true to Maria's character. Ultimately, given my interpretation of Maria's personality, she'd come to hate the child for bringing about such drastic and unwanted changes in her life.

Nel is another one who might not consider motherhood. She's a warrior first, caregiver maybe third or fourth. Unlike Maria, she'd be able to care for a child the way a child needs, but her becoming pregnant would be the result of an unexpected tryst with someone. Nel is married to her work. Her duty comes first in her life.

Of course, if Nel thought she'd be unable to care for a child, she might be the one to consider giving her child away to someone else who could. Nel is the type of person who would want to do right by any child to which she could give birth.

Clair Lasbard is one who I'd guess would have mixed feelings. Part of her would marry and bear children in order to please her father. (Adray is quite intent on finding a suitable man for his daughter to marry.) Part of her would want to marry and have a child simply because it would be hard-wired into her system. She, like Nel, would do what she'd need to do in order to provide for any children of hers.

By the same token as Sarah, Lymle. and Eleyna, I feel that for both Clair and Nel, because of their abilities in symbology and their skills as warriors, there would be some pressure for them to bear children. It is because of their societal construct. Granted, they live in a kingdom where women are the main authority, but even other women understand that there are some physical and symbological traits that they want to keep alive in their society.  While symbological abilities are also inherently rare among them, they would still want to see what could be produced from a woman with such skills, and still find something else for the child to become in the case where symbology isn't inherited.

Peppita Rosetti probably, until meeting Fayt (and becoming insanely smitten with him), never thought of having children. She's fourteen years old and preparing to become an intergalactic star. As I don't get to really knew her all that well in the game - I prefer to try and recruit Nel and Albel - but she does have a crush on Fayt. A crush, however, doesn't mean she's thought about having children or will ever think about having children. I think she would, though, because having children would give her the family that was denied to her. While she shares some similarities with Maria - orphaned, raised by others - Peppita isn't as emotionally stunted or socially inept as the leader of Quark. Nothing against Cliff or Mirage in how they took care of Maria but an organization that can see battles isn't the same as growing up in a performance troupe. They were treated differently so, even if Peppita ended up pregnant from a tryst, she'd be able to adjust to motherhood better than what Maria could.

Second to last on this list is Blair Lansfeld. I don't see her becoming a mother, either, or even entertaining the notion. She wouldn't be opposed to the idea, in my mind, but it wouldn't be something she'd actively seek. She and her brother are very similar. They both dedicate themselves to their work and probably put in some very long hours. Because of that, any children she would have would be cared for by a nanny.

Finally, I come to Mirage. Strong, beautiful, intelligent, quiet . . . every redeeming quality in a woman that a man could and should love.

I think she'd make an awesome mom.

Really, the only one who I think would make a terrible mother out of this particular cast of women characters is Maria. It wouldn't be because she wouldn't love her children. It would be because she doesn't have the patience required to deal with them.

Of course, one can never tell what kind of a mother a woman will make until she becomes one.

Tomorrow will be celebration for one of the established mothers in the Star Ocean universe, Ryoko Leingod and the weekly schedule.

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Writing Tip #2 - Writing For Video Games: Why the Rules That Apply There Should Never Apply to Fanfiction Writing

As something of an avid reader of the science fiction and fantasy genre - my favorite books are The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, and I've recently finished Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams - one thing I've come to appreciate is the epic journey in such tales. The journey from village to village to the castle-cities of kings and other nobility takes days and weeks, not a hop, skip, and a jump away. Food along the way becomes an issue - Will we find more along the way? How long will we need to keep rationing out our current stores? Ghastly creatures and bandits create a sense of danger along the way. In the epic adventure, something needs to either be gained or destroyed, some item of magic or great power. An evil will arise, creating havoc and destruction, and, from the wreckage, a hero/heroine will arise.

Those are some of the many elements that make a science fiction/fantasy novel hard to resist. Many of these elements exist in video games. They certainly exist in the Star Ocean series, and it's that draw bringing people to play the games. The only difference between video games and books is the amount of time that passes when the party of heroes travel from city to city. The villages and cities are close together so it only takes scant minutes to travel from, oh, say, the royal city of Airyglyph to the mining town of Kirlsa to the riverfront village of Arias, and so on. Grand total, I think it takes less than ten minutes if one avoids the fights set up along the way or is high enough of levels to make the fights appear . . . pathetic, to say the very least. Wounds are healed with items like blueberries, and magic restored with blackberries. Major events happen at a very quick pace.

