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Ask the Star Ocean Character - Peppita Rosetti

Hello once again, everyone, to the Ask the Star Ocean Character, where we interview the many people from the games. For today's installation we have Peppita Rosetti.

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Dream Houses - Peppita Rosetti

Peppita's home would be more than just a home. It would be a movable home that suits her nomadic way of life. I can imagine the Rosetti troupe has their own ships, at least for the animals and equipment. In order to save money, they travel with the transport shuttles from location to location. I think when she starts to earn enough money and as she becomes old enough, Peppita would buy herself a ship, and it would reflect her success. It would be large with rooms for guests and friends and the rest of the Rosetti Troupe. The replicators would be filled with plenty of good food to eat, and there would be a room for her to practice her routines and a room filled with all of her accolades.


Character Facts - Peppita Rosetti

In the Japanese version of Till the End of Time, Peppita's name is Souffle.
Her Japanese voice actor is Masayo Kurata, and her English voice actor is Sherry Lynn.
In the Rosetti Troupe, she is referred to as the Fairy of Illusions.
Her father is a famous soldier in the Pangalactic Federation's army and a high-ranking one, though he isn't specifically named. (It's stated on Star Ocean Wikia that it's Commodore Whitcomb with various instances to back up the claim.)

Peppita has two toys for the Till the End of Time and, according to one picture I found googling Star Ocean merchandise, an alarm clock with her on the clock face. Whether that was released in Japan, I don't know. It was on a display someone snapped a picture of at around the time of Star Ocean 3's release.

Item Creation Stats:

Cooking  6
Crafting 40
Smithery 5
Engineering 15
Alchemy 12
Compounding 11
Writing  6
Synthesis 20

Note: When you get Peppita on Moonbase, head immediately to the workshop to create the Potion of Youth (Fake) with Eliza and Mackwell. They are the only three who can create this particular item. I've tried it with Mackwell, Eliza, and Fayt, but I've not been successful. Don't forget!


Character Study - Peppita Rosetti

Name: Peppita Rosetti, Souffle Rosetti
Age: 14
Race: Valbaysian
Hair color: pale blond
Eye color: brown
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 79 lbs
Weapon: bangles/dancing shoes
Profession: dancer

"There's no use thinking about it! Let's just dive right in!"

From the in-game dictionary: Read more... )I've noticed that the in game dictionary for Till the End of Time has a strange tendency to lean towards redundancy.

Peppita is an interesting character for me, but she isn't a favorite female character. She's annoying but she's one that, if she annoys you, you can avoid recruiting her permanently. In that sense, for me, she's like Sophia - pink and fluffy in terms of personality. However, if you're aiming for the "defeat luther at level 1" battle trophy, you need her, Sophia and Fayt for that.

I digress.

Peppita . . . is very much a romantic, a hopeful, and a bit of an adventurer. She also possess a bit of a bossy side and a gullible side. Given from what I've seen with her and dealt with in terms of leveling her up and the cut scenes, she does possess a sweet streak. In the manga, she has an instant crush on Fayt, and that shows her petty side as well. She's a vast mix in a very young character, and it's because she's endured so much - losing her mom, traveling a lot, never knowing who her father really is - in her short life.

From the strategy guide: Read more... )
This longing for a life of adventure really isn't apparent in Peppita for me. Yes, when it comes time to leave Moonbase, Peppita wants to leave with Fayt and friends, thinking she doesn't have anyone. However, she also knows it isn't true, but she also wants to do something. Her debut for the Rosetti Troupe has been cancelled twice now, due to attacks on the places where she's been, and it's frustrating for her. Above all, she wants to be a star. She wants to be famous throughout the universe. That's why she's excited to see Fayt and Sophia for the first time and she gives him her autograph, even though she hasn't been on the stage just yet. She definitely wants to vent her frustrations out on the appropriate forces responsible for delaying her debut.

Before this, I used to think that the Peppita/Roger pairing was quite viable - they're close enough to each other in age and have more in common than what she would with Fayt. However, this pairing only works in fanfiction, where all playable characters can be taken to fight Luther in the final battle. Cannonically speaking, the only way it could work is if both are recruited for the final battle over Albel and Nel. Given that Peppita joins the party (temporarily) shortly after obtaining Sophia, this is a trick and a half but can be pulled off, since Peppita starts out as a level one character.

The dances that Peppita is supposed to be really good at are probably her attacks that she can use after gaining the levels needed.

There is a lot with Peppita that can be explored in terms of fanfiction, and therefore can be developed for characterization.

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Halloween Reminder

Final reminder for Halloween! If you have anything Star Ocean related, Halloween themed fan art, fanfiction, and photography and you'd like to share it on this blog, please email me at No sexual content, story ratings should be kept at PG13.