The thing is, events happening in the course of two weeks, including the battle with the final Big Bad (be it Asmodeus, Luther, or the Apostle of Creation) need to happen that way in a video game for a reason. If a game takes too long to achieve its final culmination, if the journey takes the days and weeks required in the epic fantasy adventure, people do become bored with the game and will stop playing. The gaming company (in this case, Square Enix) will receive complaints about the game, and money will be lost. Rest at an inn or free bed restores all of the damage because to stay days at said inn or free rest spot for wounds and magic to heal and recover would be dull and tedious. (It's dull and tedious in a book, too, for the character having to endure the long stay, but it's a necessity due to the realism of the situation. Also, if not much changes, the writer can take some liberties and say how many days pass, giving brief descriptions of the tedium.) Video games can get away with the constant use of restorative items and with one hundred percent healing when staying at an inn because of aforementioned players who, though they will put in copious hours of play into the game, don't want to spend most of that time in convalescence. It's just the way that it works. (In table-top role-playing, there is realism in how the quests play out. That, of course, is left up to the game/dungeon master. But realism is often applied to the table-top role-playing versus a console RPG.)

So what does this have to do with fanfiction writing? Plenty, if a person is going to write a story inspired off of RPGs like Star Ocean. The rules that apply to the video games - short distances between towns and villages so traveling takes less than a day, the quickness of healing and restoration, removing of status ailments such as petrification and paralysis - don't apply to writing. If you stop and think about it, would stories like The Lord of the Rings, the Wheel of Time series or Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn have been as truly as epic as they ended in a three months' time span? The answer to that is 'no'. They wouldn't have, Readers would be disappointed, and those authors would lose readership. They wouldn't be the current successes that they are. When it's in print that an entire kingdom is only two days of traveling at most from one end to the other, that full healing has been accomplished by eating some blueberries, it's very . . . boring. There's little action, there's little to get the blood boiling, the heart racing, and to hook the reader, immersing him or her into a world of wonders. I don't want to read how quickly the epic journey ends. No . . . I want to be sucked into it, I want to live it. I read to escape the pressures of my life, to relieve my stress, and to see something fantastic. When a fanfiction writer has the characters of a game clearing everything so quickly, I, as the reader, feel cheated. I've learned from bitter experience in the fanfiction world it isn't good to cheat your readers. Keep that in mind when you write and publish a story that promises a journey of sorts, be it an external or internal journey, and there's more than one chapter. Traveling in a game takes less time than it would in real life, and stories, the written word, have a sense of realism to them.

* * * *

No conversation topic. My apologies. I'll come up with something for the rest of the week.
* * * *

Fanfic: Release
World: Till the End of Time
Characters: Luther Lansfeld, Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor
Rating: PG13
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: I do not own Till the End of Time. The rights belong to Square Enix and Tri-Ace respectively. I do not profit financially from writing this story.
Author's Note: Follow-up to Strong.
Summary: Fayt no longer feels weak, but he isn't himself.


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Hello, everyone! Welcome once again to Ask the Star Ocean Character! Today, we have with us Maria Traydor, leader of Quark and Captain of The Diplo. Welcome Ms Traydor, and thank you for joining us today.

Maria: Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here. And it's the former leader of Quark . . . Quark has been disbanded.

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* * * *

Some facts about Maria Traydor:

Her Japanese Voice Actor is Michiko Neya.
Her English Voice Actor is Dorothy Elias-Fahn.

She joined Quark between the ages of 12 and 15.
She found out at age 12 from her mother Jessie Traydor that she was adopted.
She has an idea of who her biological parents are.
She was between the ages of 16 and 18 when her powers of Alteration manifested, allowing her and The Diplo to destroy the Federation ship The Invisible.
The transport ship she and her mother were on was called The Radish.
For being a major character in the game, she has no personal bio in the manual that comes with the game.

Item Creation Skills Set:
Cooking 19
Crafting 10
Smithery 4
Engineering 20
Alchemy 22
Compounding 25
Writing 22
Synthesis 15
* * * *

Character Study - Maria Traydor

Name: Maria Traydor
Age: 19
Hair color: blue
Eye color: rotates between blue or green, depending on the artist. Official artwork, it looks more blue.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 104 lbs
Rank: Captain of The Diplo, leader of Quark, gunman/archer
Birthdate: Sometime in the year 753 S.D.
Weapon: Guns/Symbology
Favorite food: unknown
Quote: Not applicable

From the strategy guide:
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I think this is bad wording on the part of the strategy guide's writers parts. It sounds, to a small extent, a misuse of power on Maria's part, and she isn't exactly the kind of person to misuse the power at her command or the trust placed in her by the Quark members. I'm sure that, while everyone in Quark (or at least the ones on The Diplo) wanted to know more about Maria's powers and why she has them, they wouldn't take very kindly to all of their resources being used for a singular goal when it potentially contradicts everything Cliff stands for when it comes to the Pangalactic Federation. Quark is known for its ability to be Switzerland in times of negotiation. To focus solely on the goal of tracking down the Leingod family in however many years since her powers manifested would be irresponsible on Maria's part, and she is not an irresponsible person.

I'm also not sure of the rumors . . . of course, as the players, we don't see evidence of the rumors before her arrival on Elicoor II. Cliff and Mirage don't even mention her by name, which is our only source to her enigma. We know that there's a leader to Quark who is as straight as an arrow, just like Fayt (if Cliff's mild grumblings are any indication).

The fact that she's orphaned at a young age does play into her emotional and social development. It's caused her to become a more mature person faster than if she'd had a normal childhood/life from the age of twelve. (I always thought it was age ten that she was orphaned, but I was mistaken . . . what I get for going years in between new games and all that.) It's never a good age to lose a parent, let alone the violent deaths that Richard and Jessie Traydor suffered. A lot was heaped onto Maria in those final moments with her mother, and I personally feel it scarred her on some level. More on that below.

From the in-game dictionary:
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Personally, I'm sick of the repetition with what Quark is. It's like we don't get what it is the first time around, and it's worse in the game.

Anyway, back to Maria and my analysis of her . . . I don't think the claims she makes about the research would be something she makes up. She knows of her own powers. She demonstrates them for Fayt and the Aquarians, and she's also done her homework. (Seriously? Knowing as much as she did about Fayt? Not just his age, who his parents are, and where he goes to school but also his favorite sport, the position he plays for that sport and his favorite food? That's some major research there that could border on stalking in some places!) I feel that Maria wouldn't make those claims if she couldn't back them or up if she hadn't been given a clue about them in the first place. The fact that she isn't able to prove it right away means very little. That's the kind of thing I realize someone could make up, but not someone who is clearly being described as being blunt with her honesty and possessing impeccable integrity. There are just some things that, while unbelievable, wouldn't necessarily be the imaginings of someone who is being described as a person of honesty and integrity. Again, poor wording/translation.

I also think it's silly that Maria would expect people to ask for her permission to genetically modify her.  I don't blame her for being mad - I'd be mad, too - but at the same time, I also feel it's a bit unreasonable for her to remain angry after the fact. In the societal world in which she's born - which is ours, to put it bluntly - children are at the whims of their parents/guardians. They don't get a say in the decisions made for them by their parents/guardians until a certain age, and I also think it's very silly of her to want them to wait when they know the universe is in danger to ask her if she'd like to be genetically modified in order to save the universe, especially when they don't know the time the attacks will come, just that they will come. I don't blame her for being mad about it, but I do think it's unreasonable of her to expect for them to wait. Perhaps the strength of her powers (as well as Fayt's and Sophia's) is dependent upon her age as well. A younger body is more resilient than an older one.

A lot of this goes back to Maria's emotional ineptness. Because she did lose her parents - though they be her adoptive parents, they were her parents all the same - at the age of 12, she's at a great disadvantage when it comes to dealing with other people, people like Fayt, Albel, and Sophia. While I think it's possible she could identify with someone like Albel on a certain level due to some of their similar experiences in losing parents at a young age, it would only go so far. Nel would be the closest one she could really identify with as both women have a very strong sense of honor and courage about them. Not to say that Albel isn't honorable - he has his own brand, that's for sure - but Maria has a low tolerance level, and, let's face it, despite how much we love him, Albel is something of an asshole. Maria wouldn't tolerate being around him for very long without Fayt's presence. She wouldn't be able to handle Sophia for very long because Sophia would strike her as being an irresponsible airhead due to the fact that Sophia is still a high school student and more interested in the cute, fluffy things. There's the woman and then there's the girly girl, and Maria would have a hard time with that after all because it's been denied to her.

By the same token, I feel that her friendship with Fayt would become strained eventually. While she does possess the maturity of one who's seen and experienced a lot in seven years, thanks to living on The Diplo, she didn't receive the kind of emotional support that only a parent can provide a child. And this is all evident in some of her interactions. For example, when they're in the kitchens of the Kirlsa Training Facility, Maria confronts Dr. Leingod with her questions. She's angry and justifiably so. When Dr. Leingod gives her the answers she's looking for, she's in tears, and cries out, "That's not what I wanted to hear." (To which I say, what we want to hear and what we need to hear are often two very different things.) It's also evident again after Dr. Leingod's death and before the party transports over to The Aquaelie. I realize that she wants answers, but she doesn't give Fayt a moment's reprieve after his father's death, and she's doing so for a selfish reason, really. She wants the truth, and, at that point, she's got no remorse over bullying (for lack of a better) Fayt into getting over his grief in the span of minutes. After a while, that would become friction between the two of them, especially since she's had the opportunity to mourn, and Fayt doesn't really get that chance (as far as we can see when playing the game or reading the manga).

One problem, aside from how Maria behaves in those two moments, is her lack of honesty when it comes to her emotions. It's one of those, is she doing what she's going because she wants people to know the truth for sure, or because she has a crush on Fayt? If you talk to Lieber before heading to the bridge of The Diplo, he starts to make a remark about Fayt and Maria's interest in him. In fact, it takes the Fayt/Maria ending for her to finally hint at that she might have romantic feelings towards him, which I think is very dangerous, given her limited emotional capabilities. Honesty and integrity don't necessarily mean she's ready for the emotional turbulence that's a relationship. She has her own baggage, as does Fayt, and the kind of baggage each possesses would be the death knell for a long-term relationship.