Ask the Star Ocean Character Reminder - Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosetti

Second to last reminder for Ask the Star Ocean Character. I'm doing a triple threat on Ask the Star Ocean Character. Taking questions for the following characters of Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosetti. Questions can be submitted between now and midnight, October 31, 2012. Limit three questions per character per person, and keep the questions clean of vulgarity and sex talk. I will not use any questions submitted if the person is swearing at the character. Yes, I do realize that this is a fictional universe. There is swearing and sexual situations implied, but I do not tag very many things as containing adult content for this journal. It means anyone of any age can read it. I hate to sound mean about this, but I want to keep this as clean and inoffensive for everyone as much as possible. I don't care if you dislike the character and the question reflects that, but I do care if you use foul language to demonstrate it. I want this to be fun for everyone, not a select few.

Thank you for your understanding. As always, you can submit questions via comment, PM, or email ( The only other requirement is that you let me know what kind of name you wish for me to use or if you wish to remain anonymous. Thanks again!


Weekly Schedule

Here's this week's schedule.

Fanfiction Writing Tip
Conversation Topic - Halloween Costumes, Part 4, Segment 1: Maria Traydor, Sophia Esteed, Peppita Rosetti, Lieber, Marietta
Final Ask the Star Ocean Character reminder
Halloween Fanfiction entries

Conversation Topic - Halloween Costumes, Part 4, Segment 2: Cliff Fittir, Mirage Kaos, Robert Leingod, Ryoko Leingod
Halloween Fanfic Entries
Albel Nox's birthday

Fanfiction entries
Halloween photos

First day of NaNoWriMo!
Game Talk, Part Seven
Conversation Topic
Ask the Star Ocean Character Announcement
Birthday Reminder for Myuria Tionysus

(Three separate entries)
Ask the Star Ocean Character - Deputy Director Shimada
Ask the Star Ocean Character - Bacchus D-79
Ask the Star Ocean Character - Peppita Rosetti
Character Facts - Deputy Director Shimada
Character Facts - Bacchus D-79
Character Facts - Peppita Rosetti
Character Study - Deputy Director Shimada
Character Study - Bacchus D-79
Character Study - Peppita Rosetti
Dream Houses - Deputy Director Shimda
Dream Houses - Bacchus D-79
Dream Houses - Peppita Rosetti

Not Available (I will be away from a computer the entire day)

Weekly Schedule
Ask the Star Ocean Character Reminder
Impromptu November Birthday List


Birthday Reminders

Celebrating Albel Nox's birthday on October 30 and Myuria's on November 5. If you'd like to submit a story, fan art, fan poem, you can email your submissions to me at Please include the following when submitting stories:

Story Title
World (for everything but birthdays)
Pairing, ONLY if applicable
Warnings, if any
A Disclaimer
A Claimer on OCs
Author's Notes, if any


November Announcement

I will be participating in NaNoWriMo once again this year. For those of you who don't know what that stands for, it's National Novel Writing Month. Because I will be trying to focus most of my time on writing, I'll be paring down what I do for the weekly schedules. For this year's NaNo, I plan on returning to Destinies Intertwined by Fate, which I'd started for NaNo 2010. I'll try to post the newer sections for each chapter as I get them written. There will be no one-shots, except for the birthdays.

Until tomorrow!

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Halloween Reminder

Less than a week away from Halloween. Still seeking the following from fellow Star Ocean fans:

Photos - carved pumpkins, cosplay done for Halloween
Halloween art
Halloween fanfic

All Star Ocean games welcome. Submissions must be no higher than PG13 in rating. Implied sexual content is okay but nothing explicit. Chaptered fiction will be accepted on the basis that it's complete. Fiction submissions must include the following:

Pairing (if applicable)
Disclaimers on the established characters
Claimers on OCs
Author's Notes (if applicable)

Submissions should be emailed to me at



Ask the Star Ocean Character - Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosetti

Three more reminders for Ask the Star Ocean Character. Taking questions for the following three characters: Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosetti. Limit three questions per character per person (meaning three questions for Deputy Director Shimada, three for Bacchus, and three for Peppita). No profanity, no vulgarity, or I won't use the questions, and let me know if you wish to remain anonymous or if there's a user name you'd like for me to use. Questions can be submitted to me via PM, comments, or email.


Game Talk, Part Six - Seventy Years Before Till the End of Time

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this particular segment isn't about anything official from Square Enix or tri-Ace. Last I heard, there are no other Star Ocean games currently in the designing or production phases. This is merely what I'd like to see in more games in the future - wishful thinking at its best. Please don't ask me when such games will be released. Chances are, we will probably never see such games . . . not unless we start a petition going on what we'd like to see in future Star Ocean games. This is just a "for your information". It will also be vague so readers can infer their own ideas into what I'm suggesting. Thanks.

This would be a more difficult game to pull off, in my opinion. If I'm recalling correctly for Till the End of Time, the last "major" event to hit the universe was when the Twelve Wise Men set out to destroy the universe. At least, that's the summary given at Star Ocean wikia and in the strategy guide and game manual for Till the End of Time.

However, I think it could be pulled off if done correctly. The Last Hope was the universal threat never told. The same idea could apply to events taking place seventy-years before Till the End of Time and it could demonstrate whether or not changes should be made to the UP3. The pact has been in place for over seven hundred years. I personally wonder if any changes at all have been made to it or if it's been left in its original form since its inception.