Finally, there is an issue of leadership. I don't believe Maria would ever abuse her power as leader of Quark. The search for Robert Leingod in the game is actually one of great importance since he is being held captive by the Vendeeni, and he does have a great deal of knowledge. That, I find no fault in whatsoever. But it's something that's in her inventor's profile (wasn't kidding in the Ask the Star Ocean Character segment about what that says about her) that gives me reason to believe Maria doesn't like to be called a follower nor does she ever want to be a follower ever again. She's tasted leadership, she enjoys it, and I do believe she'd have a very hard time walking away (despite what her solo ending might indicate). We don't get to see it in the game, but I wonder how many arguments she and Fayt actually did have in the course of their journey (if you were to think of it as an epic science fiction adventure novel over an RPG).

It's fodder for fanfiction, that's for sure.


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This is the final call for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Maria Traydor. You have until midnight Wednesday, April 11, 2012, to submit your inquiries. I'm now changing it to a limit of THREE questions per person. If you've already asked a question, you have two more you can ask. You can submit questions via reply or PM. As I've said before, if you wish to remain "anonymous" or have a specific name you'd like for me to use, please let me know, and I will accommodate you.

The next character lined up for Ask the Star Ocean Character is Meracle Chamlotte. Inquiries can be submitted as soon as the call for it is announced, which will be Thursday, April 12, 2012.

Also, an unrelated announcement: There will be a one-shot posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, specifically for Arumat P. Thanatos as it is his official birthday. :) I will accept one-shots and artwork to celebrate the fighting tank's birthday as well. For fanfiction, please use this format:
Warnings (if applicable)
Author's Notes (if applicable)

All artwork and fanfic can be emailed to me at

No, I will not be doing an impromptu segment of Ask the Star Ocean Character for Arumat that day nor will I be conducting his character study. That is reserved for a later date.

I have thought of doing this for some time, and I know I've missed the March birthdays for The Last Hope cast. I will make up for it. The next birthday coming up, I do believe, is Edge Maverick on July 30. (I'd like to be able to do this for all Star Ocean characters, but it appears as if The Last Hope cast members are the only ones available. Kind of a bummer. I'd love to know when Fayt's birthday is.) I have no idea what the strategy guides for First Departure and Second Evolution say for those characters so . . . As of right now, the only ones with birthdays, to my knowledge, are the ones from The Last Hope.

Yeah, that makes me sad.

* * * *

I really don't have much in mind for a writing/conversation topic today . . . I still am open to suggestions (please put Writing Topic in the reply subject so I know to write an entry for it, not just a reply back). I'm even open to suggestions for games 1 and 2, though I've yet to play them. Those I will save for a later date, like after I've played, but I am open to those suggestions! This blog isn't just about Till the End of Time and The Last Hope. It's for ALL Star Ocean games. I'm the one that's limited in what to talk about right now. That's all.

I am considering a bit of a short subject . . . namely the hair color for the heroes in each game and something that seems to be a bit of a pattern . . . Here's what I mean.

Now, I own all four of the major games. I'm still looking to get my paws on Blue Sphere, even though it'll only be in Japanese, unless Square Enix gets it translated and released for something like the DS or PSP (which they did with First Departure and Second Evolution). Here is what I'm noticing about hair color.

The hero for Game 1/First Departure, Roddick Farrence, has blue hair, albeit somewhat of a pale blue.
The hero for Second Story/Second Evolution, Claude C. Kenny, has blond hair.
The hero for Till the End of Time, Fayt Leingod (or Fate Linegod), has blue hair, which is a darker shade of blue.
The hero for The Last Hope, Edge Maverick, has blond hair.

See the pattern? ^_^

What I find interesting about these main characters is this: With the exception of Roddick, who is a lesser Fellpool/Feline Folk and a descendant of Elena Farrence and Crowe F. Almedio (whose human blood would be so miniscule, chances are it doesn't exist anymore), the rest of the heroes are human. Of those humans, Fayt is the only one who is a "blue-nette". This, naturally, comes from his mother, who is also a blue-nette. I am guessing that Ilia Silvestri is Claude's mom, hence his hair being blond, but no one knows about Edge or why his hair is blond. Perhaps both of his parents, who are deceased by the time the events of the game happen,were blonds. Anything is possible, right?

Even more interesting to me is this: With the exceptions of Fayt Leingod and Maria Traydor, any humans in the parties have natural hair colors. Ilia, Cliff, Peppita,and Mirage are blondes, Ronyx, Reimi, Ashton, and Sophia are brunettes, and Nel and Crowe are redheads. Albel, of course, is a little unusual with his two-tone hair, but even then it's a blond/brunette combination, not green or blue. Most of the alien races have different hair colors: Faize - light green, Arumat - silver, Meracle - blue, Myuria - pink, Celine - purple, Sarah - redhead . . . well, you get the idea. From pictures, I know Ashton is a brunette. Roger is as well . . . unfortunately, I don't know all of the cast members aside from what information is in my game manuals so if I've missed anyone, I do apologize.

Does this mean there is alien blood somewhere in the Leingod family line? Possibly. That bit of speculation I leave to my fellow fans.