A game like this would definitely give people new planets to explore, which is something Star Ocean fans adore. I know I mentioned it before, returns to Aeos and Lemuris, and, if not utilized in another game concept, the returns could happen here. I'd also like to see a break away from some of the usual cast of fighters. A swordsman is definitely in order - what would Star Ocean be without a swordsman in the group? - but a variety of swordsmen, i.e. ranger or ninja, etc . . ., would be interesting. Summoners would be a nice addition to the symbologists category. (We have Lymle in The Last Hope, but she has only one creature at her disposal.) Thieves and bards would be nice to have in the cast of playable cast. A change in how skills are learned would be unique, I like the Crystarium in Final Fantasy XIII as a new way to attain new skills and cross skill sets. That's just something in my mind, though.

While I didn't mention it in some of my other Game Talks, I'd like to see longer game play and more in-depth look at the characters. I don't like to have completed nearly 100% of my game in under thirty hours. It isn't challenging for me. I realize I'm probably one of a few people who are like that, but, as much as I love Till the End of Time and The Last Hope, a lot of my play time is from me running around, filling side quests (The Last Hope), leveling up my characters, and spending time in the optional dungeons. I don't mind new enemies appearing in the optional dungeons after defeating the game, but I don't think the challenges presented in them should be limited to those areas.

Of course, in the optional, post-game dungeons, fighting Gabriel Celesta and the Ethereal Queen are musts for the games I've mentioned in this little series of mine. I can't imagine post-game dungeons without them. Seeing Lenneth would be fun, too . . .

And that's this week's game talk. I'll try to carry it up to a total of thirteen games, to put it on par with the Final Fantasy series. We'll see what I can come up with in the process.


Halloween and Halloween-like Holidays on Underdeveloped Planets

Halloween has been around on Earth for many centuries. It hasn't always been referred to as Halloween. When the customs surrounding the holiday began, it was referred to as All Hallow's Eve or Samhain. To this day, it's believed that, at the end of October/beginning of November, the veil between the spirit world and world of the living is at its thinnest. The souls of the dead can cross over to visit loved ones.

It isn't too far of a stretch to believe that, on an underdeveloped planet such as Elicoor II and Roak, a holiday similar to Halloween would exist. Belief in the supernatural and paranormal, especially on planets where symbology is common and used for military and healing applications, would be more than abundant among the population and respected. Even as the use of technology increases and more about the natural world is learned, it would still be hard for someone to denounce the customs that surround the Halloween-like holiday.

What such holidays would be called, I'm not entirely sure. One, it depends on the language of the culture in question and the planet as to what the holiday's name would be. How and when the holiday is observed also plays a factor as well as the beliefs surrounding what the supernatural and paranormal creatures that visit would do with the living. It could be similar to Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, or Samhain, or it could be something completely different. For this, it comes down to what the fan wants to do.

As for customs for the holiday in question, I believe there would be customs similar to carving gourds and wearing costumes in order to "confuse" the spirits of the dead and demons. That's something I feel would be universal, that fear of being snatched away in the night by some dark, evil creature . . .

It would be interesting to see how these holidays would compare, collide, mix, match, and clash with traditions we have on Earth.


Birthday Reminders

October 27 (assigned by me) - Stephen D. Kenny
October 30 (assigned by me) - Albel Nox
November 5 (official) - Myuria Tionysus

Accepting fan art, fanfiction, and poetry for these characters. Please submit everything to me by midnight the previous nights via email:

And that's all for this Thursday. Until tomorrow . . .
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 Here is this week's upcoming schedule for topics. I'm leaving a few things open.

And that's this upcoming week's schedule! If there's anything you'd like to see, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Ask the Star Ocean Character Reminder - Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosetti

I'm doing a triple threat on Ask the Star Ocean Character. Taking questions for the following characters of Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosetti. Questions can be submitted between now and midnight, October 31, 2012. Limit three questions per character per person, and keep the questions clean of vulgarity and sex talk. I will not use any questions submitted if the person is swearing at the character. Yes, I do realize that this is a fictional universe. There is swearing and sexual situations implied, but I do not tag very many things as containing adult content for this journal. It means anyone of any age can read it. I hate to sound mean about this, but I want to keep this as clean and inoffensive for everyone as much as possible. I don't care if you dislike the character and the question reflects that, but I do care if you use foul language to demonstrate it. I want this to be fun for everyone, not a select few.

Thank you for your understanding. As always, you can submit questions via comment, PM, or email ( The only other requirement is that you let me know what kind of name you wish for me to use or if you wish to remain anonymous. Thanks again!


Official Star Ocean Character November Birthday Announcement

Because someone at Square Enix was gracious enough to give Bradley Games the information, we have a birthday coming up next month for Myuria Tionysus. Novermber 5 is her birthday. Starting today, I'm accepting fan poetry, one-shots, and art to celebrate. All submissions must be emailed to me at no later than midnight November 4, 2012.