But it still is interesting to see that pattern. Don't you think so?

* * * *

Title: Strong
World: Till the End of Time
Characters/Pairing: Luther Lansfeld, Fayt Leingod, Luther Lansfeld x Fayt Leingod
Rating: PG-ish
Warnings: Yaoi
Summary: He had always desired to be strong, but in his mind, he would always believe himself to be weak.
Disclaimer: I do not own Till the End of Time or the characters of Fayt Leingod and Luther Lanseld. They belong to Tri-Ace and Square Enix respectively.  I do not profit financially from writing this story (or this blog).


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Whew! What a long week it's been for not having written much of anything for this journal! Wow! But that's okay. I've kept myself busy with Till the End of Time (love that game!) and some fanfic writing. Beyond that . . . yeah, not much. :) But, again, that's okay. I don't always need to be super busy all the time.

This is the third call out for Ask the Star Ocean Character for Maria Traydor! Final call out will be Tuesday. If you've got a burning question you've simply got to ask her, you have until Wednesday, April 11, 2012, at midnight to reply to this (or the previous Ask the Star Ocean Character - Maria Traydor threads) or send me a PM with your inquiry. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know. If you have a specific name you'd like for me to use in the segment, please let me know. Otherwise, I will create a name for you based off of your current user ID. Limit one question per person unless I indicate otherwise.

Following Maria will be Meracle Chamlotte. Please write your questions down for her so you don't forget but wait to post until the announcement for her segment is announced (which will be Thursday).

I'm also on the look out for writing topics for this blog. I'm currently considering offering up a section for fanfiction advice (which can be applied to any and all fandoms, really), but that, like a few of the other projects I have lined up for this blog, can only go so far. If there's something you'd like for me to write my thoughts on, please leave a comment with the subject line Writing Topic or I'll just end up replying to the comment and giving my thoughts there. (Habit.)

As for what's coming up this week, here are my tentative plans.

Writing Topic: The Language of Elicoor II - Is It the Same as the English Language of Earth?*
Fanfiction Writing Tip - Writing Powerful, Original Characters in Fanfiction*

Final Call for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Maria Traydor*
Potential One-shot fanfic
Potential Writing Topic

Fanfic: Destinies Intertwined by Fate, Chapter Two (at least half of the story)

New call for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Meracle Chamlotte*
Potential One-shot fanfic
Potential Writing Topic

Ask the Star Ocean Character - Maria Traydor*
Facts about Maria Traydor*
Character Study - Maria Traydor*

Saturday/Sunday (weekend):
Item Creation - A Recipe Comparison of Star Ocean: The Last Hope and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Item Creation - Showdown Between Reimi Saionji and Sophia Esteed
Potential Writing Topic
Fanfic: Destinies Intertwined by Fate, Chapter Two (at least half of the story)
Potential One-shot fanfic
Photo Shoot with Fayt

* - Definitive

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Due to spring break for my younger sister (who is in high school and whose computer I use throughout the day), I'm extending the time for people to submit questions for Maria Traydor of Till the End of Time, Leader of Quark and Captain of The Diplo. I do not have my own computer so I'm not even sure I'll be able to write the segment for this Friday. I'm sure I could get access to a computer on Friday for it, but I think I'm just going to unplug myself from the Internet for the rest of the week, play some more of Till the End of Time, and just relax until Monday, when she goes back to school.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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I recently started a story inspired a Last Hope doujinshi I'm interested in buying. The name of the doujinshi is called Another World, and it deals with a potential what if where Reimi and the alternate Earth is concerned (since we really don't know what happened from the time she was captured until she's reunited with Edge). In my story, I write out what I think has happened in the doujinshi and the consequences thereafter, all from Reimi's point of view. (Don't worry, Reimi fans, I'm being nice to her. Mostly.)

One thing that came out in writing the first chapter was the secret Reimi has kept since her childhood - how her D.N.A. was enhanced with the D.N.A. of the Muah to help the human race adapt to adverse environmental conditions. You see, in my story, the encounter Reimi has with the military men on the alternate Earth results in her becoming pregnant. She doesn't know it right away, and she's chosen to not speak of it. In reflecting about the secrets she'd kept from Edge, she figures keeping the secret about her childhood and the Seeds of Hope would have been easier than what happened to her on the alternate Earth since it'd resulted in her becoming pregnant.

This has me wondering. If Sarah hadn't pressed her on why she recovered so quickly from the stone sickness, would Reimi have ever told Edge the truth about the Seeds of Hope project? It's a very painful secret to bear, one that would ultimately eat away at even the kindest person's soul. I wrote once that a relationship between Edge and Reimi would ultimately fail because Edge wouldn't be able to trust her since she'd kept such a major secret from him. Now I ask about Reimi. Why didn't she trust Edge with her darkest secret sooner and would she have ever told the truth if Sarah and Bacchus hadn't known so much about stone sickness or if Faize hadn't seen the crest on the back of her neck? Lymle gave the simplest explanations of all for how quickly Reimi recovered with Meracle backing Lymle. "The medicine made her better,'kay?"