Like with Halloween, this isn't a contest. The only thing I could offer up as a prize for anyone for submitting the "best" is a one-shot based on what the winner wants to see in a story, and I'd have no guarantees as to when I could get the story written. I'd rather it just be a celebratory display for a beloved character and nothing more. If I hold a contest, I want to be able to give out cool and unique items. I do hope to be able to host contests in the near future, though, so please stay tuned!

In a similar vein as Ask the Star Ocean Character, all fan works must be considered work and school "safe". Profanity in stories should be kept to a minimum and sexually explicit material will not be accepted. At all.

This also goes for Star Ocean Halloween fanfiction and poetry. Please, when submitting any Star Ocean fiction of any kind, include the following:
Story Title
World (for everything but birthdays)
Pairing, ONLY if applicable
Warnings, if any
A Disclaimer
A Claimer on OCs
Author's Notes, if any


Impromptu October Birthday List

This list will only cover from today until October 31 and pretty much the NPCs from The Last Hope and characters from Till the End of Time. I've asked Kojika to help me compile a list of the playable characters and memorable villains and NPCs from First Departure and Second Story/Second Evolution. It is my goal to have a complete birthdays list that I may have to eventually change. Hehehehe.

Anyway, these are the impromptu birthdays that I will be celebrating on this blog. All fellow Star Ocean fans are welcome to join me and submit fan art, poetry, and one-shot fiction. Suggested format for fiction is under Myuria's birthday, and the same rules do apply.

Robert Leingod - October 24
Stephen D. Kenny - October 27
Albel Nox - October 30

Submissions will be accepted until midnight the day before the "celebration" commences. I know it's very impromptu and very short notice. I hope to get the list compiled faster in advance so everyone has a better chance to write/draw something.


Merchandise Announcement

Sadly, no, this doesn't mean what everyone thinks and hopes it means. There is no new official Star Ocean merchandise - I checked. The announement I'm making has more to do with the old merchandise that was released in years past and how I plan to proceed in letting everyone know what there is. Here is the deal:

As I buy the official merchandise release for each game, once I have enough, I'll take pictures of what I have and post them to share. I know I've asked for other people to send me their lists (missnox, you, tri-ace super fan, and Charry are life savers on that) and for pictures as well . . . I'm still accepting photos and lists from anyone who wants to submit them (lists should be submitted via PM or email ONLY whereas photos should be submitted to me via email or links only), but I'm going to wait to post what's available until I have it in my hands. This will be the procession:

Games and their Strategy Guides
- already listed in the January 31, 2012, entry, but I'll start over. Once I have my hands on Second Story for the PlayStation One, Blue Sphere for the Nintendo Gameboy, and The Last Hope for the XBox360, I'll repost the games list along with the picture of the games. Yes. One picture. The same will apply to the strategy guides, including my new very beat-up guide for The Last Hope.

Additonal Books
- This will not include manga or doujinshi, but the variants for the strategy guides in Japanese and art books. I know what's available and what I can find on eBay and yahoo! auctions. I will be working on it. This will probably be ongoing due to the number of variant Japanese strategy guides for Till the End of Time and The Last Hope.

- The only game that hasn't had a manga released for it was The Last Hope. Second Story/Second Evolution, from what I've been able to gather, has enjoyed a few different releases with cover variants. There is also supposedly an English version of the Till the End of Time manga. I want to get my hands on that. Once I have all of them, the pictures will be posted.

- One game has been turned into an anime. Once I have all of the DVDs, the pictures will be posted.

- These will appear once collections are completed.

- These will be listed, along with track titles, once my music collection is completed.

Miscellaneous Merchandise
- From what I've learned in talking with tri ace super fan (I don't know if she has an LJ or not, but that's how I know her), of the games, Second Story and Till the End of Time enjoyed great popularity in Japan so there's a plethora of merchandise out there, from cardboard standees, posters, and keychains to trading cards and other unusual items (she had a picture of a Peppita alarm clock up on her site). This will also include the themed console covers released.

Unofficial Merchandise

- Expect this to be forever ongoing. eBay doesn't even cover half of what's been released in Japan

Plushies and other hand-crafted Items
- I have found people with commissioned Fayt and Albel plushies. I even know of someone who crafted a Fayt and Albel plushie set for herself. Charry has done some work with clay as well as sewn a Star Ocean bunny and her own Albel plushie. missnox designed her own coffee mug, I do believe. Fans are crafty individuals. I'll find what I can and ask for permission to post who's done what plus try my hand at creating my own Star Ocean merchandise. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :)

Bootleg Items
- Basically, this will be whatever I've bought on eBay that's come from China, Korea, or Taiwan. It looks official, but chances are it probably isn't official. We may never know.

And this concludes Sunday's entry. Hope everyone has enjoyed a safe and wonderful weekend!
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Personal Update:

I believe I did very well in yesterday's interview. I was very excited for it, and it was obvious to the lady who interviewed me. However, there is one more hurdle, if you will, before I will know whether or not I have the job. It's a second interview, and I've not received any calls about it just yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I will post on it when it happens. However, if I don't get the job, I won't be too terribly disappointed. Because I felt I did very well yesterday, it's given me the courage to continue seeking work and the confidence to know I won't blunder terribly in any future interviews.


Star Ocean - Universal Economics

I can't help myself on this one. Well, I'm sure I could . . . I just really want to refrain from talking about economics . . . but the idea behind universal economics is a very interesting one to me. (It's also taking Star Ocean for me to get on the subject, as opposed to Star Trek, which also follows a post World War III universe. Then again, economics doesn't really come into play much in Star Trek so . . .)

Anyway, with the current political focus on economics and how uncertain things still are, it sparked a notion into my head. What would the impact of exchanging, not only ideas and cultures with alien races be like, but economic trade as well? Earth would definitely have food stuffs, like blueberries* and blackberries, and cultural ideas that would be foreign to someone not from this planet.

For example, how easy would it be to get an alien from Eldar or Morphus addicted to cheesecake? Or chocolate? Coffee? A chai latte? Then there's social media. Would the Eldarians and Morphus have such a thing? Could you imagine how popular Eldarian and Morphus music and food would be on Earth and vice versa?

All of this, of course, would boost Earth's economy and the economies for the alien races. There would be a period of great economic prosperity, and it would continue so long as more planets and alien races that are on par with Earth's technology level are discovered.

Let's not be fooled that the prosperity could last long. If the new planets aren't discovered, if new alien races don't establish trade with us, the prosperity will dip, and the planets involved would see recessions and depressions. Let's not forget what could happen if war breaks out between planets. Everything that affects our local economies would affect a universal economy.

This is a very exciting thought line for me. It makes me wish I could live long enough to see planetary exploration, colonization, and alien trade economies put into place.

* - Blueberries are native to the North American continent. My theory on how the Eldarians and Morphus could start replicating them is that they discovered the fruits when talking with humans, liked them enough to find out how to reproduce them and voila! Blueberries on Aeos and En II. As for Roak, they could be native to certain areas on the Astralian continent and are blueberry-like enough for offworlders to call them blueberries. I think it's strange and cool that the Japanese chose blueberries as a restorative item


Gonna try something for Election Year . . . I need to work it out, though, and get some information established about the two candidates. Yes, this is a fictional election that happens to coincide with an actual election year. I think everyone will know who the candidates running will be. If you'd like to venture a guess, please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear what other people think I'm going to do.

Second Call for Ask the Star Ocean Character - Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosettii

This is the second call for Ask the Star Ocean Character. I'm taking questions for three characters, to get myself back on track. Once again, here are the rules:

Rules for Ask the Star Ocean character:

1 - Questions must be submitted no later than the date posted at the end of each chapter. Questions can be submitted via comment, private message, or email (

2 - Limit three questions per person.

3 - Keep the language clean of profanities and from a bunch of dirty talk. While it's fun to mention the things that happen in the games, it's something else entirely to be vulgar and obscene.

4 - Let me know if you want me to use your current user ID, a different user ID, or if you wish to remain anonymous entirely. If you don't let me know, I'll use whatever name you've used to review, PM, or email me with.

5 - Have fun! The questions can be as silly or as serious as you'd like.

Again, the questions are for Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and  Peppita Rosetti. Questions will be taken until midnight October 31, 2012.


Dream Houses, Part Three - Sophia Esteed

I think this will be the second to last time I write Dream Houses as a separate entry.  I'm beginning to feel that is something that would go well with the character studies and Ask the Star Ocean Characters. I say second to last because I've written four Ask the Star Ocean Character segments and four character studies. 

Anyway, onward with this week's Dream Houses segment. This week, I'm taking a look at what heroine Sophia Esteed from Till the End of Time would want in her dream house.

It would be a grand two story home, almost like a sprawling mansion. Sophia dreams of being treated like a princess by the one she sees as her knight, who is Fayt. In my mind, it stands to reason she'd want a house to reflect with that innocent grandeur. It wouldn't be too big of a a mansion, but it'd be large enough for about three or four children, the husband she dreams about, and to house their respective parents and grandparents. There would also be plenty of guest rooms and the like for friends who come to visit. There would also be an attic, a basement and a separate storage cellar on the grounds for her to store things like holiday decorations.

The upper floor of her home would be where the bedrooms are. Some two story homes have bedrooms on both floors. Sophia would keep them separate. I don't know why. I just think it's something she'd do. Most of  the bedrooms would be around the same size with a couple of bathrooms for people to use, except for the master bedroom. The master bedroom would border on ostentatious. The adjoining master bathroom would make any peasant or noble woman on Elicoor II jealous. The tub would be heart or seashell shaped . . . something that would make a girl with a "pink" personality feel pretty.

As for the main level, it would definitely be grand on the inside. I think Sophia and Reimi would be very much on par with what the lower floor would contain: a large and spacious kitchen for cooking, a food pantry, and an adjoining bathroom; parlor to entertain guests, a dining room with a large table and tables fit for a king, a recreational room (because if she's married to Fayt, she's going to want to keep him happy some of the time by having his favorite video games on hand), and a family room. Each would be large enough to hold twenty people, or more, in the case of the parlor and dining rooms. The walls would be filled with family portraits and classic paintings.