I, personally, am leaning towards the answer of 'no', simply because of Reimi's personal trust issues. The events that have kept her mouth shut have scarred her psychologically, so much so, it took her years and the curious naivete of Sarah Jerand to confess the truth, even to someone she's known for a very long time, like Edge. (It does make me wonder how much Crowe knows, but that will always be an unanswered question simply because we get never get Crowe as an playable character.) As I don't know how old she was when it happened, though I'm quite certain it happened before Arnold Maverick's death, one thing is certainly known - Edge had no clue. And it can't be blamed on the fact that he's "a guy, and guys can be clueless like that at times" or however else you want to see it. I don't think he was living with the Saionji family at the time so it was truly a surprise to him when he learned about what Reimi suffered through and about his own powers.

* * * *


Still accepting questions for Maria Traydor, leader of Quark and Captain of The Diplo. Please reply to the appropriate entries or send me a PM with your question. Also, let me know if you wish to remain anonymous (since I've set it up like an interview segment) or if what kind of a name you'd like. I will accommodate everyone when it comes to names. If you don't specify, I will assign you a name based on your user ID. Please limit one question per person unless I indicate otherwise.


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It's the year 10 S.D. Humans are looking to space for a new home. Earth's environment has degraded badly enough where people can't live on the surface, and some have taken it upon themselves to enhance the D.N.A. of their children with that of an ancient alien race known as the Muah.

Enter the cast of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope!

So what does this have to do with Symbological Genetics and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Plenty, I think. You see, the whole driving point behind the Last Hope is to save mankind from imminent destruction. Thus is the whole reason for the SRF's mission. No one on Earth has heard of Symbology or seen what it can do until the ships heading for Aeos, all but The Aquila, crash-land on the planet's surface. Of all the surviving crew of the initial impact, only Edge and Reimi are able to go and investigate The Eremia's site, especially after it's "disappeared" from their radars. They can see it, but no one's been in contact with the crew since the crashes. The two reach the site, only to find a survivor in dire physical condition and learn that he destroyed the ship. Upon his death, enter Faize Sheifa Beleth, an Eldarian who can cast Earth-based Symbols - and the first boss fight of the game ensues. Upon returning to the base, which has been constructed in just mere hours or day - depends on how a person wants to view the length of time taken to travel from The Calnus to The Eremia - more Eldarians are met, and Edge comments to Supreme Commander Gaghan that it was like magic, what Faize could do. Thus is how Symbology becomes known for the Star Ocean universe. While it has existed throughout the first three games and the side game, it's the prequel that gets everything going.

Out of all of the playable characters for the Last Hope, only three of them can't cast symbols - Reimi, Bacchus, and Meracle. They're magic point hogs, depending on their tactics set-up, due to their skill sets, but they're the only ones who don't learn Symbols for either healing, support, or offensive purposes. Everyone else, including the first human to ever be blessed with power of Symbology, Edge Maverick, knows a spell or two to get by in and out of battles.

As of right now, I don't know about characters like Ronyx J. Kenny, Claude C. Kenny, or Ilia Silvestri when it comes to whether or not they can cast symbols. If I had to guess, I'd say at least Claude has the ability to cast Symbols if only because that's just how Tri-Ace and Square Enix write the heroes for every game they release. As Ronyx isn't the main hero of the game (that goes to Roddick Farrence, descendant of Eleyna Farrence and Crowe F. Almedio, so it's very likely he can cast Symbols thanks to that), I won't say that he can cast symbols. I  need a PSP to find out. :) This also holds true on whether or not Claude can cast - I need a PSP or a copy of the PS1 game to find out. Those who have played please free feel to let me know for sure.

The time span for these games is approximately 762 years, from the starting events of the Last Hope to beginning events of Till the End of Time. One would think that, from the moment Edge Maverick learns that first Symbol, Symbological Genetics would become a new scientific field. Perhaps it does. I learn about these things as I play the games themselves and read through the in-game dictionaries, which can be more informative than the game manuals and strategy guides. (And I don't trust the likes of the Star Ocean wiki or even Wikipedia since some of that can be based on a fan's interpretation of a character or events rather than the actual in-game dictionaries, manuals, and strategy guides. When it comes to character and event interpretation, I've dealt with one egotistical fan to know.) But I'm running on the guess Symbological Genetics doesn't take off as quickly as one might think. The fact that Robert and Ryoko Leingod become pioneers for this field, doing more in their lifetimes than in the last seven hundred years tells me a lot about this particular field.

Now maybe it's because Symbology was a very large grey area for many scientists over the next several centuries, and many debates ensued, not just on Earth but with the races met as space travel continued. I know and realize that there are significant theological, social, economical, and philosophical ramifications for a new field of science, not to mention the scientific aspects of it as well. Symbology could be seen as a "God-given" gift and something that should be accepted as such, not studied. There is at least one book written on Symbology, though, before the events of Till the End of Time, for it's in Robert Leingod's possession (one of his most prized and valuable possessions, no less, not counting his wife and son in this), and perhaps his inspiration for his research as well as a source. Still, it doesn't make sense for it to have taken 700+ years for it to become a field of study or to have the leading authorities on it the way that Robert and Ryoko have become. And, in the game, they're not only the leading authorities, but pioneers.