And it would be painted in various shades of pink and white, with the exception of the recreational room and the bedrooms. Yes. I can even see the exterior painted pink. Not an obnoxious shade of pink but pink all the same. The grounds would be sprawling, filled with flowers and cat statues.

This concludes Sophia's Dream House. segment Since she's very similar to Reimi, it wasn't too terribly hard to come up with how things would look in her home. I hope you enjoyed.

Next Dream House segment will feature Meracle and what she would want if she wasn't living with Lady Eleyna at the end.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!
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I apologize for that. I've had a lot on my mind lately, most of it centering on writing original material, some health issues, and searching for work. I don't like being limited to talking about two games for Star Ocean when there are four major games and one side game (Blue Sphere for the Gameboy). Oddly enough, for me to be able to talk about the first two games (and possibly Blue Sphere), to start on the cosplay, ball-joined doll, and crafts I want to do, collect the merchandise and doujinshi . . .  all of this requires money, of which I have very little right now.

So some updates on me:

1 - I'm obviously still broke so that takes YoumaCon out of the picture for me this year and possibly Anime Apocalypse in December. Anime Apocalypse is going to be on a "maybe" list - it depends on what happens between now and the first of December in terms of a cash flow. I really do want to get back into the convention circuits so I can meet new people and catch up with friends. However, the lack of cash coming in is hindering that, and there are some other things taking priority over heading out to conventions. That could be changing soon. I received a phone call for a job interview today so I'm crossing my fingers!

2 - Health status: I'm still alive, still relatively healthy. I just now have to watch my caffeine intake and take a water pill due to my blood pressure running on the high side. I really should start taking my healthy living cues from Fayt. He's such a healthy, albeit fictional character. I think we could learn a thing or two from some of our favorite characters . . .

3 - There has been some tragedy in my family. I'm not going into details about it. Just know it was a sad time for one of my family members, and it's the kind of thing I don't ever wish on anyone.

4 - Writing progress is questionable. It depends on the story. That could change, depending on how the job interview for tomorrow goes. Yes. I am crossing my fingers that this pans out for me. The heavens above know I could use something to keep myself going. (Not working sucks. I realize I'm looking at a minimum wage job, but I don't care. Work is work.)

Beyond that, not much is new. I have no other reasons for not updating this journal regularly.

So onward with the entry! 


Writing Conversation - What Would Everyone Dress Up as For Halloween? Part One

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday of Halloween, I'll be writing a four-part series on what I think the humans of the Star Ocean universe would dress up as to go trick-or-treating. Some of it will be guesswork, since I still haven't played First Departure and Second Story/Second Evolution, but I will pose the question to Kojika, who has played the games. If you have thoughts, please feel free to leave me a comment on what you think and why.

First of all, I'd like to say that, on the subject of Halloween, it is a holiday I think would survive in a post-apocalyptic world. It's something that, by this point in time, people will have celebrated for at least a century and more than a few decades. It would bring about a sense of normalcy after such a great deal of catastrophic destruction. Whether people would remember why the holiday is celebrated is another subject entirely.

To start, I'll be writing in the series' timeline chronological order, not in publishing chronological order. (This gives me something to actually start with since I'm familiar with the characters of The Last Hope.)

Halloween would be, in the future, like it is now - a fun time of the year that signifies change and is one of the few times where it's socially acceptable to dress up as something else. (Conventions are excluded because not all people believe it's okay to dress up for such a thing. I know a couple of people who are like that. Only the dedicated dress up year-round.) It would also be the one time of the year where people could forget about their troubles.

Since they grew up together, it isn't hard to imagine Crowe, Edge, and Reimi along with her brother trick-or-treating as a group. What would be interesting to see is if they would be coordinated in their costumes. Would Reimi insist upon a theme or would they be random? I can't see Crowe and Edge (mostly Edge) always agreeing to be what Reimi wants them to be for Halloween.

And just what do I think Reimi would want to dress up as for Halloween? A couple of costumes come to mind. If any of the Disney movies are still available, I can see Reimi wanting to be one of the many princesses, from Snow White to Ariel, from Aurora to Belle, and everyone else who she would see as beautiful, strong, independent, and pure. (Remember fellow fans, she thinks she's a monster because she knows what she is.) If not a Disney princess, then a fairy tale princess of some kind. Anything that would make her feel beautiful about herself, albeit if only temporarily.

Heading down the non-princess route, there are also the bride, bridesmaid, flower girl, housewife, chef, and maybe a delicate fairy or a ballerina. Reimi is quite the girl - feminine, pink, frilly, cute - and, as I said before, it would come down to her wanting to feel beautiful about herself. Costumes at Halloween would reflect that.