Of course, this is speculation. With the exception of the four games, the timeline is, in fact, quite wide open. Who knows what's really gone on in the "years" between events?

* * * *

ASK THE STAR OCEAN CHARACTER IS NOW TAKING QUESTIONS YET AGAIN! For next week's segment, we'll be speaking with Maria Traydor, leader of Quark and the Captain of The Diplo. All questions must be submitted no later than midnight Eastern Standard Time by Wednesday, April 4, 2012. Again, I am taking questions for Maria Traydor, leader of Quark and the Captain of The Diplo. Limit one question per person unless I indicate otherwise later on.

Thank you!

Friday: Character Study - Sophia Esteed/Ask the Star Ocean Character segment - Sophia Esteed.
Weekend: I'll have access to the computer, but we'll see what topics come up.
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While I won't say that this is true for First Departure, it is a trope used in the Star Ocean storyline, and, in two games, it's fast become overused.

For example, the first time we hear about genetic altering to enhance a hero/heroine's abilities is in Till the End of Time. The three test subjects are, of course (and obviously) Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor, and Sophia Esteed. The ones who performed this genetic research/altering? Their own parents - Robert and Ryoko Leingod, Clive Esteed, and Jessie Traydor. The powers doled out? Destruction (Fayt), Alteration (Maria), and Connection (Sophia). The purpose of each is to be able to cross over into the four-dimensional realm, where the Creator of the Universe lives, and to fight the Creator for the right to continue existing. Given that the 4-D realm is basically on a higher plane of existence, Altering the matter of the human body is required in order to survive the passage to that realm. Getting to that realm also requires some kind of connecting link, and imposing the laws of physics will aid in teaching "God" a lesson.

Here's the unleashing of Fayt's powers:

Since Till the End of Time chronologically takes place after The Last Hope, one could say that the Leingods stole the idea from the Saionjis and Arnold Maverick. However, in terms of game release, Till the End of Time comes before The Last Hope so the idea actually is stolen from Till the End of Time.

So who are the test subjects in the Last Hope? Why, our hero, heroine, and the one person you can't get as a playable character - Edge Maverick, Reimi Saionji, and Crowe F. Almedio - of course! And what are their powers? Guess what? We don't know! All we know for sure is that Crowe, Edge, and Reimi are so-called super humans. They're able to withstand and survive situations that would kill those without such genetic enhancements. The only indications that Edge and Reimi are even remotely different are when they're faced with intense situations and a crest appears somewhere on their bodies. For Edge, it's on his right hand and Reimi, it's the back of her neck. The only reason why even know that Crowe has such an ability is because Reimi tells us after she's recovered from the stone sickness.

And this was done in order to help the human race adapt to harsh environmental conditions. Mind you, in the Last Hope, Earth isn't like how we know it now or how we see it in Till the End of Time. The atmosphere is corroding, the air, land and water are filled with pollutants and severe radiation. It's bad enough to the point where humans can't even live on the surface any longer, but in underground cities. It's becoming an adapt or die situation, and mankind isn't adapting fast enough.

Overall, I get why the genetic experimenting was done in both games. Dire situations call for drastic measures. But, really, Tri-Ace and Square Enix. Genetically modifying characters is becoming a cliche. Get out of the genetic modification rut and find us a new way for our super heroes to be super.

* * * *

Today is the last call for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Sophia Esteed. Any questions asked after today at midnight will be filed away for later potential use.

Next week's character will be Maria Traydor. Questions for her can be submitted once the official call for them goes out.

I don't have any one-shot fanfic for today. I wanted to write something yesterday, but I kind of ran out of time. Perhaps tomorrow. :)

Up for Tomorrow: Symbological Genetics - Why Is It a New Field of Study for Till the End of Time/Call Out for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Maria Traydor
Friday: Character Study - Sophia Esteed/Ask the Star Ocean Character segment - Sophia Esteed, perhaps another one-shot fanfic
Weekend: Up in the air. Could see at least one part to Chapter Three of Destinies Intertwined by Fate and an inquiry about a scene from Till the End of Time. But mostly up in the air.

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Still taking questions for fans to ask Sophia Esteed of Till the End of Time for this Friday's segment of Ask the Star Ocean character. I'll be accepting questions until Wednesday, March 28, 2012. Limit one question per person. Either reply to this entry or send me a PM.

If you wish to be anonymous or have a specific name you'd like for me to use when "interviewing" any character (not just Sophia), please let me know in advance. I will do my best to accommodate everyone who submits a question.

For those of you who'd like to think ahead to the third Ask the Star Ocean Character, Marira Traydor will follow Sophia. Just a little heads up so if there any burning questions you'd like to ask Maria, you can write them down and post them on the Wednesday/Thursday call out for questions for Maria.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Title: Destinies Intertwined by Fate
World: Till the End of Time
Chapter: Two out of Twenty, Part Two
Chapter Title: Discussions and The Guilt of Surviving
Summary: For Fayt Leingod and Luther Lansfeld, the end of the final battle is only the beginning. Worlds collide as the rebuilding begins.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Ocean 3 or the characters from the game. They belong to Square Enix and Tri-Ace. I do not profit from the writing of this story. All OCs presented within belong to me, and I will protect them zealously from any and all unauthorized use. Please ask me first before writing them into your stories. Thank you.

Warnings: Some chapters will contain adult content and adult themes. Other warnings include yaoi, or, for the anime-lacking in their lives, at least one male/male relationship, some language (Fayt is no saint), implied torture and hints of sexual assault, science fiction and fantasy elements, momentary scenes of intense and graphic violence, and potential character deaths, be they of the original character or main game character variety. Also, Albel and Luther can both be dickheads when the mood strikes them.
Author's Note: I'm going to treat this like I'm at . . . there will be implied adult content as opposed to actual adult content. Not that there isn't any adult content in the story itself . . . I'm just covering my behind when it comes to potential minors finding this journal and reading something that perhaps their parents don't want them to read. :) That's all.


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The Twin Factor - Fayt and Maria Related?

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* * * *

Famous Names for the Truly Angst-Ridden Original Characters

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Well, I think it's safe to say that I've fallen a little behind with what I've wanted to with this journal. Ah well. That's okay. :) Tis better late than never, they say. I'm hoping that this week at least sees me back somewhat on track, but given the possibility of a job either by Wednesday or the start of next week, I'm not entirely sure how it's going to work out. Still, I have some very interesting topics to post, topics stemming from some recent conversations plus one more game review for the interim, and the next character study for Sophia Esteed. I'm also thinking up of new projects to do for this, things that'll not only be fun for me, but fun for the rest of the Star Ocean community as well.

Title: Destinies Intertwined by Fate
World: Till the End of Time
Chapter: Two out of Twenty
Chapter Title: Discussions and The Guilt of Surviving
Summary: For Fayt Leingod and Luther Lansfeld, the end of the final battle is only the beginning. Worlds collide as the rebuilding begins.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Ocean 3 or the characters from the game. They belong to Square Enix and Tri-Ace. I do not profit from the writing of this story. All OCs presented within belong to me, and I will protect them zealously from any and all unauthorized use. Please ask me first before writing them into your stories. Thank you.

Warnings: Some chapters will contain adult content and adult themes. Other warnings include yaoi, or, for the anime-lacking in their lives, at least one male/male relationship, some language (Fayt is no saint), implied torture and hints of sexual assault, science fiction and fantasy elements, momentary scenes of intense and graphic violence, and potential character deaths, be they of the original character or main game character variety. Also, Albel and Luther can both be dickheads when the mood strikes them.
Author's Note: I'm going to treat this like I'm at . . . there will be implied adult content as opposed to actual adult content. Not that there isn't any adult content in the story itself . . . I'm just covering my behind when it comes to potential minors finding this journal and reading something that perhaps their parents don't want them to read. :) That's all.


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Part Two is forthcoming soon.
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Title: Destinies Intertwined by Fate
World: Till the End of Time
Chapter: One out of Twenty
Chapter Title: Beginning the Search for Luther and Fayt
Summary: For Fayt Leingod and Luther Lansfeld, the end of the final battle is only the beginning. Worlds collide as the rebuilding begins.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Ocean 3 or the characters from the game. They belong to Square Enix and Tri-Ace. I do not profit from the writing of this story. All OCs presented within belong to me, and I will protect them zealously from any and all unauthorized use. Please ask me first before writing them into your stories. Thank you.

Warnings: Some chapters will contain adult content and adult themes. Other warnings include yaoi, or, for the anime-lacking in their lives, at least one male/male relationship, some language (Fayt is no saint), implied torture and hints of sexual assault, science fiction and fantasy elements, momentary scenes of intense and graphic violence, and potential character deaths, be they of the original character or main game character variety. Also, Albel and Luther can both be dickheads when the mood strikes them.
Author's Note: I'm going to treat this like I'm at . . . there will be implied adult content as opposed to actual adult content. Not that there isn't any adult content in the story itself . . . I'm just covering my behind when it comes to potential minors finding this journal and reading something that perhaps their parents don't want them to read. :) That's all.


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Since tomorrow is Friday, I plan on starting my character studies. I'll be writing one per week so that way I don't burn through all of the characters before I've had a chance to play First Departure and Second Evolution. (I just don't own that PSP!) Chapter Two for Destinies Intertwined by Fate is still in progress, but I should have it ready to be posted next week.

Up for tomorrow: Reimi Saionji character study, game review for The Last Hope, and Letting Go When the Desire To Hold On Is Strong, a one-shot for an alternate Till the End of Time universe.


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