Between Edge and Crowe, I feel like Crowe would be the one more likely to accommodate Reimi in her requests for themed trick-or-treating. In my mind, it would depend on how soon he knows about being a Seed of Hope and if he knows. That's the one thing, for me, that remains up in the air, only because Crowe remained as an NPC throughout the whole game. I'm leaning towards "yes" because he's got such an excellent poker face, but it'll be unclear  and up to the player in that regard. However, I think he'd only accommodate Reimi so far based upon what he knows. Crowe is very much a leader-type character, and it would most definitely reflect in his Halloween costumes. With dreams of heading into space, that, too, would play a factor in the kinds of costumes Crowe (and Edge). Crowe definitely sees himself as some kind of a hero, but he's also quite modest about it.

Both Edge and Crowe would be Reimi's knights in the times they accommodate her for themed Halloween costumes. I can also imagine both of them dressing up as ninjas, samurai, archeologists, adventurers, pirates (what little boy doesn't want to be a pirate for Halloween? What little girl, for that matter, too?), and any kind of modern military soldier (including rank). There might be some of the cutesy stuff in there because of their parents - pumpkins, ghosts . . . typical Halloween fare - but, of the two, I think the only one who would want to dress up as something "evil", for the fun of it, would be Crowe. He's got vampire written all over him!

So what would our intrepid heroes and heroine receive as Halloween treats? Companies like Hershey's, Nestle', M&M/Mars, and Brach's are no longer in business. What would people hand out for the youngsters out and about on Halloween night? Well, if the building in Antarctica survives (it contains the seeds for all fruits and vegetables as well as herbs, grasses, and the like), I can see people giving out fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, pears, and plums. There would also be homemade caramel corn, popcorn, popcorn balls in a variety of flavors, cookies, cupcakes, and homemade candies.

As for the non-human characters, if they were to visit Earth, they wouldn't need to dress up for Halloween because everyone would think they were already in costume. The discussion for how Edge and Reimi would explain the concept of Halloween will be another entry.

Kinds of costumes and treats are definitely open to discussion. Feel free to leave me a comment on what you think.


Writing Fanfiction Tip #7 - Write in a Logical Order And Use Logic

I recently wrote a review on a story where certain events didn't follow in a logical order. In the story, a new parent, a recently divorced dad, has moved, with his two-year-old son, to a new town. While the dad is trying to cook Ragu and pasta, the son goes outside to play, and he finds a kitten. Like a two-year-old, the boy takes the kitten back into the house, and the dad wonders where his son found the critter. This, naturally, leads to the dad asking the boy where the kitten was found and to the discovery of a dead mother cat with the rest of the litter still alive. Concerned over the kittens, the dad takes them to a local vet to find out what he needs to do in order to keep them alive. Cue the dad heading home, finishing dinner, giving his son a bath, putting the child to bed, and then heading to the pet store with the two-year-old left home alone.

This isn't a logical procession in events. Everything is okay until the dad returns home, finishes preparing dinner, and gives his child a bath so he can go to bed. It's after the child is in bed that he realizes he needs supplies for the cats in his care. Of course, my biggest problem with the procession of events is the fact a two-year-old is left unattended for at least twenty minutes as the parent rushes to the pet store with one of the kittens in tow. For someone who is a parent or who has helped to take care of young children, this is a major no-no and likely to offend and anger the person reading. It's also going to have the reader scratching his/her head, saying, "This doesn't make sense. No parent would leave a two-year-old, even sleeping, home alone. Too much can go wrong in a short amount of time". It doesn't matter if a person can be scatter-brained at times. People in real life have those moments, but I can speak with authority that a "new" parent or a single parent isn't going to leave any child under the age of 12 home alone.

And that's something a writer, any writer, must always be aware of whenever starting a story. What kind of a logical order will events take place? In the story I reviewed, for me, the logical order of events, after the trip to the vet, the dad should have gone to the pet store to get the necessary supplies, with his son in tow, after the trip to the vet or at least take his sleeping son with him when he left to get the supplies. What this tells me, as a reader and as someone who's lived with a two-year-old, that the writer of the story doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to children and the various things that can go wrong if a parent takes his eyes off his son for a scant minute. (Note: a two-year-old can drown in a bucket of water only a quarter filled in under two minutes.)

Now, it might seem mundane and more than a little nitpicky on a logical procession of events, especially over something as simple as heading to the store. Sometimes authors will try to do something that will create a conflict or add to a conflict, but it comes at the wrong point in the story or it isn't exactly true to how a person in a similar, real life situation might behave.

Here are two examples.

Character A is an experienced bank robber and is planning his next heist. Like anyone who's attempting or has attempted the same thing, he doesn't want to get caught, and he takes the necessary precautions he's always taken before. The character in question isn't going to walk into the bank, guns ablazing and then remember to put the mask on his face to conceal his identity in the middle of the crime. Yes, doing such a thing would create a problem for him, but it would be more interesting if he happened to walk into the bank for some other reason than robbery and be caught in the middle of another robbery.

Character B is a firefighter and needs to check her equipment to be sure it's functioning properly. She isn't going to gear up, run into a place that's on fire, and then stop to ask herself if she's got enough oxygen in her tank onceshe's entered a burning building.

If you've never been in a particular situation before but want to write about it, start asking questions. If you're writing about a man who's married, a parent, but is going through a divorce, ask someone who's gone through a divorce what it was like. If you're curious about police procedures, ask your local cops or utilize a search engine. Fanfiction is something that's free for anyone who has internet access to read. If you're not getting it right, you're going to lose a reader and end up with the kind of review that I left for the author of the story with the dad and the son and the new acquisition of kittens - not a very nice one.

It's just something to think about when you start writing.



I'm looking for Halloween photos, artwork, fanfiction, and fan poetry for display. Photos can be of Star Ocean carved pumpkins, figures with Halloween decorations, and the like. Cosplay is definitely welcome. The only requirements are the works must be themed for Halloween and must be related to Star Ocean (obviously). Fanfiction should be limited to one-shots and vignettes, but I will accept multi-chaptered stories so long as they're complete. They can be submitted to me at and I'll accept submissions until October 30th.


Doujinshi Call Out

Looking for doujinshi titles. Pairings doesn't matter. Rating doesn't matter. I'm trying to compile a list of all Star Ocean doujinshi. Any and all help is appreciated. You can PM me, leave me a comment, or email me what you've got.


Convention Talk - Creating Your Cosplay

Finally! The long-awaited topic of how to create your cosplay is finally here! I know. It took me long enough, didn't it?

First of all and foremost, to start with, the most obvious thing to do if you're going to create your own cosplay is pick your character. The type of character you choose, from what I've been able to discern from others, will determine the the type and costs of materials you'll need in order to create the costume. Are you choosing Sophia? Albel? Nel? Reimi? Claude? Crowe? Arumat? Bacchus?

Once you've answered that question (and, chances are, you already know this in advance), then you can answer the question of what kinds of materials do I need to buy or will I need to buy? Will I need to find a sewing pattern? Naturally, if you're going to be sewing, you'll need fabric and thread to match the color. Other materials include vinyl (or leather, though it was recommended to me to avoid leather), plastic canvas, craft foam, paint, paint brushes, sewing needles, yarn, knitting needles or a knitting loom, embroidery thread, and maybe an empty two-liter bottle. This last item is completely dependent upon which character you intend to cosplay, and everything listed is just for the outfits of the characters. If you plan on creating the weapons to go with your cosplay, you'll definitely need additional materials, i.e. wood, sand paper, maybe cardboard, and additional paint, perhaps even craft foam and plastic canvas. (Wood and cardboard are tricky to work with because, once you screw up, you have to buy more and start from scratch.)

Please remember to take caution when you're buying the materials to craft your cosplay. The overall idea is to make something that you can wear more than once and maybe outside of conventions, too. When it comes to materials, you get what you pay for in terms of quality, and I'm not talking about the vinyl or the plastic canvas. I'm talking about the fabric and thread used to create the base of the outfit. Keep an eye out for sales at your local fabrics store. Yes, for many Americans, it's cheaper to go to Wal-Mart than to some place that actually sells a larger (and decidedly more expensive) selection of fabric, but your local fabric stores do have sales. They do also offer up coupons and additional percentages off. Be smart about buying your materials. Go for quality but get it as cheaply as you can, when you can. If you plan on creating more than just one cosplay, it isn't a bad idea to stock up on materials

Now there are some things you may not or just won't be able to make. For example, let's say you're creating Albel Nox (once again). You've bought the wig and the right kind of foot wear, have the materials to sew his outfit, it's done, but you don't have the materials for his gauntlet (nor the time, the money, or maybe even the know-how to fashion them before the convention). How do you come up with that one crucial element that separates Albel from the rest of the Star Ocean gang?

You can start by checking your local boutiques for arm-length gloves either white or violet. If you can find a white pair that covers as much of your arm as needed, you can find the right color dye so that it looks appropriate. And don't forget that, for Albel and Sophia, thigh-length stockings are in order, too. Kojika, for her Claude cosplay, found moon shoes to fit her for an appropriate look.

All of this, of course, is only necessary if you plan making your own cosplay for your next convention and is what I've learned in talking with the experienced cosplayers I know (whom I'm also very proud to call my friends). If you're buying the materials so someone else can create the costume for you, talk to that person and find out what they need and how much of it so they can do just that for you. If you plan on heading to one of the many cosplay costume sights on the web, then the best advice I can give to you is to do your research on customer satisfaction. How well did the company craft the cosplay for others? Would the customers recommend the site again? Remember, it's your money that you're spending, and I guarantee that you'll have a ball at your next convention.

Next convention talk . . . to be determined.


Ask the Star Ocean Character Call Out, Triple the Fun: Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosetti

Taking questions for the following characters: Deputy Director Shimada, Bacchus D-79, and Peppita Rosetti. Questions can be submitted via PM, comment or email. The only rules are a limit of three questions per character, keep it clean and "polite", and the questions must be submitted by PM, comment, or email. I'll be taking questions until midnight of October 31, 2012.


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